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Scared and Sleepy
Citation:   Warpapostle. "Scared and Sleepy: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp39707)". Aug 1, 2007.

10 g oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Well my nutmeg experience begun on a teusday, a friend and I were bored and looking for a way to have some fun, we drove to all the local nursery's and garden supply stores looking for some morning glory, we had no luck. I think it is considered a weed here in australia. He drove me home and left, but I was still up for abit of mind altering action so I went online and came across nutmeg. I looked in my pantry and sure enough some was there, a whole 30g jar. After reading that 5-15g is enough to feel the effects, I tipped out a third happy with that being about 10g and went up to my room. I tried eating it with a spoon but this became ubearable, it really is an ordeal to eat, but I found when tipping the ground nutmeg under my toungue and then washing it down with milk it wasn't so bad, and so I consumed the rest of it in that fashion. The 10g took me 20mins to eat and I finished consuming it at 11pm Tuesday night. I tried to stay awake for the 5 hrs or so for it to kick in but at about 2am I fell asleep.

I woke up at 6:15 Wednesday morning, and everything seemed weired. Looking from behind the sheets of my bed it looked like I was watching a puppet show, and I was seeing people from my life as puppets in this show. Because of this I kept thinking that life is a puppet show and there is someone bigger and greater than us all pulling the strings. I'm not a religious person either. My mouth was increadibly dry so I decided to get a drink of water. I got out of bed and tried to walk. I felt like I was really drunk and struggled to walk in a strait line. I fumbled around the door for the handle before relising I wasn't in front of the door, I was actually just right of it. I found the door handle and walked to the bathroom and gulped as much water as I could. I looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes were red as hell and were almost closed, I looked and felt like I was really stoned.

I went back into my room and got back into bed. I was now cold, I started to shiver uncontrollably. For about 20mins I was shaking very hard, intil I put a jumper and two more blankets over me. I was starteing to freak out now, because I had to go out at 7pm that night for my aunties birthday. I kept thinking what all my family would think if they found out I was getting high of nutmeg. I decided to watch tv to take my mind of it. The tv shows looked fake and uninteresting, I couldn't enjoy them because they weren't real. I kept thinking of how much of a waste of time it was telling these people to do and say all these things for no reason.

As I lay in bed I felt like I was no longer part of my body, it felt like I was floating inside it, and it felt like I was floating at a right angle to my body. I started to shiver again and this time I felt like I was vibrating into another dimension, a dimension without the physical just the mental. This scared me so I jumped out of my bed and walk around my room trying to snap myself out of it. I sat on the lounge and looked out my window. The world was increadibly bright, and everything outside looked so distant and alien. I went back to bed I fell asleep about 9am.

I woke up again at 2 in the afternoon, still feeling fucked, albiet less fucked, really tired. I couldn't think or pay attention to anything, and speaking to people was a real effort. I kept losing track of what people were saying. My friend called me about 5:30pm, at first I couldn't tell who it was and thought I was talking to someone completely different. She was trying to organise going to the beach with my other friends, when she asked if I wanted to come I paniced and told her I would ring her later that night and quickly hung up.

At dinner, people would ask me questions, I would think about what I should say, but I would just end up staring at them and not answering. I told everyone I felt really sick and was comming down with something, so I don't think anyone suspected anything, except I swear the waitressess were plotting against me, they seemed to always be wispering and looking at me. I didn't order any food because I was sure they were going to do something to it, but I wasn't really hungry anyway. I went to sleep that night at 10pm, 24hrs later and still feeling it.

I woke up today (Thursday) a little bit spacey but pretty much fine. I still feel a bit seperate from the world but nothing unbearable. Overall not a bad experience, but not something I would call enjoyable either.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 39707
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 1, 2007Views: 6,503
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