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Capsule Method
Cacti - T. peruvianus
by Mr. Now
Citation:   Mr. Now. "Capsule Method: An Experience with Cacti - T. peruvianus (exp42198)". Nov 30, 2006.

16 capsls oral Cacti - T. peruvianus (capsule)


First, I will do my best to put in this report only the things that are necessary to know and if anyone is gonna try this I hope they read this report. As far as my experience goes I've left out alot of the spiritual mumbo jumbo and have done my best to make myself not look like an idiot. I have noticed that acid has just pretty much disappeared from the world, either that or Iím just not hip enough for it to find me.

To start I purchaced one hundred grams of dried material from an online vendor. It arrived appearing as little green rock hard slices of the cactus itself. The green part, unfortunately is very thin, and the white part attached firmly to it I've heard does an awful lot to contribute to the nausea. A tedious task it was but well worth it was sitting down with the material and with a dropper dropping little warm individual drops of water on the white parts of each slice. Within minutes this rock hard material will absorb the water and become soggy. Using one of those very small pair of scissors that people use to trim their nose hairs I cut away the green material from the white and seperated the two. Very very tedious. I then made what I think was a very good investment in a coffee bean grinder. The heat of being ground up at light speed seperated the material from moisture, I was very pleased with this cuz I ended up with a dark green fine powder.

I then proceeded with an even more tedious task of stuffing the ground powder into little gel caps, now I must note that I packed them very tightly and squeezed them closed with alot of strength, my thumbs began to hurt a lot. In the end, I turned what had come in the mail as 100 grams into about 88 pills, probably at this point only 40-50 grams the green material which is what takes us to this very similar to LSD state of mind.

Now I had read a report of one guy who did the same preparation as I did and claimed he took about 80 of these! Trust me I tried. But after about swallowing 8-10 pills they began to get clumped up in my throat. I found that eating a slice of cheese chased with milk will help push them along. After I had swallowed 16 pills some sense kicked into me to just use this trip as a guage for how strong the pills were. This was a very good choice on my part. Now I know that blotter hits of acid are very hard to guage in strength but just bare with me when I say that 16 of the pills I made equaled that of the experience one might have on five good hits of acid.

It started to kick in after about 30 minutes and weirdness started to ensue around me. My mom whom I was living with at the time came home and even though we dont usually talk a whole hell of a lot she weirdly seemed to be drawn to hang around me. As if she sensed that I was having 'one of my nights' where Im sociable altogether. But I really wasnt, nausea started to set in and she started dancing in front of the mirror by me cuz in her middle age she fancies herself a belly dancer. Given that this would weird anyone out if their mom was doing it, the upcoming 'my body feels poisoned and im about to trip' feeling just made it extremely wierd and I couldnt run. And sense I said it, I'll say it again, when this mescaline kicks in, dont expect a very pleasurable experience, its like dying in a way. I cannot decsribe it any more clearly.

Within an hour and a half or so, the dying feeling goes away and im left with this acidy confused state of mind where my thoughts are permeating my visual field and im noticing that given my history, I could handle much more. But mescaline is funny stuff. Acid I've noticed comes on, comes up, and goes down for about 7-9 hours. Mescaline just seemed to come up and up and up. And it resembles acid so much. At about six hours, i notice that its about that time that it should begin to dwindle down. But I notice something about the phases of mescaline. And it all centers around the televion. At around hour 6-7 the television becomes completely locked and melted into my field of visuals. I even noticed that the people on tv have trails to their arms just like they're in their own third dimension that has been infected with mescaline consiousness. I feel very humorous and even a little deviant, for when I trip I rarely am touched by angels these days.

I failed to mention that about two hours after my dose my girlfriend took 6 pills to my 16 and she claims she had quite a strong trip that was like taking two hits of acid. We both had severe nausea though but thank god we had pepto bismal handy. This wonderful pink fluid made sure we did not puke up our constantly giving source of mescaline, for the trip seemed to last about 16 hours. Just whenever you think its about to end it just keeps giving and giving. I want everyone to know this very important fact about the trip we had. IT OFFERED THE MOST CREATIVE AND ADVENTEROUS SEX THAT WE'LL EVER HAVE! it was like sex in the movies it was. And I recall thinking afterwards that this experience is the perfect loop hole for those who dont have acid readily available to them, or just plain are not in the social loop where mushrooms and acid are available. And Im kind of a geek so thats me.

I believe my preperation method tamed the nasuea as opposed to just plain eating it or making a gross drink out of it. The peruvian torch catus does not have that mischevious spirit that other psychedelics have, its very slow to move in and out and you might even get bored at times and shout ' okay! thats enough tripping for one night/morning!'

Also note that mescaline is chemically similar to adrenaline and Im gonna have to confirm that it did speed my heart up. Dont plan on going to sleep to soon. It also has that same back pain effect that acid does so I hope this lays to rest the strychnine in acid non sense. Its just the tension of severe consiousness expansion that causes the back to lock up. Have some one pop it or do some funky yoga moves, it will help alot.


p.s. Alcohol seems to do nothing to effect the mescaline like it would with mushrooms or acid.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42198
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 30, 2006Views: 12,475
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Cacti - T. peruvianus (69) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Sex Discussion (14), Preparation / Recipes (30), First Times (2)

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