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Beyond Euphoria
2C-T-7 & MDMA
by Leprechaun
Citation:   Leprechaun. "Beyond Euphoria: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & MDMA (exp3936)". Mar 28, 2001.

T+ 0:00
50 mg   MDMA
  T+ 0:20 50 mg   MDMA
  T+ 3:30 50 mg   MDMA
  T+ 3:30 10 mg   2C-T-7


I have heard it called the 'lucky flip', yet to me that phrase does not do the experience hardly any justice.

The experience was beyond overwhelming, with all reference points of ego lost during the peak. After all the bliss portion had passed, I definitely felt like I had pulled a Shulgin-style experiment, with mental burnt-out feeling.

LOCATION: Outdoor party. Quite a lot of people, however, many of whom were all good friends.

TECHNICAL SIDE NOTE: 2CT7 seems to block the effect of MDMA at the end of the 2ct7 experience. The one most primary theory is that serotonin re-uptake is blocked, on certain serotonergic neurons. However, after my experience, and having read others' experiences, the combination seems to play a great deal of havoc with whatever systems they bind/release. The tail end of the duo seems to indicate a great deal of damage to certain portions of the mind. Mental toxicity does seem present, which is definitely not a good sign, and a definite indication this combo could cause greater damage than MDMA alone. However, this is pure speculation, as it only comes from my experience. Minerals, vitamins and 5HTP were ingested, and did seem to minimize the toxic feelings.

+0:00h 50mg MDMA

+0:20h 50mg MDMA
The initial MDMA was great, light, euphoric, very theraputic, insightful and a bit too much for me to dance to as it progressed. Talking was honest and flowing. A great MDMA experience was had.

+3:30 50mg MDMA & 10mg 2ct7
After about 10 minutes I began to feel the intense rush of MDMA. Soon after I also began to feel the mild 2ct7 feeling. I cannot begin to describe the sheer euphoria and bliss that took over in the next hour or so, and continued till +10:00hr. As the initial blowup began, I could not stop writhing my body. All memories seemed to become distant, all point of self became irrelevant, boundries disappeared. I was blown to the focus point of bliss. I could easily come to clear my head, but why, the bliss I felt was so intensely profound that I let myself roll beneath the waves of pleasure that continued to pound me with increasing intensity. I began to moan with pleasure quite loudly, and I couldn't help but go with the flow.

I continued along this orgasmic feeling for about two hours, with the moaning getting louder and louder, with time seeming to get slower and slower. Soon after the two hours, the pleasure finally began to subside. Though my friends began to get worried after the first half-hour of my moaning so loudly that people curiously came to look over. At this point, a real world situation could be quite sustainable, with an ability to clear the head and deal with any situation. I do not want to encourage anyone to try this combination, though you will probably come to the conclusion that it is just too hard on the brain.

After about another hour of writhing outside in the rays of the rising sun, I began to bore of the pleasure, not because it was not intense, but because I began to feel very burnt out. I freely roamed the environment, which seemed bathed in quite a friendly vibe. Hugging and kissing strangers, meeting new people, a smile pasted on my face.

Concept dissociation very present, yet although it seemed quite insightful and useful, there was an air of toxicity about.

I was lifted by the happy feeling that was present. However, after a short meditation, I was once again brought into another altered state, one more appropriate to the 2ct7 psychedelic end of the scale. Things began to move and shift, colours spread and stretched between other colours. Concept dissociation is lessened, now things are more grounded in terms of pleasure, but idea interpretation becomes very focused, and I begin to read into all things said and done by others.

It feels like a bit too much, still all go, go, go. Things around me become forboding and confusing, sense of ego fortunately remains solid. This is too much to be around many people, I head down to a friend's tent to relax, and perhaps sleep. Sleep is impossible. Altered state of a phenomenonally strange kind grows at a comfortable rate. My field of view seems to be altered in an inexplicable way, my sense of self has moved a foot forward of my eyes.

Still building, now very uncomfortable. Two doses of GHB are ingested to calm the stimulant properties. This helps quite a lot, giving me approximately 2 hours of sleep. Upon waking, I feel more comfortable, though soon the psychedelic feelings return, though without as much intensity.

I would not do this anytime soon, perhaps a year or more in the future. It was just way beyond what I could imagine. I never thought you could get too much pleasure, well, I believe there is a saturation point. There were no memeries associated with the pleasure, I simply felt, pure, raw, pleasure of the godhead kind.

Keep the research going, I might talk to some pharmacists about the possible implications on the neurochemistry of the brain given this combination.


Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3936
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 28, 2001Views: 31,204
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GHB (25), 2C-T-7 (54), MDMA (3) : Large Group (10+) (19), Combinations (3)

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