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The Next Best Thing
by k-dog
Citation:   k-dog. "The Next Best Thing: An Experience with 2C-P (exp39325)". May 9, 2005.

10 mg oral 2C-P


It all started like it usually did.

9:30--Friends came over and we were on the hunt for bud or whatever else. I called a buddy and asked if he could get any bud, he tells me no, but he says I need to try 2C-P. '2C-P?' I asked. 'What the hell is 2C-P?' I asked. He tryed to explain it to me, telling me all kinds of technical stuff about it, saying its the new rave drug. I didn't really understand but I really trusted this guy so I knew I had to try it. I got 4 other people to try it with me. 20 bucks a pop.

10:50- 'd-unit.'

11:00--each of us finally recieved our dose. Me and three of the other 4 popped ours. The other waited for about 30 minutes, wasnt sure yet.

11:30-- last one popped his.

12:30-- I started to have a wierd feeling, kinda of how I feel before I trip on acid. Noone else is feeling anything.

1:15-- I lay on the floor upstairs looking up at the door frame. 'Funny how it stretches for miles.' I said aloud. 'What stretches for miles?' everyone else asked. 'The door frame, its stretching, very far.' I said. Everyone got pissed and walked away mumbling shit like 'ugh, he's messing with us, he isn't tripping.' believe me....I was definitly tripping, and very hard.

1:30-- one of the others starts acting extremly crazy. Getting very pissed off saying this stuff isn't working. I have never seen this person act this way, especially if sober.

So far I am tripping and someone else is very pissed off.

2:00-- person is still pissed off, I still feel like I'm candy flipping, but oh well. I start looking for the others, now I'm on the first floor and the pissed off person is in the bathroom upstairs. I look over and see that the back sliding door is open. I walk over and see my buddy outside just sitting there, crying. Wtf. I have never seen this kid. I walked outside. 'Dude, you gotta come in, you cant be out here like this.' I told him. 'Look up.' he said. 'Why.' I asked. 'Just do it.' he said. I looked up. Immidiatly every star started shooting down to me and in every other direction. 'Phew, I cant handle that, lets go in.' I said, as I looked down at the wood on the deck and it swirled in and out and moved around.

So we went in.

2:10-- back inside. Other person still upstairs. Two others downstairs. (keep in mind that 2 of the 5 of us have never tripped before and hardly anything else) me and my buddy head downstairs. I have to be honest, from here a lot of time is being skipped, I honestly dont remember what happened for a little while.

Around 3:00 maybe-- head on desk downstairs, music turned on, head right by speakers. The finished basement I sat in disapeared and was now a stage made out of the wood the desk was made out of. No one was around except three people at their own microphone kind of spread apart on this stage. Complete darkness around them and fog kind of shot out around everywhere. Then the music started and I was there watching, listening to my favorite group. Then it was all gone and I see fucked up people around the room looking at me like im crazy.

3:15- about 7:00-- all kinds of random stuff happened in this time period. The pissed off person was now upstairs with my buddy and was now tripping and acting very touchy, wanting things real bad as if on X. So they were gone for awhile. Now I was downstairs with my girlfriend at the time and another girl. They were very messed up.

Each person stood out big time, and the way I felt was unexplainable. By 7 or 8 I started to feel like I needed to get to the outside. It looked crazy out there. Like a whole new world. I remember going upstairs and looking at myself in the mirror saying maybe im ok now, maybe im back to normal. I opened the bathroom window and stuck my head head out. 'Ahhh, fresh air.' I said aloud. I looked down and every dead pea pod in my yard turned into worms and started crawling all over the place. Yanked my head back in, looked at myself in the mirror and said 'yep, still fucked up.

Around 9 or so-- finally getting away, ha. Your going to laugh. I'm headed to work. First day on the job. I get out there all fucked up and they tell me I need my I.D., I didnt have it. So they told me to just come back tommorow. Phew, luck. We kill time walking around feeling very wierd, killing time.

11:00-- we head to fridays to eat. Still very ummmm...not sober. Our server looked like a 50 year old rave kid and knew instantly that we were fucked up, im sure she didnt know what on, but she knew. I ordered a cherry sprite and man did she hook up the cherries, this lady is getting a good tip.

12:00 -- we leave fridays. We get in the car and we sit there for a sec. My friend turns on simon and garfunkel 'hello darkness my old friend.' as this song starts to plays hundreds of birds fly over his car and me and my buddy just start tripping out hard.

1:00--headed back to my apartment where all the girls were still really fucked up and acting cracked out bad. One was craving a cig real bad causing the other two girls to feel a little like they were going crazy. We get back and the girls have grafitied the desk downstairs all over trying to explain how they feel on what they took, along with the door, the wall, and a chair. So be careful, this drug may cause stuff to get destroyed.

I dont really remember anything too distinct after that. I do know that the three girls were very fucked up the rest of the day and me and my buddy felt it slightly strong the rest of the day, feeling slightly cracked out.

All I have to say is that this drug is going to get out. It is the 'new rave drug' if more people try this it will spread, believe me it will.

2C-P is in my head everyday, its definitly changed the way I view a lot of things.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39325
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 9, 2005Views: 18,715
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2C-P (305) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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