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Blue Outlines and Psychic Projections
Syrian Rue
by Danava
Citation:   Danava. "Blue Outlines and Psychic Projections: An Experience with Syrian Rue (exp40716)". May 2, 2007.

0.5 oz oral Syrian Rue (extract)


Hello, my name is Sean. I purchased 1 OZ. of syrian rue seeds for about $6 at a local herbalist on the SE side of Portland, OR, behind Mt. Tabor Park, on Stark. I ground the seeds with a coffee grinder. They were a bit coarse. I added the grinds to a clean saucepan, squeezed fresh lime and orange juice in to the seeds, then added water, then simmered them with a medium heat for 30 minutes. Vitamin C is good for them, which I read online. I strained the seeds from the liquid with a small strainer in to a jar and repeated the cycle. I had a few ounces of juice, and a bunch a grinds left. I added the grinds to applesauce, and sealed the jars of juice and syrian-rue-apple sauce leaving them in the refridgerator.

Prelude to Experience:
A day or two went by and my friend, Zach -- whom inevitably accompanies me on my psychedelic experiences -- called suggesting we go to Mt Hood and find a frozen lake to relax at, and explore our minds. For breakfast we ate fruit, orange juice, and six-grain hot cereal and coffee for piping out the intestines like a plumbing snake. We ended up at Trillium lake, where a clear view of snowy Mt. Hood was had from the frozen body of water; the sky was blue, and we were in paradise. Immediately, I brought out the jars and we split the liquid (2-3 oz each,) and each of us had 1/4 jar of seed/applesauce (1/4 oz of seed grinds ingested, each). We walked about and talked to a photographer, the only other person at the lake. We asked him for the time, he said, '4:20pm,' and we were both creeped out. But we understood. It is not for certain, but it could be that the syrian rue began to kick in then, because as the photographer walked away, we stared at the mountain in silence, and listened to the serenity of the wilderness which is especially silent in the winter, very focused and peaceful.

We decided to walk around the lake. First thing I noticed was my hearing. It seems that it improved, and we were drawn to a sound which turned out to be water flowing in to a hole in the ground. This hole was accompanied by 3 other holes, but water only flowed thru the one. I took this as the symbol of the 4 directions, and the water flowing in to only one is still unclear. By this time I realized my equilibrium was off, though I felt completely oriented. We felt as though much energy was being drawn from us. Zach wanted to get back to the car, which was a long walk, so we walked.

Thoughtful Reflections:
My thoughts shifted to ego, pride, and the truth that existence in the present is a vacuum in to the future, that the past is un-recoverable, and that fate has in store for us much that we do not expect. What we plan for often never occurs, and worrying of the future is a most silly thing because we are alive, and to be alive is to reciprocate with the world, with fellow humans and the cosmic order of things. Ambition is unnecessary when there is creativity. Creativity exists thru discontedness and confidence. It takes pride to wage war, but it takes confidence to make peace, and creativity to avoid conflict and to bridge gaps of misunderstanding. I realized that pride is all too often an attempt to compensate for a lack of confidence and creativity. Confidence comes to being when there is acute awareness in a selfless state of mind; when there is selflessness, creativity flows more rapidly because it is not bottlenecked by Ego.

Zach didn't want to talk much, unlike when we are on mushrooms together, which is when we are equally vibrant, creative and observant. He felt fatigued. As we walked, the effects grew stronger. It must have been 45 minutes before we noticed them, and at least 90 minutes until visual effects set in. At a point, I had to stop and rest, as we were trudging thru the snow. I nearly vomited, but I held it down. My mouth salivated much. Zach comically fell to the snowy floor. After some time sitting and thinking, I got up and it was strangely immediate that extremely visible trails surrounded myself and all things, either as they moved, or as my eyes created the image of movement. Zach saw them too. Only thing is that he imagined detailed, realistic and moving people along the edge of the snowy path, and it wasn't until he focused on them that they would evaporate like a mist. As it grew dark, the tracers became bright blue. We became increasingly impatient for the car and began visualizing it around each corner. An exact replica of the car would be psychically imprinted over the scenery in a sensible parking position, and likewise we would see it at the same spot. I often believed I was seeing parking lots in certain deforested areas. We stopped again and I fell to my knees with naseua. I did throw up a fairly dense regurgitation, and as I did so I decided I should close my eyes and feel the vomit move from inside without to learn a lesson about the filth of human existence. Strangely enough, I vividly imagined a baby's face in front of me as I vomited. With these psychic projections, poor equilibrium, visual tracers adding up to about 4 outlines (3, 2, and then 1 outline as the trip faded away,) there was no change in personality or ability to speak and think, unlike mushrooms which make me poetic, intelligent, and giddy like a child, or salvia divinorum, which is so intense I speak but in fragments, or alcohol which makes un-emotional thinking difficult, or marijuana which makes thinking without judgement difficult, Syrian Rue did not really alter personality.

I saw tracers until I went to sleep around 11pm-midnight. This means the trip peaked after about 4 hours and perhaps died after 7 hours. I did not dream more vividly or meaningfully than usual. The next morning I felt very intelligent and calm. Zach went to sleep for 12 hours, at least. Zach has very little to say about the experience.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 40716
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 2, 2007Views: 9,482
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Syrian Rue (45) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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