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I Felt Like Moses
Zolpidem (Ambien)
Citation:   Curiousity. "I Felt Like Moses: An Experience with Zolpidem (Ambien) (exp41768)". Jul 17, 2007.

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20 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
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I was having bouts of severe insomnia and there was even a period when I went 3 days straight with no sleep at all. My mom decided that I needed to see a doctor. Luckily since I am 18, and the doctor felt it appropriate, I was given a 30 day perscription of ambien, 10 mg.

At first everytime that I took the stuff, I went right to bed as described, and never thought of tripping it because the doctor described as a 'mild' sleeping aid, and I am fairly expierienced with drugs of various classes. It turned out that after 6 days I was able to fall back into natural sleep, so I had 2 dozen of these pills left over. My girlfriend calls and she said that she had been having trouble falling asleep. I told her I had this pill that would put her right out. I give her one recomended that she split it in half because I found it potent and I didn't want anything to happen to her and me be responsible. The next day I see her and she has this smile on her face and she says ambien is the coolest drug she had ever tripped.

I asked her what had happened and she said she took just the one half, and she felt really relaxed, and she would just lay there and zone out, but she said it was really tight, and she chiefs pretty much every other day, and she said that ambien was her new favorite drug. My immediate thought was to trip the stuff that very night, to this day I wish I had her with me, but I'll get to that later on.

It really was the perfect night to take the stuff. It was Friday, I didn't have to go into the work the next day, and my parents at a friend's relative's funeral, and they would be gone until Tuesday. So I had the whole house to myself and was really looking forward to the trip I was getting ready to take. I started to get myself prepaired. I was thinking back to what she had told me, music is tight, I go and get Jimi Plays Berkley, its hard to move, so I go and get my cigarettes and some soda and sit them on the table in front of my couch and take a piss.

It was 10:00, I was all prepared, had my cigarettes, the controler, something to drink, and the sounds of Henrix playing Pass It On. I go to my kitchen, above the sink sits the ambien, I open it and take two, thinking that I was used to the 10 mg. I go back to the couch, and light up a cigarette. I'm sitting there for about 10 minutes and begining to get impatient, because when I would take it go to sleep it took about 5 minutes for me to feel the effects. I figure that it was the cigarette that may have delayed it, because nicotine elevates the heart rate, so I put the next cigarette I'm about to light up on the table. About 10 minutes later, my eyes become heavy, and for the first 5 minutes I fight off the urge to fall asleep.

When I manage to stay awake, things become a little distorted, imagery is hazy and seems to tremble, but Hendrix sounds better than ever. I decided to reach for the controler which was no problem, and skip to Purple Haze. I listen to the opening octaves and I this is where I zone out, I don't remember what happened, but when I finally woke up from the first trance I was listening to the ending solo of voodoo child. I was wondering what I had just happened. I thought the dvd went started over again because voodoo child is the last song on the dvd, and I thought I was out for at least 2 hours I look at the clock, its only about 10 50ish. I thought wow, this stuff really does work. There is definitley a distortion in my time perception. As voodoo child ends, I reach for the controler and turn off the dvd and tv.

The next hour is kind of hazy. My whole body became numb. It wasn't a tingly numb that I get from pot, it was a comfortable numb, it was a feeling of heaviness yet complete weightlessness. I just sat and looked at the blank tv, and the lighting in the room seemd really great just one lamp on, and I tried to think of everything that was going shitty in my life, but when I would think about it, it seemed so simple and uncomplicated, all the negative feelings that I had seemed lifted, I was definitley expieriencing what you would call euphoria. All of my thoughts were positive.

I would close my eyes and subconcious thoughts would arise, nothing to compare to lsd. These thoughts seemed to come from me, but at the same time they didn't. I suppose it was a bit pyschedelic, but nothing heavy. I recall thoughts of whiteness and water it was almost heavenlike and these thoughts not only soothed my mind but they also made me feel physically euphoric. By the time I came out of this it was around 12:15. But the real euphoria wasn't going to set in for another about another half hour or so.

I remember getting up, which was really difficult, ambien definitley does impair my motor skills. To this day I don't think what I did when I got up was my original intention, but I remember what I did do. I got up and went into the kitchen, and looked around and then saw my bottle of ambien and I took another. Then I went into my room and got my pink floyd the wall cd. I remember the my whole house seemed to move in another direction that I went, the hallway seemed to seperate further and further, I felt like Moses and I laughed at that thought.

I finally got to my dvd player and this is when I have real trouble with depth perception and begin to have open eyed hallucinations. I attempt to open my dvd, but the load/eject button raises out and sinks in, and everytime I go to press the button, I don't. It finally stops raising and sinking, so I go to press it, but then it switches places with another button and I keep on pressing all of these buttons until finally it settles in place. I get the cd in, and sit on my couch, and a sensation of me wanting to touch and be touched comes over me, this is when I'm wishing my girlfriend was with me. I look to the phone, it seems a little further away than usual, I get up to go to it to call her, but I can only reach towards the phone. The dvd loads, and I struggle for my controler, i finally get it, and I'm thinking comfortably numb, and throw it on repeat, the whole process with the dvd buttons starts over on my controller.

I get it to where I want it, and then the complete euphoria sets in. I remember having the same zoning out feelings when the music comes on, but I'm still aware of the words. I close my eyes and I see no images and I don't feel the couch, all of my senses are tuned into the song, in a strange way I see the song, and I feel the song, yet strangly, the song SOUNDS distant. My eyes are closed and everything is whitish once again and I'm in my own heaven, I can see it but it is hard to explain what it looks like, and I am completley numb, at first I became a little frightened becuase I thought I may have OD'd, I tried to open my eyes to snap from it, but I just couldn't everything I was seeing was too beautiful, and I thought maybe I had died, and I was in my own heaven, the only senses I had left were image and sound and wind, water, and comfortably numb was all I heard, there was no physical feeling at all. Everything was euphoric, there were no thoughts, everything was complete and simplistic in my mind.

Now that I look back I must have been in a state where I was a quater of the way aware, and three quarters of the way dreaming. The next knowledge of time and where I was in reality came at 9:30 the next morning. Oddly, there was no nausea or exhastion. I felt refreshed and glowing. Comfortably Numb was still playing, and that day nothing could have went wrong, the feelings from last night left a sense of euphoria on me the whole day. The next time I do this, I will make sure that my girlfriend is with me, not only for the sex, but becuase I want to share the same expierience with her.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41768
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 17, 2007Views: 100,313
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