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The Last Getaway into the World of Drugs
by Smoker
Citation:   Smoker. "The Last Getaway into the World of Drugs: An Experience with GHB & GBL (exp40096)". Erowid.org. Aug 14, 2007. erowid.org/exp/40096

  repeated oral GHB
    repeated oral GBL


Let me start this tale by giving you a little background information: I'm 20 yrs. old, male in fairly good health (I like to think so at least) and very experienced with various psychoactive chemicals. I've tried tons of different substances ranging from the most popular (Weed, Shrooms, Acid, Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, etc.) to lesser known research chemicals (mostly stuff out of Shulgin's playbook: tryptamines and phenetylamines); It would take several pages just to list them all.

What really fascinated me about drugs when I first started using was this new world that they put you in where every moment can be enjoyed to the fullest and your being is a part of a bigger picture of events, a sort of 'destiny'. This was particularly true of substances such as 2C-I, MDA, MDMA, BZP etc. I felt an incredible connection with other people as well and saw everything in an extremely positive light. I believe this was due to the serotogenic action of some of these chemicals so 'empathogens' is what I enjoyed the most. My most favorite drug is still weed, however, something I find hard to live without.

When I first tried GHB I started out with a low dose (around 2.5g). Even though I started feeling slightly tipsy and more talkative within 20 mins. of ingeston the full effect didn't really hit me until about T+0:50. It was a cold spring day but I felt warmth all inside my body. The euphoria reminded me of a low-dose MDMA experience as well as alcohol but without any of the physical side effects. This was definitely something I could put into the same category as the aforementioned substances. The effects lasted around an hour and a half; the initial effects that is, as I decided (like any drug addict would) that its time to get up on another dose.

Since I didn't have a way to measure the dosages (I was in a public place, on my way home. Normally I wouldn't go out while under the influence of a new substance but since I live in Russia I just looked drunk as hell which is the norm here) I took small sips of it and waited around 30 minutes between them to make sure I don't overdo it. The effects were not as pleasant the second time around: it felt like I've already been in this intoxicated state for days! The effects leveled off to a 'plateau'. I did not have any problem sleeping and woke up feeling great the next day.

Since that first experience a lot of time passed and many more substances got marked off my 'to-do list'. Due to heavy drug use my brain chemistry altered a lot and many of my favorite chemicals began to have a different effect on me. MDMA 'lost its magic': even taking doses of 150mg+ only produced a strong stimulation and profound shaking which wore off in about 40-50 minutes. After that It felt like a low-dose methamphetamine experience, slightly more mellow and lasting only 3 hours.

Psychedelics lost their appeal also as I stopped getting any kind of visual hallucinations and was able to act completely straight even on high doses of acid, DOB, shrooms, etc. I also developed a huge tolerance to stimulants and decided to quit them, since I was starting to turn into a vegetable. For a while I thought that I would never be able to get back into this 'world' of pure bliss and euphoria until a friend of mine purchased a large amount of GBL.

Drinking it straight tasted really nasty and the effects were more 'stoning' than that of GHB but I was still pleasantly surprised that the euphoria was no less intense than my first experiences. There also does not seem to be a tolerance, as 2.5g of GBL would whoop my ass just the same every time even if used for 2-3 days in a row. It served as a substitute for most other drugs since I was able to dance, talk, etc as well as simply chill out. Thus, I realized that over time one gets to keep what's important and has to sacrifice everything else for whatever cause. GHB proved a 'keeper' and the only substance that still allows me to bring back the memories of my first drug experiences and how great they felt.

There is a marked 'after-effect' the next day; Feels somewhat similar to a mild benzodiazepine withdrawal with a lot of excess dopamine making me angry, restless, etc. I am always able to sleep very well while on GHB but as soon as the effects wear off in 2-3 hours I wake up and have trouble sleeping for the rest of the night. If I let myself come down first and then sleep, this does not seem to be an issue.

Aside from benzodiazepines (which I was addicted to for some time) and opiates, this substance is excellent for coming off stimulant highs. I've read reports that it does not combine well with BZP, but I found this combo to be OK for me: it does give you combined side effects from both substances but does the trick by relaxing you and relieving some tension (jaw clenching, etc). I also noticed that even though it relaxes me a great deal, it also prolongs the effect of stimulants.

Sex is fantastic when on G. Stamina might be a bit of an issue, however. Still, a great enhancer. Nootropics which are based on GABA increase the effect of GHB significantly, but allow me to be somewhat more alert mentally, which doesn't help me any if I'm swaying from left to right and puking every 30-40 mins.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 40096
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 14, 2007Views: 21,159
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GHB (25), GBL (89) : Combinations (3), Hangover / Days After (46), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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