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by 23
Citation:   23. "Incredible: An Experience with DMT (exp40230)". Jun 10, 2005.

30 mg smoked DMT


Here is my attempt at describing my DMT trips. I load the pipe up with a small pile of crystals 30 mg or more, usually more. No lights except for some candles. This is late at night 2-3 am by myself. I will always play some soothing ambient music with no pauses. Just continuous music. When I smoke I do so for a few hours and during the trips, time does not exist so its very strange trying to figure out how long it has been, but from what I have noticed when I am done I notice 2 or 3 hours have passed and I get very surprised.

Under the influences of no other substances. This time I used a test tube pipe design. I use a candle to slowly heat up the pipe until it starts smoking. I begin to take a hit. The first rip will give me a head change, so I slowly take another. By the third hit or so the candle begins to take on a different color shape. My mind will begin to feel like its expanding but my visual field narrows down to focus down to the candle. As I'm inhaling I can feel my eyes dilating and the light emitting from the candle takes on the shapes of geometric patterns. Orange and yellow colors begin shifting and changing, emanating away from the middle of the flame, a strip of cubes with each face pulsing a different color trickles, drips away from the flame in both directions left and right, all the while im still inhaling. Getting higher! Any physical object that has a sharp edge like the edge of a table will have this marching geometric shape moving over it all the while changing colors and shapes.

Physical sensations begin to morph into strange sensations, for example as im inhaling I forget that I have a tube in my mouth and as I focus on the pipe I get the sensation that the tube is a few feet long when itís only a few inches long. My lips and tongue get numb, and I usually get the thought that I burned myself with hot gasses but everything is fine. At this point it gets very hard to keep my eyes open but I try to take another hit. At times I close my eyes and my inner visual field is pulsating, swirling with chaotic patterns emanating from the middle of a bright orange yellow light which is the candle light coming through my eyelids.

I'm really enjoying this. I get the feeling of waves of intensity consistently getting stronger my thoughts synchronize to these waves. As the wave recedes so do the visuals. If I move, I temporarily forget that I'm getting very high. Sort of like a break in concentration. Eventually I can smoke no more and I try to put the pipe down without dropping it.

As I lay down my entire consciousness dissolves into my self. My body becomes so numb that I forget about it. I become completly disembodied. At this moment I can see myself in an area that seems to have depth, there are no walls but it seems to be 3 dimensional. I can see facets, planes or surfaces and on these there are dense geometric lattices, designs twirling into themselves, constantly changing colors and shapes. These surfaces are at the perimeter of my field of vision. Then out from ahead of me comes this constantly changing shape separate from the others. This object is made up of strings or tubes which are twirling and poring into itself. These tubes seem hollow or transparent, with an iridescent color kinda like an oil slick on water. This object is very multi dimensional and fantastic.

This is the most intense part of the experience and the visuals are the most fascinating. I think to myself, can this be an entity of some kind? But I get no communication, or none that I can comprehend. This thing defiantly wants my attention as it is very close to me and apart from everything else. I have also seen an insect looking creature thing. It looks kinda like a lobster, but itís made of these dripping red tubes almost like melting plastic. Its tentacles keep dripping off and it looks like its moving around. It then morphs into something that looks like a crab then into something more like an insect. I think to myself is this an entity of some kind? But I get no reply.

All the while the background is melting hyperspace. Fractals and patterns constantly moving morphing changing pulsing. As I begin to come down I get very bizarre thought forms that I have a very hard time remembering. What I do remember is telling myself this is important and that I have to remember. The idea becomes a small cube with pulsating multi colored facets. I actually create this thing. I try to file away this incredible idea to the lower left part of my consciousness. I move it over there while I try to keep everything else in mind without forgetting.

As I feel myself coming down even faster now I begin to loose my mental grip on this idea cube and I begin to feel frustrated, and I think to myself that if I could only bring this back with me that this thing would be incredible. This thing is magic in some way but I canít remember. I try to assign a thought to this idea but that thought gets cloudy and next thing I forget what I was thinking about and I have lost this incredible idea cube.

The idea becomes the fading memory of an idea which led to an idea which led to an idea. As I think about it, it all becomes a set of those little dolls that are within each other. So as you open one up there is a smaller one inside and it just keeps going smaller. The visuals begin to fade away and I get glimpses of people and places from ordinary life and I wonder why I am being shown this. Then this warm euphoria sets in, and I just cuddle up into myself and relax until I'm ready take another hit. he he.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 40230
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 10, 2005Views: 38,809
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4)

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