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Agony, Pure Agony
Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
by Jo5H
Citation:   Jo5H. "Agony, Pure Agony: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) (exp39419)". Erowid.org. Jul 25, 2007. erowid.org/exp/39419

600 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


Aparently some people enjoy this drug, and some people don't. I was one of those who absolutly despised it. What happend to me isn't going to happen to everyone, but I will say I don't recommend it because if you do get the bad side effects, you'll know it wasn't worth finding out.

6:00PM CDT
I decided since I've gotten somewhat comfortable with OTC's with my frequent DXM use that something else was worth trying. I kept hearing about Dramamine from friends and how they experienced heavier visuals than they've had on anything else. I became curious so I searched the net for Dramamine info. Most people take a whole tube(12 pills, 50mg each) so I thought I'd do the same. It was 6pm when I took them, and I awaited the experience.

6:30PM CDT
I smoked a cigarette upstairs in my room. No cool effects yet, but I did get kind of drowsy.

6:45PM CDT
I felt extremely light headed when I got up to go down to my basement(my trip spot). Before I went downstairs I stopped and had a soda and watched football with my dad for a while in the living room. We had a short conversation about how the Badgers arent playing well.

7:10PM CDT
I began feeling VERY light headed. As if my skull was filled with helium, and if it wasn't attatched to me it would float away. I came to the conclusion I was too messed up to be around my dad, so I walked my way downstairs. Walking felt so weird. It was like there was little gravity, or too much gravity, I couldn't make up my mind which. I walked down the stairs, and opened the door and closed it. I looked over at the couch to see my friend Evan. 'How did he get in?' I thought. He whispered to me 'Hey man, you want some of this dex?'. He had capsules with pure DXM in them! I was stoked! He gave me 2 and I took them into the bathroom, opened a pepsi that was sitting in the bathroom and took them.

It was as real as anything that is real could be, but as I put the pepsi down it wouldn't land on the counter. I felt like I was getting it low enough to touch the counter but I couldnt feel it touching it. I looked up into the mirror and noticed my pupils were tiny. Smaller than I have ever seen them. I made my hand with the pepsi in it tighter, but felt my fingers touch and I made a complete fist. I thought I dropped the pepsi and I looked around for the mess I had made, but there was no mess. THERE WAS NO PEPSI.

I went into the other room to notice Evan wasn't there! I could have sworn I had taken that DXM, I could have sworn Evan gave them to me. I went upstairs to ask my dad 'Did Evan stop by at all today?' 'No, I've been home all day and I havn't seen him'. At that time I thought I was crazy. I needed a cigarette BAD from all that. I went upstairs into my room and saw an empty bottle of Dramamine. 'Oh I forgot I took that but there is NO WAY motion sickness medicine could get me that fucked up!'. At that time I wanted to think it was the drug, but I just couldn't believe it. DXM never did anything that weird.

7:45PM CDT
I reached for my pack of smokes and lit one up. It was as real as any other cigarette I have ever smoked, but my god it was gone before my eyes. I looked in my pack of cigarettes and realized I didn't have any left, and the one I smoked before the trip was my last one. At this point it was getting very weird for me, and I started feeling anxiety. 'What could happen next?' I thought to myself. I tried to calm down, but I couldn't.

8:00PM CDT
I went back into the basement panicing. I layed down and tried to relax. The TV was off, so I could see the reflection from the TV into the back of the room. As I looked in the TV I saw the reflection of a tall man in a trech coat, using hand signals to communicate with someone off in another part of the room that I could not see. I began to panic again. I saw a pair of scissors on the table so I quickly grabbed it and looked around the room prepaired(not really) for whatever was there. But once again, nothing was there.

8:20PM CDT
I calmed down and wrote all over my arm with a sharpie 'YOUR TRIPPIN, NOTHINGS REAL' so I would remember because I kept forgetting.

8:30PM CDT
I needed to take a leak real bad so I made my way to the bathroom. I looked at the light switch as I was about to turn it on to see a HUGE moth. One of those moths the size of my hand! Ran back into the other room in fear (I hate moths). I started biting my nails and noticed something written on my hand 'YOUR TRIPPIN, NOTHINGS REAL' it said. Then I remembered I was tripping haha. So I went back to the bathroom to notice the moth was gone.

I looked into the mirror after I pissed. It felt like there was something on the back of my head because I could feel it in my hair. I looked at the back of my head with another mirror to see a HUGE spider! I rubbed my head and all over in frustration. That time as soon as I saw it I remembered I was trippin. At that time I thought 'Ok, this is enough. I'm Done.' I figured since I was already very drowsy that I could just go to bed and sleep it off.

8:50PM CDT
I turn off the lights and climb into bed, still tripping hard. I am very uncomfortable, and I stuggled to find a comfortable position.

9:00PM CDT
I was VERY tired but still couldn't sleep because I couldnt get comfortable. My legs felt very strange, so I would have to stretch them with all my strength to make that weird feeling go away. The feeling would come back 10 seconds after doing it. I began to jolt in my bed violently. It was the most horrible thing ever.

9:30PM CDT
I am still violently jolting my legs in my bed, still can't sleep.

10:00PM CDT

11:00PM CDT

12:00AM CDT

That was the last time I even checked the time, but I'm guessing I finally fell asleep around 12:15-12:45. It was the worst experience of my life. For some reason a few months later I gave it another try. No hallucinations like last time, but the feeling in my leg happend again. It wasn't as bad, and I was able to force myself to sleep in a good 20 minutes. Still not worth it I don't think. At a point in both those trips I considered suicide because that feeling in my legs was unbarable. That's how agonizing that feeling was. I dont know what it was, but Im sure its nothing healthy. Since the first trip I've been scared for life. I learned that there is a difference between visuals and hallucinations.

Visuals=Things that are there, but are altered in some way. The walls moving, ground breathing, stretching, double vision, closed eye visuals.

Hallucinations=Things that just aren't there!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39419
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 25, 2007Views: 21,368
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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