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Very Surprising
Poppies - Opium
Citation:   ExperiencedKev. "Very Surprising: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (exp43271)". Sep 7, 2008.

1 lb oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
Well, For starters. I am a 27 year old Male. I have tried just about every drug ever created since the dawn of time. I have never been what I consider an abuser, however, I did smoke pot for 15+ years only taking a 4 year break while I served in the Marines. Anyhow, I am one of the rare cases of being able to get vast supplies of Oxycodone for free, month after month from the Veterans Affairs due to a service related injury. Well, this particular month, I went through my wupply much faster than anticipated and I found myself craving an opiate of just about any kind. So, the research began. I read many websites searching for legal highs of any kind. I started experimenting with Kava Kava, which worked well in high doses, but I still craved an opiate. Along came a post regarding poppy seeds, poppy seed tea.

After about a week of research, I finally decided to give it a try. Here's what I did. I went to a local store here in Southern California that sells poppyseed in bulk, for .09 Cents a ounce, or $1.39 for a pound. I found this to be an amazingly low cost. So, I purchased 1 pound of this Blueish/Black seed. It turned out to be much more than I had imagined in my head. So anyhow, I paid for it, and went home. I told my wife what I was about to do, she looked at me like I was out of my mind, and probably questioned her marriage to me. Anyhow, I poured the entire pound into a small ziplock storage container. I supposed any small watertight container will do. I found the ziplock containers to work VERY well. I used two of them, same size.

I poured all of the seeds into one, it fills the container about 3/4's of the way. Then I added hot tap water, and filled the container up. It was a soup of sorts. I let it sit for about 30 mins, shaking it every few minutes. When the 30 mins were up, I took a clean white T-shirt, and cut it so I had one nice sheet of white fabric. I use a T-shirt rather than a coffee filter, because I can't squeeze the coffee filter to get the liquid out, the filter will break. I took the fabric and lined the inside of the second container. I took the other container that I mixed the seeds and water in, and poured it into the second container lined with the T-shirt. Then I lifted the T-shirt fabric out, and allowed the water to drain out. When I was done, I had about 16-20 ounces of this brown/tan colored liquid/tea.

I found the taste and smell to be horrid. What I did to make it drinkable is I grabbed some Lipton Brisk Teabags, and put three of them into the mixture. I let them sit for awhile. Then I added 4 teaspoons of Sugar. I put this into the fridge, and let it get cold. When it's cold, it's not GOOD tasting, but drinkable.

Being a regular user of Oxycodone, I expected very little to happen. Boy was I wrong. I drank about 16 of the 18 ounces of tea I had. Within 10 mins, I felt the ever so familar feeling of the morphine hitting my muscles. It felt almost identical to morphine I received while I was in the hospital. At first I got that feeling come over me, like when I knew I used to much of a drug, and the panic that sets in. I started to think, 'My god, what have I gotten myself into'. Luckily, this was short lived, as the panic subsided when I convinced myself it wouldn't get much worse.

As I write this, it has been about 4 hours since I drank it. I have a very strong opiate buzz still going, and I feel great. I was very surprised at the results, considering all that I have read about it. I found some people say it does nothing, and some say it works. For me, it worked, and it worked alot better than I thought it would. It's just as strong as 3 percocets, but, in a different way.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43271
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 7, 2008Views: 19,623
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