Journey Into the Land of Elfspice
DMT & Alcohol & Damiana
Citation:   Particle16. "Journey Into the Land of Elfspice: An Experience with DMT & Alcohol & Damiana (exp41041)". Jan 15, 2008.

T+ 0:00
  smoked DMT (extract)
  T+ 0:30   smoked DMT (extract)
  T+ 0:30   smoked Damiana (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   smoked DMT (extract)
I had heard much about DMT, but remained somehow skeptical due to the strange nature of natural substances with me. I find myself to really need to want an experience, before it can really work with me, while synthetics will knock me about at all times. Meeting up with a friend who evangelised DMT quite a bit, I prepared for my first attempt. The DMT was placed directly into a vapouriser attached to a standard water bong. It was heated and I inhaled the vapours, but quickly coughed and while trying to recompose myself went over the 30 second threshold required to get all the DMT in. This hit was quite unsuccesful, but I did first hand experience the strange body sensations within the substance, and a light sharpness was added to the outside world.

Waiting for half an hour, I witnessed my girlfriend experiencing some incredible colours and having a big grin on her face. For the next hit, I prepared my standard water bong with some damiana layered around the DMT within the cone piece. I still coughed lightly while taking the DMT in, but learned to breathe out my nose as soon as the feeling rose inside me. Even as I was looking down at the cone piece I noticed that the colours of the flame were becoming sharper, far closer to 'sparklers' than a normal jet lighter flame. The sound around me dissapeared, and I lost the awareness of my body as I closed my eyes, seeing darkness and then a light mist.

The mist opened and I saw a mural before me, it could have been South American or it could have been Egyptian, it had an ancient feel to it while to me it depicted quite modern forms. If anything I would say it depicted quite advanced people on a 2D surface in the hyrogliphic style, with many very sharp colours. As I looked at it closer, the mural flew into the distance and the space between me turned into something akin to a high rise car park. I felt like I was underground, but at the same time saw the pillars around me. Out from the sides of the pillars, the forms that I had seen on the mural appeared slowly. I had heard reports of the elves, but these people seemed more like ravers/doofers to me than anything, simply young nymphs, neither distinctly male or female, who were emerging from the corners and moving towards me. I'm sure I heard music and lights were shifting quite quickly over their brilliant colours. Their faces had very overwhelming smiles on them and I could not get over the feeling that I had come home, that I had come to a surprise birthday party or event held just for me. I felt welcomed and confused, but at the same time noticed a slightly mischievous edge in their eyes.

A friend in the outside world made a sound, and my other friend also in the DMT land started laughing, realising what I was seeing, and that I was on DMT made me also laugh, as the creatures moved closer to me and moved around me as if I was viewing it directly from my eye, with a fish-eye lens effect. I laughed quite strongly and when I finally opened my eyes I found that everything was crisper and clearer. Common house items had a new sheen to them, and going outside I was overwhelmed by the colours of the sky. All of this happened in the space of 2-3 minutes, but it could have easily been double the time for me. What was also interesting, though distrupted the visions did not die down immediately as my mind started registering who I was and where I was. Instead they had a few fleeting flashes of brilliance even towards the end. The experience left me quite overwhelmed and impressed.

Several hours later, me and my partner were on the beach at night, having just drunk some coke with malibu, and having lit sparklers all around us. The sun had just set and we were feeling cheeky, so we loaded up some DMT. She had another strong colourful experience, and once she visualised upon the world was quiet and reserved. I was confused by this, but soon I would know what it is. It was dark around us, and the horizon was a tiny little line of dark blue. The sound was of the waves, with cars going past occasionally in the distance. I began to smoke and almost instantly the sound dissapeared, I knew I was in for a good hit. It's like from the front of my brain, left and right were dissapearing until only a tiny speck remained at the back of my head, and once again the jet lighter flame was filled with brilliance.

This time I didn't close my eyes, but focused on the horizon that suddenly increased in its magnitude, filled with brilliant colours for every shade of blue and purple. I heard a light chime as the colours were increasing, and it came from my right and moved forward. I turned my head and looked at the street behind us, every light that had been a blurry distant mess suddenly became clear and filled with brilliance. The pine trees behind them projected a magnificent shadow for the beautiful sky behind them. As I looked around and could see boats in the distance and factories, their lights mesmerised me. I was convinced that my brain had suddenly moved forward in an evolutionary step, and my eye sight had increased to a new spectrum. The clarity of the beach was immense, we crouched forwards on the dunes and were just filled with awe, this was really special 'stuff'.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41041
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 15, 2008Views: 7,087
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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