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Strange Indeed, To Say The Least
LSD & Alcohol
by Daniel
Citation:   Daniel. "Strange Indeed, To Say The Least: An Experience with LSD & Alcohol (exp40880)". May 20, 2007.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


I was at my best friend's cousin's twenty-first birthday party, on November 15th 2004, where there were lots and lots of people; I only knew about four of five of them including my best friend, whom I will call 'T', and so was not as out-going as I usually am and besides all these people were acting like jerks and show offs, as people often tend to do when partying and having a good time. I sat in the corner of the room at the buffet table, eating some of the food and drinking a can of lager, whilst I watched T and his girlfriend P dancing among many others having a brilliant time. I was bored out of my mind, and was considering leaving, until T came back over to me, absolutely drunk as a skunk, and said to me, 'Here, Danny, have some of this' -

I looked at the blotter which he held out in his hand with much amazement and felt very stunned, and to say the least, I was rather flabbergasted since I had no idea T was into illegal drugs. I knew what it was as soon as he held it out to me in his hand, and strictly told him, 'No. You know I'm not into that kind of thing. Listen, I'm heading off home soon anyway' but I was then interrupted abruptly by P, 'Shut up for God's sake your a boring party pooper, just take it you idiot!' And, even to this day, I have absolutely no idea why I took it - none whatsoever. All I can say is it wasn't at all what Id normally call a wise idea and any other time I would have thought I'd have more sense.

Well, this would have been round about 11.00pm I think, and though with much hesitation, I swallowed the tab of LSD from the blotter. My first initial thought that came to my head was, 'What have I just done? I continued to drink my can of lager after that, still sitting at the buffet table not enjoying myself. After about, I'd say 20 or 25 minutes of having swallowed the LSD, I began to feel my heart beat increase and noticed that my hands were trembling although I was not cold. I knew this must have been the effects kicking in and so stood up, quite scared actually, and excused myself from the building with the false excuse of going outside for fresh air. By the time I got outside I noticed that the trees looked somehow 'distorted'. Hmmm, I thought, and not giving a damn about T and the party, I began to walk down the street from which my house is only roughly a fifteen minute walk, since I felt I needed to get away.

Walking down the street I felt a strange tingling sensation thriving through the whole of my body. I don't know if that was the LSD or if it would have been the cold. I watched occasional cars driving past me up and down the street as I walked to my house, and noticed that as all of them drove past, there were trails coming off the back of them, as if the backs of the cars were sort of stretching and melting. I began to see flashes of red and yellow light in front of me coming from nowhere, and I began to feel anxious. I got home after what seemed like a very long time, more than just fifteen minutes - I looked at my watch and it was only 11.45 - my God I swear it seemed like it should have been about 12.30am it seemed so long!

I went into my living room where I sat alone on the sofa (thank God I am single!) and tried my utmost to chill out. Every single object in the room seemed far away, and I really freaked out when I looked down at the floor and discovered that it was what looked like a long, long, long way away from my feet - in fact my legs looked awfully long and stretched. 'MY God what is happening to me?!' I remember thinking - I started crying and was so very frightened. I went to look at my watch and as I did so the hands on the watch face started to melt and turn into liquid. I thought it was a dream - I was so far out-of-touch with reality, it was unbelievable.

I stood up and with the intention of going to draw my curtains, but saw to my horror that the curtains too were melting downwards and dissolving into the floor. My God, I thought to myself, I have to get out of here. It seemed like I had been in my living room for years and that I was dead. I felt weird...I felt dead and that existence itself did not exist and that the non-existence of existence and the whole idea of 'being' itself was gone. This feeling was so bizarre to say the least, words just cannot describe it.

Next thing I remember no objects in the room were there - actually the whole room and all my surroundings and the whole world had melted downwards into a void beneath my feet and I was standing on - and surrounded by, what was like lots of tunnels. These tunnels were green and red and yellow and blue and kept turning and twisting - it was crazy and though I felt as though I was insane and too frightened to do nothing than just stand there and watch everything around me happen as it did, I felt as though it was also fun and overwhelmingly exciting. Wow, this was brilliant, I remember thinking. Still though, I stood there surrounded by these immensely brightly colored moving tunnels not moving an inch of my body, overjoyed at this miraculous sight.

I remember I could not get a smile off my face, and laughing out loud in hysterics - watching these tunnels from which I could not escape - all around me: in front of me, below me, at my sides, everywhere it was actually I began to think, hilarious...I laughed and laughed. I was so happy because it was so funny and I was enjoying myself thinking I was in a weird but very, very exciting dream-world of magic; by now all fear had gone. I was in a state of total euphoria and all fright was gone. Next thing I remember I suddenly saw a door in front of me and the tunnels started to move away - they did so strangely, sort of 'backing off' into the distance, into eternity. I was then back into the living room of my house, though the walls were alive and were dancing and I too started dancing with them. I was so ecstatically happy. It felt like I had been out-of-touch with reality for more than eternity itself since eternity did not exist.

I fell backwards straight-out, flat on my back, surprisingly enough not causing major head injury, with the immense thud I must have made hitting the hard laminated flooring. I closed my eyes and saw bright orange and deeply yellow colored stars dancing and smiling, even though they had no faces I perceived these 'stars' as smiling. They were dancing around in a strange circle-type shape with a glowing green diamond in the middle. I didn't open my eyes for the rest of the 'trip'.

Eventually after what seemed like forever, the shapes and colors I saw behind my closed eyes faded away into blackness and void. I opened them after feeling a little bit frightened because I did not know what I would open my eyes to; everything was back to normal and felt 'myself' again and I was back in the real world with a strange feeling in my gut. The only weird thing that was still occurring was that some of the objects in the room were just ever so, ever so slightly out of proportion...but nothing major.

The rest of the day (goodness gracious me, it was 9.10am of November 16th! My first ever LSD trip had lasted about ten hours or more!!) I was in utter disbelief at the time and what had happened. I visited T during the afternoon and told him everything. I thanked him for the LSD, and told him it was the best time of my life I had ever had, also though being the strangest and certainly most terrifying.

If I have to say one thing about LSD, it is this: it is very strange indeed, to say the least.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 40880
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 20, 2007Views: 5,856
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LSD (2) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Various (28)

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