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Dullness and the Law of Diminishing Returns
by Seifuru
Citation:   Seifuru. "Dullness and the Law of Diminishing Returns: An Experience with Hydromorphone (exp41795)". Jun 6, 2007.

T+ 0:00
8.0 mg insufflated Hydromorphone (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:15 4.0 mg insufflated Hydromorphone (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:30 8.0 mg insufflated Hydromorphone (ground / crushed)


Being absolutely obsessed with opiates, I jumped at the chance to try a new one. I had been on a steady diet of Oxycodone in the form of insufflated OxyContin, 40-100mg a day for weeks on end. I missed a few days here and there but for at least a solid week before this experience I had not abstained. I also smoke marijuana daily, but did not smoke before or during this experience.

I had read reports of 8mg insufflated *flooring* first timers, but tolerance, even cross tolerance, is a bitch; and I knew this all too well. So I decided to try out 20mg. I have developed quite the hardheadedness to opiates, regardless of tolerance level, anyhow. Generally I only 'evaluate' the reports of former or current heroin users when calculating dosage for myself on a new opiate. Keep this in mind.

Dose and setting

(5) 4mg Dilaudid tablets had been procured for myself and another 5 for my everpresent partner in crime. Setting was, for the first 3 pills insufflated, on the highway on the way back from scoring the substance, and the last 2 at a comfortable home.


This is essential when insufflating. If the pill is full of filler, or improperly ground, unnecessary damage to the nasal passages may occur. The pill (very tiny! Dilaudid has minimal filler) was placed on a dollar bill, which was folded over several times, and the open ends folded shut. This was then 'bashed' with a heavy object several times, and a credit card run over the outside of the bill with force. The bill is then opened, the pale yellow powder, compressed into a sheet or cake, scraped onto a hardcover book, and either smeared with a bottlecap, or chopped with a card, into fine powder. The finer the better. Smearing takes a minute, chopping takes about five. These are my internal membranes I am playing with, better safe then sorry.

Experience (and approximate times in H:MM)

(0:00) - Zero hour. Tingling with anticipation, I prepared (2) 4mg pills, for a total of 8mg Dilaudid, into 4 lines. I gently sniffed them up through a rolled bill, one at a time. After a line, I'd sniff fresh air forcefully to kick all the powder back there. The powder is *silky smooth*, not even producing a tickle.

(0:10) - Was feeling nothing until this point. Suddenly I was assaulted by a physically strong but strangely muted opiation. This reminded me of morphine insufflation alot. A more physical, 'hospital-style' opiation. Not much euphoria, certainly not like Oxycontin. But the pit-of-the-stomach excitedness, and profusely sweaty palms were observed immediately. Prepared an 8mg dose for my friend while he drove.

(0:15) - Repeated procedure with another 4mg pill. Now I'm up to 12mg in total. The physical opiation has eased off ever so slightly into some euphoria and detachment. One thing I noticed was that visual disturbance (slowmo/freezeframe) was more pronounced then any other opiate I've tried.

(0:30) - We are now at basecamp, the 'bustorium' as my friend dubbed it. 'Busting' is slang for inhaling opiates. Here we polish off the remaining 2 pills apiece, bringing the grand total to 20mg insufflated Hydromorphone in 30 minutes. Considering I read reports of people vomiting, passing out, falling and cracking their head on 8mg ORAL, I am *really not all that high*. Comparisons? I'd say 40mg insufflated oxycontin in a high tolerance individual.

(0:45) - The law of diminishing returns is especially true for opiates, and it is demonstrating itself now. Ever since the 3 pills done during the ride back home, the last 2 pills have done virtually nothing to my state of mind. 'Should have saved them for tomorrow', I recall thinking. The level is still that of 15 minutes ago, but 'muted'. It reminds me very much of morphine. A stoning, physical opiation, as opposed to the mental, bursting euphoria of others. Mentally I am pretty unaffected. I have the 'excited, adrenaline' feeling of opiates, but am somehow sedated so much as to not display it outwardly.

(1:00) - At basecamp. Consuming water. I am not impressed. Dilaudid is cheap for a reason. Also, I am noticing something interesting. Usually, during the comedown of opiates, people and conversation annoy me. However, it's been only an hour since insufflation and already this effect is highly pronounced. This could be a manifestation of my dissapointment with the substance, but something tells me it is more then that.

(2:00) - Effects rapidly falling! Body effects persistent only in slight detachment and residual calmative/sedative action. However, my opiate receptors are obviously quite saturated, and continue to be for the rest of the day, due to the absence of opiate craving. Very much like morphine.

General summary

Of course I am spoiled by my love affair with insufflated oxycodone, but still; this opiate was dull, very physical, and dropped off rapidly, 2 hours after administration. Considering this is one of the highest amounts (and insufflated to boot!) I have read of Dilaudid administration, and I was wholly unimpressed, my final words would have to be : Suboptimal. Pleasure/Euphoria quotient is LOW. If you like something akin to an 'opiate xanax', aka not much euphoria but plenty of bodily sedation, then this might be for you.

And that's all on that subject.

Mayaku Itsumo, and may you be thoroughly opiated =)

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41795
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 6, 2007Views: 87,326
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