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First Chemical, 5000 Miles From Home...
by Edox
Citation:   Edox. "First Chemical, 5000 Miles From Home...: An Experience with MDMA (exp42643)". Oct 25, 2020.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


I am a regular/heavy pot-head, and have been for many years.

In my mid thiries I had a gotta travel crisis, so I went to Africa. Just before I left I went to Glastonbury with a bunch of friends and we did tabs, mushy's and pot..... I was offered ecstasy and refused citing chemicals are BAD... I had been fairly purist with my drugs (hypocritical I now realise).

Shortly there after I went on my travels to Africa. After arriving in what I deemed to be a suitable rest place, I searched the local domain for my drug of choice (pot). Shortly after finding a suitable source settled into my new lifestyle of doing nothing and chilling all day. I became friendly with a local hotellier who, after some time, invited me to a private party.

I happily turned up musically equipped (I play didgeridu) thinking I was to entertain. As I got there my friend came out to greet me 'arms wide'. Nonplussed I greeted him in his rather friendly fashion back, at which point he opened his hand and offered, ney shoved a small white tablet into my hand. I accepted and promptly swallowing it asking as I did what it was...

Ecstacy he replied, unconcerned I finished the water. For some time I noticed a distinct lack of effect, if anything the alchohol was more potent, but slowly, oh so slowly did my world change from one of gentle and subtle displays of ego into a full on I really don't care what the rest of the world thinks but I'm having fun and will elucidate loudly....

The night itself remains a crisp blur, I know I enjoyed myself that night more than I had ever had in my life, I know I was uninhibited, I know I was fun, I'm pretty sure everyone was fucked but who cared? I know I blushed the next day when I was told of my actions. But not once then, or since did I ever feel I had over stepped my personal boundaries. I was however messier than ever in my life, and the location, company and ambience all helped to create an unforgettable evening that went on and on and on and on etc.

The consequence was my next encounter back home was nowhere near as freaky as some peoples I head of.
We've been friends a long time, the little ones and I, but now I prefer the more sedate world of mushrooms.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 42643
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 25, 2020Views: 399
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Hangover / Days After (46), Large Group (10+) (19)

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