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Coughs, Tears, and Paranoia
by yepyepyep
Citation:   yepyepyep. "Coughs, Tears, and Paranoia: An Experience with Cannabis (exp39427)". Jul 13, 2017.

  repeated smoked Cannabis


I had been smoking bud for several months, ever since 9th grade started. On new years day I went to my friends house who was a heavy pot smoker. We had a few hits early, around 11 in the morning. Then I had one hash hit a few hours later. After 3 hours one friend took a hit and started coughing seriously, but the there was a ton left of his hit so I thought that I would finish it off for him so I grabbed the bong.

I did and I couldnt stop coughing. I was crying and I left the room to breathe better, but it didn't help. I felt like I was gonna die because I couldn't breathe. Then I lay down for a minute and began to feel lightheaded. Everyone finished smoking and went downstairs. I tried to go down but every time I moved I wouldn't really move. The world felt like it was tipping one way but then suddenly it would tip the other way, and it wouldnt end. I sat down at the table but it was like I didn't even recognize my own friends, they seemed like they were characters out of a book or movie. It felt like nothing was really happening to me, like it was all a dream. And I was extremely dizzy, and it didn't help that my friends just thought I was crazy. This had never happened to me before.

Me and my best friend left about 30 minutes after I took the hit but it felt like it had been several hours. We got some food but it didn't even feel like I was eating it. Then my mom came and wanted to look at us and smell us because she thinks that I am always drinking, and a lot of the time I am. But everything was fine.

I went home and slept and then woke up and it was like all the same effects were still there, just tuned down a ton. I only took that hit yesterday and it was soooo scary for me. I thought I was gonna die. I'm still gonna smoke but I just hope that never happens to me again.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 39427
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 13, 2017Views: 712
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