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Definitely Not a Joke
Salvia divinorum (10X Extract)
by Chris
Citation:   Chris. "Definitely Not a Joke: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10X Extract) (exp42637)". Jul 20, 2018.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


Alright, so I'm new to Salvia and I thought I'd share my first experience. I was skeptical about Salvia, having read so many mized reviews, and needed to try it out myself to see if it was the real deal.

I just recieved one gram of 10x salvia from a web vendor today (very good service and product, I'm impressed!) and decided to give some salvia a try. I was with a friend (D) in my dorm room at about 2:00 PM. I had the window open, and was sitting on my bed.

I loaded my bong with a good sized pinch (I'd say 1/15 a gram), lit it up with my butane torch-lighter and pulled myself a pretty big hit.

I gagged on it a little, but I managed to keep it in my lungs. I had been holding it in for about 15 seconds, when I began to feel a sort of pulsing sensation throughout my lungs and chest; like waves of energy. I held the hit for as long as I could (probably 20-25), then exhaled, blowing it through my fan and out my dorm window.

I instantly knew that the rumors I had heard about Salvia were true. I was extremely confused, scared and startled by a pulling sensation, and I immediately stood up. My sitter (D) asked me how it was. I said I felt kinda strange (HUGE understatement). I noticed a loud buzzing noise coming from my bed, and I asked what the noise was... As I got closer, I realized it was the very distored sound of my fan. I thought 'Wow... This stuff is no joke.'

I told my friend to leave the room 'I'm alright, I just need to lay down for a while.' He left, and I climbed under my covers and closed my eyes. Suddenly I was in a different place. I was looking down on two people; one a cashier and the other was a man reaching up to where I was, taking things down to his level. Although I was not able to look to my left or right, out of my peripheral vision I saw newspapers and magazines. 'I'M A NEWSPAPER!!!!', I thought. An impressive hallucination. I felt myself being sucked off the 'shelf' that I was on, and back into reality. I opened my eyes and saw my room. I was still feeling strange, but not like before.

I relaxed in my bed for a while, before getting up to share my experience with my friends. I was left with an INCREDIBLE after-glow feeling (this is probably the happiest I have ever felt after doing a drug).

Overall, I have been comparing this experience to one of my VERY heavy trips on shrooms. I'm impressed with the power of Salvia, and now have great respect for it. I look foward to my next trip....

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42637
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 20, 2018Views: 682
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