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Lycanthropic Ancestor Bloom
Citation:   Xepheru69. "Lycanthropic Ancestor Bloom: An Experience with Datura (exp41442)". Dec 27, 2006.

5 flowers oral Datura (tea)
  3 leaves oral Datura (tea)
I have always enjoyed the effects of meditation and breathing techniques. In college I began to use yoga, visualization, and breath control methods to induce visions and out of body experiences. Over the last three years Iíve began to experiment with psychoactive plants in conjunction with the afore mentioned methods. So far my results have been excellent and I would like to share my latest journey with you.

On March the 13th 2005 at 8pm in New Orleans I stepped out into the back yard and harvested 5 trumpet flowers and 3 large leaves off of the tree. I rinsed them gently and placed them in 20 ounces of boiling water for 5 minuets with the cover on the pot. I allowed them to steep for 5 more and poured myself a cup of the spicy smelling brew which was a lovely light green. Positioning myself in a comfortable chair with my back straight, I began to visualize green light flowing from the cup to my face and body. I then placed my headphones on and began to listen to black sabbath. ( I really get into a great trance state while grooving to ozzy.) Once I achieved the familiar sensation of my body expanding beyond itself, I drank the entire cup of tea. That was at 8:45pm. In 10 minuets I was very thirsty and unaware of the fact that I was already having visions.

This was the marked difference between my previous experiences with hallucinogenic substances. I am a lucid dreamer and have always been aware of when I am dreaming and have the ability to decide and control my actions even when perception and sensation during the dream state is as real as in my waking life. This ability has always carried over into my journeys with self induced trance and psychotropics. This was not the case with the trumpet flower. I felt my self induced trance not affected. Two men walked into the room and asked if I knew how to play gin rummy. I answered no but that I could learn quickly. They sat down and we commenced to play. It was not unusual for people I'd never met to just walk into this house as we have a large and warm community in this area, and I assumed they were friends. I Invited them down to the kitchen for food and one of my pals that lives there was making toast.

After I drank my second cup of tea my house pal who I'll just refer to as E, asked me who I was talking to. When I turned and pointed to card player 1 & 2 to introduce them, E said 'dude! No one is there! What are you on!?' I had a good laugh with the cards men and we three concluded that it was E who's vision was off. I sat on a stool at the counter and had a third cup as the rest of E's house mates came in from a party they had been at. To my confusion they all agreed with E. I turned to my fellow cardsmen for support and witnessed them slowly fading into the walls. It was only then that I realized the Datura had hit me with alarming speed and passed right under my radar And my usual sharp awareness and self control were nowhere to be seen. I have never before exceeded my set dosage which I had intended to be only one cup and here I was with the third cup totally drained.

When I looked back at E I said 'Oh Shit...I am so stoned' As soon as I said the word stoned, the most intense body high Iíve ever felt hit me like a truck. I felt one with the wooden stool on which I sat. Very slowly and with GREAT effort I stood up and walked to the stairs. I began to feel a heat upon my skin like the rays of the sun and found myself transfixed by an alarming increase in all 5 senses and had to be helped up stairs and set on the couch.

As soon as my ass hit the cushion, everyone vanished and I found myself alone in the house which was now a cross between my home, E's home, and the set of Jumanji. I felt something tingle in my nose and smelled what I knew to be prey. No mental pause occurred between me sitting on a couch as a human and shifting into a large wolfen creature. The metamorphosis was smooth and painless and filled with great energy I began my hunt. Up and down the halls, stairs, and through the 'trees' I gave joyous chase to a cat (poor house cat).

At some point (I had no grasp of time by now) My human pals once again materialized and upon seeing them I determined to make it clear that the cat was my prey and they were just oddly shaped competition. Asserting my dominance consisted me nipping, head butting, and corralling poor E and the others into a room. At that point I was back in the originally shaped house, human, and 3 years old. All of this feeling totally natural to me, I began to play tag and eat the buttons off of my shirt.

Eventually I realized the I had to pee and I went into the bathroom, convinced that the tub was the toilet and commenced to whiz into the tub and onto the floor. Seeing as I was 3, I couldnít figure out how to pull up my pants and so decided to go without them. Upon exiting the bathroom, I entered into a great dance hall filled with people dancing to blues and patting me affectionately on the head as I passed by. I ran into another room and I was in a hospital lobby watching an excellent show about my family and ancestral heritage and occult teachings. Then I was an adult again and aware of the odd fact that my ass was exposed to every one and (bless their hearts)E & his house mates put some briefs on me and tried to quiet me down. I felt like I'd smoked an entire ounce of marijuana and drank 4 pots of coffee.

Accordingly I began to recite all of the occult knowledge that I'd just been taught while running as fast as possible all around the house until I was sure that I'd memorized everything. During this process I was relentlessly teased by the doors and walls of the house who kept trying to mess up my memorization process by jumping in front of me and knocking me in the head and sticking out theyíre baseboard feet to trip me. despite their efforts I succeeded in locating my note book and pen and in very loopy large print inscribing my new teachings. (these are actually an amazingly informative several chapters and now I'm also very good at playing gin rummy)

After several un measured moments of hilarity and ghost watching I found myself lying on my back watching all of the ghosts I'd been talking to, slowly melt up into the ceiling. By that time it was early morning and After a several more mild visual hallucinations like dancing fairies around the oatbran box, and folks from other states randomly appearing and vanishing I felt sober but still very hyper active and lacking an appetite. I looked at E's watch to find that it was 9:35 am. I had been tripping for over 12 hours. Lingering affects that I noted were a difficulty focusing visually on near items and feeling no need for sleep.

All done.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41442
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 27, 2006Views: 11,807
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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