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Sixty Milligrams
by FractalDust
Citation:   FractalDust. "Sixty Milligrams: An Experience with DMT (exp42584)". Mar 15, 2006.

60 mg smoked DMT


I have smoked DMT 7 times and 1 of those times was the most intense soul shattering experience of my life. 60mg in a crack pipe smoked in 2 huge tokes. Held first hit in until I had full body vibrations and OEV. Blew out the hit then immediately hit the pipe and got a HUGE second hit. I do not remember blowing this hit out. I heard high pitch voice say 'who are you' and I knew this voice was implying that we were going to find out.

I know it might sound funny but at this point I came into contact with the classic elves that Terence always talked about. They are real. They came tumbling across my vision, morphing into themselves. Some of them came towards me, and entered my being. Their voices were high pitched and their song sounded very alien like and very old. At this point I would say no more than 2 minutes has passed since blastoff. The elves presence continuing to build to a unbearable frenzy is the last thing I remember before I died. I didn't think but I KNEW that I had in fact died. I entered into what I would call an eternal loop. It never ended. I feel a piece of me is still THERE.

In my next memory I am in a very colorful, futuristic, busy place. I have no memory of living as a human. Everything from this reality does not exist in this place. DMT brings me to a completely different reality. I can't explain it. Nothing could of prepared me for that. It is hard to remember a full blown DMT trip. It's hard to put it all together. My heart is racing as I think about it now. As the peak ends I began what is known as the rebirth. That's really what it is. I felt like I was an unborn baby in my mothers womb. Still NO memory of this life. Slowly and gently I download the version of reality that we use. I felt this reality seeping into my being. I started to remember. I started to dream about my past and future events. The visions were very dream-like at this point.

Duality was the hardest thing to grasp as I came back. DMT showed me Eternal Oneness. We are bound to duality so we can truly learn that we are one.

I took this journey when I was alone in my apartment. As I came out of it I had a realization. I smoked DMT. Wow, that was fucking amazing! My mind was blown. I still couldn't move or see very well and I was definitely not alone. There was a presence around me and I thought my roommate had come home. I was sure of it, and I kept saying 'hold on' because I was still incapacitated, but I knew at this point that I was going to come out of it.

I was covered in warm liquid energy and was flying through classic psychedelic imagery. It felt like the peak of a 5 gram mushroom trip but this didn't even faze me. I felt like a warrior who just survived the most epic war. These were some clean hard visuals that only DMT can give me. Very technological yet organic.

It seemed like I just snapped out of it all at once. I felt like I had control again so i tried to sit up and it worked. It was a big shock when I looked around and my roommate wasn't there. I was alone the whole time after all. I broke into tears at this point. The experience was too glorious, too deeply spiritual to even fathom. I was so gracious for everything I experienced and for the amazing blessing of this life I am living. I looked at the pipe and realized it was completely empty. This surprised me. I put in 60mg of orange crystals but did not expect to get it all. I just wanted to smoke until I was too high. The hits I took were huge and I held them in.

Thanks a lot if you read all that. I was just thinking about my trip and realized I never wrote out my thoughts about what happened, and thought you guys might like to hear about it. There is no way to really describe what was felt but I tried my best. This happened 2 years ago and i am just now getting ready to go there again. It is going to take courage but i feel ready so I will be journeying again soon.

Truth is plural

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 42584
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 15, 2006Views: 10,674
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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