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I Give It a 5/10
by C2:8
Citation:   C2:8. "I Give It a 5/10: An Experience with 4-HO-DiPT (exp41086)". Jul 26, 2006.

15 mg oral 4-HO-DiPT (capsule)


Received my internet ordered package of 4-HO-Dipt, 5mg capsules. I had just got off of work, and I took 3 of them, after reading online that normally to have an intense trip it would take about 20+ mg to get there. I didn't want that, as I know from previous experience that effects may last only a few hours, but some lingering side effects may last 24 hours or more. My job requires me to have sharp mental clarity, so being that I had to go back to work the following day, I didn't want to go that far.

16:10- Took the 4-HO-Dipt. Walked to a nearby park with wife. (she was not partaking)

16:30- Felt a little light headed.

16:45 (roughly)-Had to sit down at the park, couldn't swing on the swings, as it made me motion sick. Breathing was labored noticeably, but not painful. Mental confusion sets in slightly, unable to focus thoughts. Very relaxed, but the chemical sapped ALL of my energy. It seemed like work just to walk home, (100 ft away)

17:10- Laying on couch, I do not want to move at all. Strange though, as my legs have an odd energy to them. I writhe them, not in pain, but rather because they tingle and have energy to move. I am a little jittery. No energy to get up though. I feel a bit of nausea, mostly a motion sickness type of feeling. Nothing really intestinal, but just the chemical coming on. The body load feels like LSD, (I can't compare it to Shrooms because I have never tried them).

17:30- Feelings of euphoria start to wave in for a moment, then wave out. When they wave out, the nausea comes back slightly. The next 30 minutes are just me lying on the couch, going back and forth between a body euphoria, and a slight nausea. Thoughts are now very random, and unconnected with my surroundings. Something in the room, like my wife, or the TV, will get me thinking about something, and I will just go with that thought for a few minutes. While I am thinking, the thought takes all of my attention, and my consciousness gets lost in the thought. Then a couple of minutes later I am back in the room again. No visuals at all.

17:45??- I feel mostly euphoric, still have the tingling in my extremities. I chuckle here and there about something I thought of, or just because I feel good.

18:00??- I check to see if I can spot tracers, when I look around the room to see if light is trailing, I don't spot any visuals. However immediately after I look around, I feel an INTENSE surge of energy hit my body. It was like three rushes in a row, within a one second time span. After this I felt the same effects, just a little stronger and no nausia. I am still jittery though. I think this was the peak of the experience. I have my eyes closed mostly and I am lost in thought.

18:15??-I take a look around, the walls and front door are breathing a little. Objects imprint more readily if I stare at them. I check my pupils and they are not dilated. Walking and moving isn't hard, but not very pleasurable. Distance and size are hard to judge. I can talk to my wife, but it is difficult to complete full sentences. I try to play my guitar, but it is just too taxing mentally/physically. I feel like listening to music would take me to another place. My walkman is in the car, and I don't feel like going to get it. TV is boring. I want music, but I don't have a way to listen to it. I remember my wife brought home food for me from when she had lunch, and I eat a small sandwich, fries, a mozzarella stick and some onion rings. Food is very delicious. Although the come up was a little like LSD, (I find food repulsive on LSD), after I peaked food was very tasty and eating was an enhanced experience. I think I over ate.

19:15- Still mentally out of it, visually the experience is subsiding fast. I have a headache on the upper left side of my head. It only hurts at times, but when it does, it throbs with some nasty intensity. I crack open a tall boy, and sip about 1/4 of it. From here till bedtime I was just mentally clouded, and felt tired.

The next day at work I was very sluggish, and my cognitive ability was diminished. The day after that, I was back to about 95% of my normal brain power.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the dreamy like state I was in while peaking, the enhanced eating, and the visuals (although not very much, little CEV and little OEV). I disliked the headache, the slight nausea, the jitters, the lethargy, and especially the temporary (over 24 hours) effects on my IQ. I have not used any recreational legal or illegal in 4 years, and this was not an experience to rave about. (no pun intended) I do not wish to ever take illegal drugs again either, but in comparison to what I remember Ecstasy and LSD to be like, 4-HO-Dipt doesn't have the emotion and all out fun of Ecstasy, or the trippiness and visuals of LSD. It was a ho-hum experience, that was not worth the slight discomfort and dumbness. I rate it a 5/10. (LSD 7/10, MDMA 8/10, Candyflip 9/10) (Living and breathing, having my basic needs met, i.e. food water shelter, and believing in a loving God (Judeo-Christian), to me is a 10/10) I know that sounds corny, but everyone else posts about their love for the universe, spirits, or some cosmic force. I happen to believe in Jesus. Love and peace to all.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41086
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 26, 2006Views: 9,538
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4-HO-DiPT (281) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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