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An Accentuated Drunkenness
Hydrocodone & Alcohol
by Vir Ignomen
Citation:   Vir Ignomen. "An Accentuated Drunkenness: An Experience with Hydrocodone & Alcohol (exp42442)". Aug 30, 2007.

10 mg oral Hydrocodone (extract)
  3 glasses oral Alcohol (liquid)


I had previously performed Harry's 'Cold Water World' APAP extraction on 10 pills of generic Vicodin (5 mg Hydrocodone, 500 mg APAP). I did three filtration passes, all with the same filter: a closely woven cotton cloth (a pair of Old Navy boxer shorts, to be exact). I do not have a proper way to measure small volumes, so I was using a 300g*.1g digital scale. Since the final liquid weighed only 48.6 grams, I decided to dilute it with enough water such that the final weight was 100 grams, to make dosing easier and decrease my percent error per dose to 0.001% (=0.1 gram scale resolution / 10 gram dose). The mixed drink that I was drinking was one part 80-proof vodka, four parts soda, carefully measured. (Yes, I'm that anal.) Thus, the final drink had a strength of 8% alcohol.

My mindset at the time was one of excitement about the prospect of being intoxicated for a fun day. I attend a university at which there is a yearly celebration of our university's founder, and it was on this day that I had my experience. Traditionally on this day, everyone on campus drinks or is intoxicated in some way, and the general atmosphere is one of yelling and partying all over the place, especially outdoors. It's a very fun time to which we all look forward throughout the year.

Unfortunately, it was quite gloomy and a bit rainy on this particular day, and it seemed to have dampened not only the ground, but everyone's spirits as well. A group of friends and I, approximately 10 of us, had planned on spending the day grilling out at our campus commons, discreetly drinking throughout. The rain came on just after we had arrived, so we decided to move our grill and table of food to under the alcove of a nearby building until the rain let up enough to go back out to the grass. At approximately 2:45 I started drinking, and had probably drank about 8 ounces of the mixed drink by 3:00, at which point I ingested 20 grams of my hydrocodone solution (10 mg hydrocodone).

15-20 minutes later, I started to feel the effects of the substances. At first I just felt a little spaced out; the ground seemed to pull slightly away from me when I focused on it, and when I turned my head in a given direction, my surroundings would continue in that direction, for just a split second, after I had stopped turning. This was different from a drunken dizziness in that it was not a hindrance; it did not present a challenge in moving about, so much as it added a new aspect to the movement. The effects were very slight though.

A short while later, perhaps 20 minutes, I found myself at the edge of the alcove, in a large puddle of water barefoot. At first I was trudging back and forth through it, enjoying the feeling of the water flowing between my toes and over my feet. A short while later I found myself dancing in it, even though there was no music, in a style similar to tap dancing, even though I have no idea how to tap dance. Dancing in puddles, splashing about, became a theme throughout the day.

No one else was outside celebrating this day but us, and we all had skipped all of our classes for the day, so we were just hanging out, with a few of us drunkenly and good-naturedly yelling at people on their way to and from their classes, telling them to celebrate. So basically we were a bunch of drunk bastards eating, grilling and drunkenly yelling at everyone who was going about their normal business.

The substances had a very mild effect on me from a self-conscious standpoint. I often didn't realize that I was being affected at all, until I would look back at my actions, often only minutes or seconds afterward, and realize that they were not of my usual self: my inhibitions had been lowered greatly without my even noticing it.

At about 3:45 or so, I noticed a group of tan-uniformed men coming up from the other end of the commons with bags and sticks in their hands. I immediately thought 'Those guys are snake hunters! I didn't know we had a snake problem around here.' I quickly realized that they were actually picking up trash or weeds or something, but the idea of them hunting snakes seemed more appealing, so I went with it and started telling everyone about our snake problem, and yelling at passersby to watch out for snakes.

At one point, perhaps 4:30 or so, I found myself eating a bag of chips while waving my body left to right, and moving my arms up and down. While I was doing it, I didn't realize that it was at all unusual, but I soon noticed a friend fixedly watching me and giggling. This made me question my behavior, and embarrassed me a bit. But I quickly decided, 'Fuck it, I'm having fun and I'm not hurting anybody,' and embraced it. Soon I was dancing all around, yelling, 'This is how I eat chips!' to all of the people walking by. This was at just the time where one class had just let out, and another was about to start, so there were a lot of people out. I climbed up onto a chair and kept doing my dance and shouting 'This is how I eat chips!'

At about 5:00 or 6:00, I noticed two geese perched on the corner of the roof of one of the nearby academic buildings, looking out onto campus. For some reason I started to feel that they were taunting us, looking down condescendingly upon us, so I started yelling at them. 'You think you're better than us?!' and the like. A friend (who was coincidently on DXM) came up and started yelling with me, and dancing around making bird noises, taunting the geese right back. I soon joined in with the bird noises. Soon we were having a call-and-response session with the geese, and it almost felt like we were actually shit-talking with them, back and forth. I noticed sometime in the middle of it all that we had drawn quite a bit of attention to ourselves and there were people gathered at the windows of the building watching my friend's bird dance, but I never felt paranoid or embarrassed by it all; it was all in good fun, and I think everyone else knew it too.

Eventually the geese decided to leave, and flew right over their heads. In retrospect, I think they just flew straight off of the roof, maintaining a constant elevation, but at the time I thought otherwise. It seemed as though they were coming straight down at us, and we ducked down and covered our heads. Soon they were gone though, and our friends congratulated us for winning the shit-talking competition.

Similar antics went on throughout the day, and I drank about three 16-ounce cups of the mixed drink spaced evenly throughout. Eventually, at about 7:00 or 7:30, the sun started disappearing and we began to get cold, so we moved all of our stuff back to the dorms, where we continued to party. By this time the effects of the hydrocodone had worn off, and I just drank until we went to sleep. The further amounts of alcohol affected me as though I had been drinking all day: I got a slight headache and was quite dehydrated, but nothing too severe.

My general feeling about the whole experience was that it was akin to drinking without the negative effects. I never had any loss of coordination, nausea, confusion, etc, but my inhibitions were as lowered as in a beyond-tipsy state: I felt free to yell, be obnoxious and genially belligerent, and never felt embarrassed by it. It was all around a pleasant experience.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42442
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 30, 2007Views: 68,286
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Hydrocodone (111), Alcohol (61) : Combinations (3), Large Group (10+) (19)

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