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My Favorite Trip
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Miranda. "My Favorite Trip: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp42014)". Erowid.org. Dec 7, 2006. erowid.org/exp/42014

1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Note: Although I have had numerous mushroom and LSD experiences, I am naturally very resistant to tripping and usually have to consume large quantities of hallucinogens to feel effect. This experience was truly unique because I ate only 1 tab of acid and still had an intense trip with visuals. This is copied verbatim from what I wrote the morning after the experience.

So I tripped balls on acid last night and it was such an amazing experience I want to write it down before it fades. I can't remember it all clearly, but here goes:
We all ate the acid in Mike's basement around 1:00 pm. I kept the tab on and under my tongue for at least an hour. I remember looking around at the walls, the ceiling, the floor, trying so hard to see something, anything out of the ordinary. I started to feel kind of weird after a while. My stomach felt really hollow and my chest was really tight, and when I stood and walked around I felt clumsy and kind of drunk.

We decided to go upstairs and go get some food while we were sober enough to make it. I had this feeling of surreality watching my hands make that sandwich, as if they weren't really mine. I just kind of rushed through it because I felt really confused and a little unsettled at my inability to manipulate peanut butter, jelly, bread, and knife into an edible sandwich. Chris was cracking up so much he was barely even started when I finished my sandwich and sat down on the couch.

Mike started playing his little sister's toy keyboard, which was hilarious--Mike, usually the whiskey-chugging, smart-mouthed jerk who's always starting a fight, was sitting there grinning like a fool and banging away on this pink toy keyboard and loving every minute of it. It was really hard to eat my sandwich and I gave up before I finished it. We all went back downstairs into the basement. Chris and I sat on the bed and Mike started playing Need For Speed Underground, which kept him occupied for a good part of the trip.

Nick showed up and we went to the other side of the basement and smoked a joint, which didn't get me stoned, but when we came back and sat on the bed I started to feel really strange. My first hallucination was a really faint tracing of colored lines on the ceiling, which slowly faded and then retraced in a new pattern. I remember I was so happy to have any hallucinations at all that I held onto those lines for awhile, concentrating on them, trying to make them more vivid and real.

When I looked down at the floor, I knew I was tripping hard. The fabric of the rug was rising and forming itself into little mounds and ridges, creating a crazy 3-D oriental rug pattern. I didn't tell anybody about any of this at the time because I was so fascinated by it and also kind of afraid it would go away. It started to look like the little pieces of rug fiber which weren't fully attatched to the rug were lifting upwards as if some force opposite to gravity was coaxing them towards the ceiling.

Then I started trying to describe the rug to everyone. This is when I really started tripping, and my memories are a little more disjointed and hard to put in order. I remember smoking cigarette after cigarette because the smoke was turning into these beautiful, thin ribbons of colored smoke, blue and purple and green and silver, which rose into the air and formed patterns which spread and morphed and grew into each other and collided and dissapeared and then formed again. It was the most beautiful and fascinating thing I have ever seen. I saw similar colored lines and shapes on the ceiling tiles, but nothing could compare to the cigarette smoke. I remember watching the ashes form on the end of my cigarette and thinking with wonder how much it resembled decay and decomposition as the ashes formed and became skeletal, gray, like the bones of an ancient organism slowly crumbling to dust.

When Mike finally stopped playing Need For Speed and started playing the little piano again it looked like so much fun I had to ask him for it so I could try it. I remember sitting down cross-legged on the floor with my hair hanging down over the keys and following the colored lights. (The keyboard would light up the keys you had to press to play a song one by one.) I could hear each individual note as I pressed it but I was so distracted by the colored lights I couldn't put them together in a song.

A few times I was having such a blast pressing the buttons I forgot they made noise and looked around trying to find the source of the unending note, only connecting it with the keyboard when I looked down at my finger on the key. As I sat there and played, I felt myself growing physically smaller and smaller; even my fingers looked tiny on the keys. The room felt huge and I felt so, so small.

At some point I laid back on Mike's bed and stared at the ceiling and all the colors and lines and oriental patterns that were forming across it. As I was watching them I tried to make the hallucinations stronger; eventually one section of the ceiling became a blur of color with lines and dots passing across it as if they were orbiting something or flying through space.

I don't know how many hours we spent just staring at things, but eventually Nick left to go pick up some bud. He came back with Ashley and Kim. When they walked in I remember saying, You guys missed so much! You have no idea what you missed--so much stuff just happened! As I said it I began to feel the most incredible feeling coursing through my body. I can't really describe it, but I guess the closest would be happiness and energy and understanding flowing in my veins like electricity in my blood.

It was the most beautiful feeling. I felt so priveleged to be feeling it that I didn't even miss it when it went away, I was so happy to have been able to experience it even once. We all decided to go outside in the snow to smoke a bowl. I looked up at the night sky and immediately became so fascinated by the falling snow I almost couldn't look away. It was so beautiful, falling in tiny, downy little white flakes that eventually became pink and then sparkled and grew trails like fireworks and smoke.

I remember telling everyone, This is so beautiful! Look at this! Appreciate it with me! because I felt it was so pretty it would be wrong not to appreciate and share it. We smoked a couple bowls out there and even though Chris was complaining about the cold Mike and I couldn't even feel it. A couple times the three of us just started laughing uncontrollably and Nick, Ashley, and Kim were just staring at us like we were crazy (which I guess we technically were.)

At one point I was so overcome with happiness I managed to stop laughing long enough to blurt out, I'm so sorry you guys aren't tripping! This is soo funny! And that got even the sober people laughing. I remember Nick telling me I looked like a little kid as I was staring at the snow between hits. When we finally got too cold we all went inside and listened to Pink Floyd.

I remember turning the music up over and over again because it just sounded so good. I would eventually turn it all the way up, but then no one could hear each other so they would turn it down, but then I would slowly turn it all the way up again. It just sounded so beautiful I wanted it louder and louder.

Ashley and Kim left and Chris, Mike, and I went back to staring at stuff. As we started to come down, we all got really quiet. Throughout the trip we had been laughing and talking and describing hallucinations and concepts to each other, but that stopped. I just kept getting tangled up in my thoughts, contemplating the most meaningful things but unable to verbalize it before I got lost in another chain of thought.

I remember looking through the detatched barrel of Mike's paint ball gun, which turned the light into concentric circles of rainbow colors. The colors were so bright and vivid and beautiful it took me forever to think of the names for them. I remember sitting on the floor in the basement and staring at the slowly moving patterns made out of the rug for what seemed like hours, but not in a boring way. By the time Jake and Evan showed up I wasn't seeing much of anything anymore and, besides feeling really quiet and contemplative, I was done tripping for the night. That was probably around 10:00 or 10:30 pm.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42014
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 7, 2006Views: 35,043
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LSD (2) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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