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Wicked Soreness
by psychonaut monkey
Citation:   psychonaut monkey. "Wicked Soreness: An Experience with Sinicuichi (exp40363)". Oct 21, 2016.

10 g oral Heimia salicifolia (tea)


After researching this plant and reading some pretty interesting stuff (especially about lucid dreaming), I decided to order an ounce from a reliable online vendor. After receiving I decided to see what effect I would get from smoking the sinicuichi. At about 11:30 pm I smoked 2 bowls. I was feeling slightly drowsy and very relaxed. I then went to sleep. That night I had a very lucid dream. The dream was very crazy and seemed very real.

The next day I made a crude extraction of the sinicuichi by boiling 10g of leaf material until about half of the original liquid was left, and then strained the leaf and repeated. Then I combined the 2 extracted portions and boiled down to a small amount that could be drank in one gulp. At about 3:30pm I drank the concoction and went for a hike. About 20 minutes later I was feeling very drowsy and extremely tired, and I felt a bit nauseous, so I sat down. After a few more minutes the nausea passed and I started to enjoy the effects. I was feeling a bit of euphoria and my vision was a little blurred. I started back on my hike and was really enjoying the day. The effects only lasted about an hour at the most.

Later at about 5:00pm I started to notice that my muscles were really sore. The soreness only increased as the night went on. I felt like CRAP the whole night. Every muscle in my body was extremely sore and it hurt to move at all. My throat was sore and my lungs hurt when I tried to take in full breaths.

Today when I woke up I still felt extremely sore. It's almost as bad as it was last night, but not quite. As the day goes on, I'm getting more and more tired, and the soreness seems to increase sometimes.

I am never drinking sinicuichi tea again! I didn't get any side effects from smoking it however, and I'm going to experiment with smoking it again. I want to make an extract and let it dry and try smoking it, that way so that I only have to take a few hits instead of loading bowl after bowl.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 40363
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 21, 2016Views: 3,122
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Heimia salicifolia (150) : Unknown Context (20), First Times (2)

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