Spirtual Powers Were Activated
Citation:   Turin311. "Spirtual Powers Were Activated: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp43570)". Erowid.org. Jul 8, 2006. erowid.org/exp/43570

5.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
I decided to, this summer, eat mushrooms every week as part of my spiritual progression. This text documents my second trip of the summer.

I ate about 5 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms.

About 45 minutes into the trip, I sat down on the sofa in my house. I was beginning to feel the intensifying mushroom energies and began to get the “oh shit I took too much” thoughts. I sat on the couch for a while in a somewhat fearful trance, thinking about the fact that I would have to be dealing with this for the next four hours at least. Then I began feeling the traumatic intense energies that seem as if my body is threatening to black out or go into seizure (I had gotten this several times before while very high on pot, I am not exactly sure what it is).

I panicked for seconds, then began chanting some Hindu mantras from Krishna Das. The chant was powerful enough to focus and balance my attention. I continued chanting for maybe ten minutes, somewhat afraid to stop because I could not tell if the threatening psychic energies would return. It was clear that I would sustain some kind of musical rhythm for the rest of the trip to help maintain balance. It seemed as if some of my own shamanic potentials were revealed as I skillfully controlled my fear and transformed it.

Soon after chanting I picked up an acoustic guitar which happened to be lying right next to me and began playing some melodies that I had created on a previous trip. The melody was particularly effective because it can be played for long periods of time without seeming repetitive, and the transition from minor to major reflected some sort of transformation of spiritual energies from negative to positive. Critical to the spiritual transformation is a fear-inducing freeing of oneself, until a clarity and transcendence is found. I felt that I could reflect this somewhat in my music. The fear I had pre-singing/guitar playing had amplified my appreciation for the healing power of the music.

I played guitar for maybe an hour, then decided to go back outside with dog. I walked down the driveway and saw a neighbor and his young son riding around on scooters. The ambience of the whole neighborhood seemed pathetically naïve. I walked to some rock atop my yard and sat for a while meditating. Soon I saw my dad’s car pull up the driveway. We conversed lightly and then I sat down somewhere. I directly noticed my enhanced visual capacity as I looked down the pathway along which I sat and could see surprisingly clearly at a distance. I began tapping my fingers on my knees.

This is when I entered deep meditation and conversed somewhat with the Mushroom. I say somewhat because no direct words were exchanged, the communication was very subtle. I felt myself near the mindstate of the Overmind, yet I was hesitant to fully engage myself in it because the environment was not conducive to it (my dog pulling on the leash, my dad mowing the lawn), and I hope to enter the Overmind on my next trip. Yet I felt the Mushroom entity was in symbiosis with my nervous system, it actually felt as if a mycelium network was integrated into my brain. I used basic Buddhist meditation techniques with rhythmical tapping on my body to maintain equilibrium. I felt that what the Mushroom wants is a medium to express its creativity. I could begin tapping my fingers on my knees and, by freeing myself to the subtle Mushroom frequencies, create complex and sustained rhythms. These rhythms undoubtedly harnessed psychic energies which were immediately unleashed when I would suddenly stop tapping. Upon doing so, energy flooded inward to the Self. This technique of building up energy with rhythm and then unleashing it by sudden stopping I learned from Osho in his Tantric teachings.

What I am increasingly becoming aware in these mushroom trips are the immensity of the powers that I wield as a human. I consistently surprise myself during my trips with the feats I can accomplish. I began to think about how, about a month ago during a trip, I was capable of sustained physical exertion for five hours running through the woods in the nature preserve. I have played guitar during my trips and played such complex and moving music that I have nearly brought myself to tears. Sitting there in meditation, marveling at the power I wielded through simple finger tapping, I glimpsed how powerful more complex forms of expression, such as classical music or language, could truly be.

My McKenna 'archetype' consistently revealed itself throughout the trip, as it always has since reading Food of the Gods. So many parallels to his ideas manifest in my mind throughout the trip, particularly relating to language. I recalled him somewhere talking about how he, after having regularly ingested mushrooms for decades, became a “spokesman for the Logos” and how he could mesmerize small groups of people through his speech for up to twenty hours at a time. The Mushroom truly plays some important role in the human psycho-spiritual relation to the cosmos. It activates the more dynamic powers of the human that would otherwise require years of time-consuming meditation.

Yet I must acknowledge that the route solely taken through meditation is much safer. The mushroom, along with activating hidden powers, brings me to a realm of other powerful forces that can do much harm. The mushroom trip must be synergized with the ability to meditate. I continue to seek to understand the relation between this world of higher entities and enlightenment. Earlier in my shrooming career (ha!) it seemed as if the mushrooms only hyperactivated my own potentials, such as allowing me to reach virtuosic levels of meditation, and compose tear-jerking guitar melodies on-the-spot. But this interaction with the Overmind, or the Other, brings a whole other dimension into the experience. What is this transcendent entity that seems to somehow symbiotically enter itself into this monkeybody of mine and aid in my path of enlightenment?

This is probably my 60th or 70th time eating mushrooms, yet it is probably only about my 5th time eating more than a typical 8th-ounce dose. I plan on reducing the dose next time to an eighth and possibly building the dose back up to 5 grams. This trip was a little too intense and I feel that I need to enhance my shamanic skills before doing another heroic dose.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43570
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 8, 2006Views: 27,071
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