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Great experience
by ^Monk_E^
Citation:   ^Monk_E^. "Great experience: An Experience with LSD (exp4181)". Feb 4, 2001.

5 hits   LSD


I have done acid before, but never this much. Actually, the last time i dropped i only did 2 hits and this time i dropped 5 hits, which is a huge step up.

0:00 - drop 5 hits of acid

0:20 - get a slight body high and lights seem to get brighter than normal

1:00 - everything has become very distorted, there are patterns all over whatever i look at

1:30 - here comes the peak, having a conversation is simply impossible, the concept of a phone completely escapes me, time has dwindled to almost non-existence, and the patterns are even stronger and i have some long ass trails. i don't even have to unfocus my eyes

2:00 - it feels like i am in a movie, out-of-body type feelings, and the feeling that anything i do right now doesn't matter, i can not hear anything except for what is in the room and what i do hear is accompanied by echos, or when my friends try to talk they sound almost like computers

2:30 - my senses are being completely switched around, like if my hearing is gone i would be able to feel what my girlfriend is saying or see it. And the times that i can see the patterns and trails are even stronger

6:00 - the effects start to wear off but i don't come all the way down until 10 the next morning, and all day today my brain has felt completely fried. but overall, i had a wonderful time and it didn't feel like a bad trip at any time. i personally thought it was better than rolling, which most people wouldn't agree with but then again, i am a little weird.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4181
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 4, 2001Views: 4,467
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LSD (2) : Unknown Context (20), General (1)

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