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Life is Like One Long Run-On Sentence
by P.F.
Citation:   P.F.. "Life is Like One Long Run-On Sentence: An Experience with DXM (exp424)". Jul 14, 2000.

4 oz oral DXM (liquid)
8:40 PM Alone- ingested 4 oz bottle of Robo CF (Guafinesen included! Doh... oh well)

Listening to Dead Kennedys, Crass, and Black Flag on WinAmp. Some weird things starting, It feels like my brain is dissecting the properties of the music. Fucked focusing on the bass line one sec then the drums, etc..

Singing along to DK feels great, all the chords sound incredibly brilliant.

I'm simultaneously reading the faq of DXM for like the 3rd time. But it's so damn interesting. I can't believe this shit isn't scheduled. Hell yeah. Now some trip reports. I'm doing shit very mechanically, like I usually have to brush ants off my legs (don't ask) when I sit here at the computer and I just now realized that I brushed an ant off my leg a few minutes before without thinking.

My parents and sister will be back at about 12:00 and I need to figure out where the hell to put the Robo bottle I stole from the hall closet. You see I'm living in Brasil for a year while my parents do research here. I think DXM is scheduled here because wherever I ask (in Portuguese) for Cough Medicine and then specifically ask for the DXM ingredient they just look at me funny like it doesn't even exist. So I thought, awww, fuck it just take the damn CF, to hell with guafinesen puke warnings.

I can feel each hair on my head move and my scalp gathering sweat having a little bit harder time typing, i keep forgeting where certain letters are. Well that was fun I just did a jolly run through the house and I'm sweating 4-fold, great, but I am indeed quite drunk-like. I especially enjoy looking through the end of my binoculars backwards-style. Its weird but everything I say weems to be a remarkably funny wittism when it's probably incredibly nonsensical to the untipped-off viewer,,, there we go again. haha

Oh shit I forgot about WinAmp's special trip viewer modes hell yeah, excuse me a second...

Holy fuckin shit, it felt like my face melted into the trip toy. That was fucked. I turned off the light and its a lot harder to type. I'm sweaty as a pig. Ok some of this DK shit plain sucks like song 16 which is just like poetry. Damnit I need music, chords, choruses---fast-forward.

Hmm, well i don't really need to keep reading about DXM I'm experiencing it right?! Lets see if the impotence effects are true. here we cum.

Ok first though I'm going out to experience moving and go down (I live on the 8th floor of an apt building genius) and dump this Robo bottle downstairs, be back in a sec.

Music..pause! 9:30-??

9:50 ok I'm back... play!

Damn that was exciting and it felt like hours it all started with me feeling incredibly closed in and gravity fuct by taking the elevator. When I got to ground floor I immediately tossed the bottle and went to the small playground where 4 nights prior I had stolen my neighbors red label Scotch and proceeded to get drunk off my ass and attempt to slide down the slide in the rain on my feet sideways (cinco pontos poucos/ 5 stiches on my eyebrow whoppee) Well I peeked over this wall and what did I see but some dude, smoking a fat J in the dark crouched so noone would see him. I was about to 'Posse eu recibir a golpe?'/'Can I get a hit?' when he bolted thinking I was some 8 year-old about to tell his mommy. I then ran up 7 flights (it felt like i had bubbles under my sandles) and then took the elevator to the 8th floor. The effects are very strong no visuals but a very cool feeling none the less,..... Anyway...

What was I doing? oh yeah impotence/whack on DXM test, one sec... members area,, woohoo. turned off music, getting annoying[note:music gets confusing after awhile], gotta hear groans and moans: Breaking It: A story of Virgins-damnit the video has plot, how fucking useless..uhh, ugly girl slow connection fuck this, new movie- no,,, new site. Very hard time maintaining erection for more than 1 minute, this sucks. Fuck I need a breeze or a fan I'm sweating nuts (no pun intended)

going to the ol pastime- hell yeah, I'm going to get off today. nope I guess they got smart to the rip-off game, just surfing pirated password sites now.. Whoah everythings kind of spinning I thought I was coming down but its only started at 10:30

ahh. vivo videos my savior... well, lets see first, damn i just looked down and I have red blotches all over my chest, fuckin weird. damnit I havent downloaded vivo player on this machine. here we go. 4 min 30 sec, jeez it'll feel like hours. I'm feeling very nostalgic now, I think Im at an end, I don't feel very peppy and stupid, those feelings are replaced with severe drunk -like feelings and nostalgia pour some drink.. turned off the lite, some espiao/spy was looking at me with my pants down over in the next building. Im going to go cool off by the main window to wait for this download. 3 min... damn

1 and 14 sec left - note: while walking around I can see how drinking tons of guafinesen laced Robo could make you puke but it seems I have a pretty good tolerance to the shit. Install player and jack-off paradise we come.

ok one last try... sorry about that I had to restart the computer to get the plugin to work. Damn It feels like I ve been transcribing hours on hours of adventuresome journeys, DXM is great. It feels like life is one long run on sentence. hmmm... that's going to be the title. finally a blowjob movie to whack to. Shit I got a call, sister there going to be back in 30 min better make this a quick jerk. Its weird my cock feels like a piece of styra-foam in my hands.

Wow. I think I've now experienced the most unsatisfying orgasm known to humankind. I couldn't even feel my prick let alone my 'waves of gushing pleasure' Couples, please don't try sex on DXM, it's a complete waste of time. Damn after all that hard work searching. Oh well, now I cant see straight (like with the MadDog 20/20s [Liquor but is labeled wine so it can be sold at gas stations] me and my buddies payed the bums to get us) and everything seems to be pulsing like [every new years when me and the buds drop lots o acid and smoke blunts till 7 in the morning.) oh this trip reminds me of my old life in Estados Unidos/U.S. Damn Brasil, where its taboo to even smoke cigarrettes amongst my new pals from school. How I long for the days where me and about 10 other heads walked across the school grounds to go to Rachel's house to spark a few blunts and Js or drink a couple pints of $20 Vodka in a plastic jug. Thats one of the reasons I tryed this, ive only seen two people smoking maconha/herb here in Brasil so far and I didn't have the guts to ask for a hit either time. I havent even heard acid or shrooms mentioned either so I figured hey, alcohol all the time? or a change of pace..

11:30- Hmmm.. its been close to 3 hours now since I swallowed the Robo (which I found not half as bad as people say, as long as your nose is closed)and I think i'm pretty much coming down, I drank the Robo on an empty stomach and I havent had dinner so I automatically reached into the cabinet and pulled out some fish and squid shaped tropical crackers, funny thing, though, I'm not hungry at all, even though all I've eaten today is 3 small loaves of fresh baked bread and a bowl of Choco Croc. I have a feeling I'm going to get a bad hangover from this, I already have a slight headache. But I've decided this was definitely worth it, and when my friend James comes to Brasil to stay for a month I'll tell him to bring like fourteen 8 oz bottles of the shit. Towards the end my head feels very light and tingly, my body is very floaty, definite Robo-walk. Well, my parents and sister are here, maybe I'll go play some cenouca/pool or ToTo/Foosball DXM style with my sister.

Flash-forward, next morning- Nope, I actually feel just fine if not a bit spacey. I keep staring off at things for minutes, but thats the extent of my 'hangover'.

I've decided not to edit this for any corrections or anything because the way it is, shows exactly how fucked up I was. DXM a positive experience if not productive one. I can see myself doing this a lot more when I get back to the U.S. 'Yeah guess what guys!? I'm back and we are going to trip nuts off cough syrup!' Oh well.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 424
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 14, 2000Views: 12,411
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DXM (22) : Alone (16), Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2)

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