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Extreme Pain
Heimia salicifolia (Sinicuichi)
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Extreme Pain: An Experience with Heimia salicifolia (Sinicuichi) (exp40382)". Mar 17, 2006.

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10 g oral Heimia salicifolia (tea)
    oral Pharms - Ibuprofen (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis  
Last night I had the displeasure of trying Sinicuichi for the first and only time, and I had a reaction to it that I think is important to add to the experience vault.

First, a little background information. I am 21 years old, have seasonal allergies, and sometimes seem to experience a mild allergic reaction to cut grass. I thought this might possibly have something to do with my reaction, as sinicuichi resembles grass a lot. I have a moderate history with psychedelics, and I've been a daily marijuana smoker and a several-times-weekly drinker for about 4 1/2 years now. Yesterday was when I took the sinicuichi, and that day all I had done was smoke a couple of times earlier in the day.

Okay, so last night I consumed a tea (unreduced by boiling, yuck) made of 10 grams of sinicuichi. This tea had been sitting in my refridgerator for a while, the better part of a week. After I choked the bitter brew down (this stuff makes kratom taste like candy), I sat back to listen to music and read Erowid experience reports. After about a half an hour, I noticed that the music had taken on a new quality, with literally every note dropping so that every song I heard was in a new, lower key. Strange, I thought. I started to feel real relaxed, and I layed down in my bed, continuing to listen to music, unmoving. After about another half hour, I noticed the music was getting a slight metallic edge to it, and in general it was altered in many strange and subtle ways.

Then, I tried to move to go to the bathroom, and to my dismay, I found that almost every single muscle in my entire body was horribly, horribly sore. It literally took me five minutes to walk fifteen feet to the bathroom, as my legs couldn't fully extend. I laid back down, bewildered, and I began to notice that music sounded very wrong at this point. It was as if I couldn't hear certain tones as tones, but rather as jumbles of sound. People's voices had metallic edges to them, and would sometimes seem to be an octave deeper (which was bizarre). All of this would have been interesting, if not cool, except I was seriously starting to get worried. My muscles were actually in so much pain that I could barely move, and it hurt badly to breathe more than lightly. It was impossible to take a full breath, as my chest was too tight. I took a few motrin and tried to make myself some tea. While I was pouring the boiling water out of the tea kettle, I lost my grip due to my extremely weak and painful muscles, and hot water scalded my leg.

I tried smoking some buds, but it didn't absolutely nothing whatsoever for some reason. I gave up when the motrin did absolutely nothing and went to sleep, or tried to. After about 3 hours of sleep, I woke up to, literally, twice the muscle pain, and the need to pee. I fell twice on the way (remember, it's only about 15 feet from my bed to the toilet), and I'm not ashamed to say that I literally cried from the pain for a while, which I haven't done in a very long time. I was only able to get a couple of more hours of actual sleep, and I had very vivid but anxiety-filled dreams (which is pretty common for me - when I actually remember dreams anymore, they're generally not bad dreams, but they contain stressful situations).

This morning, I woke up a couple of hours ago to a lot of pain, but reduced from yesterday. Sounds are still a little off, but it's back to having music be a few keys lower, without distortions. In other words, as opposed to last night where music no longer sounded good because the notes were all off, now it sounds right but just lower in pitch. I took a hot bath and it barely helped. It still hurts to breathe more than lightly, which is actually the most painful part. I know that many have had good reactions to sinicuichi, and also that there have been a number of bad reports, similar to mine. However, I haven't ever read about anyone with a reaction quite like mine. I think maybe I'm allergic or something? I really have no idea, but I wanted to add my bad experience so that we might someday figure out what causes this to happen. Oh, also I just remembered, I smoked about 1.5 grams of sinicuichi around a week ago and it didn't cause me any body pain, but I did get sick the next day with a bad cold. However, it was probably starting anyway and the timing was just bad.

One thing is for sure, I won't ever be taking sinicuichi again. I hope this pain fades soon, as I can barely walk and am quite miserable.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 40382
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 17, 2006Views: 19,779
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Heimia salicifolia (150) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5)

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