Taking the Stuff Like Meals
Citation:   last of the breed. "Taking the Stuff Like Meals: An Experience with Codeine (exp39263)". Erowid.org. Mar 30, 2018. erowid.org/exp/39263

  repeated oral Codeine (liquid)
My tryst with Codeine Phosphate


I abused codeine for maybe 3 years and finally through lot of grit and slogging and a wee bit of god send managed to pull through, not without lot of trouble though.

It began while I was doing my final year of engineering where there were all sorts of geeks and nerds. I got introduced to Corex a popular brand produiced by the Pharma Giant Pfizer. It was the misplaced 'cool guy' notion that made me take my first 1/3rd bottle (about 30 ml). There was drowsiness, dryness in my mouth and a urge to go on smoking and off course consume coffee.
The worst part of the deal was that it was easily available and did not leave tell tales like smell as in case of Alcohol,or blood red eyes as in case of Weed.

Thus started my trip with codeine and it graduated with me from engineering college to my professional life. In the highly competitive world of Indian IT industry, I found codeine a sort of solace after work.
In the highly competitive world of Indian IT industry, I found codeine a sort of solace after work.
I used to take initially one 100 ml bottle every night and things were ok for a few months.

Then I stepped up the ante to 1 1/2 bottles, and slowly the falling asleep part fell apart. In the sense it wasnt easy to fall asleep as it was before. (never realised whether it was because of the excessive smoking that accompanied these sessions or otherwise)Then started the feeling of constipation. I had shifted from night only mode to day and night mode. Nother one year I was taking the stuff like meals, morning afternoon evening. There were lot of other side affects like it'd take me 3 minutes to get the piss start flowing!!! Somehow I managed to cling on to my work without any major problems. Then happenend the worst incident of my life. In public I had a blackout or more of an epileptic bout (I was out for a full 5minutes with no recollection whatever)

While at a work meeting U can imagine how I must have looked. People looked at me starngely for months after the incident

A visit to a Neuro and fair deal of baiting fishing by him and I came out with the history of the abuse. How I managed to come out of the same I think I can write a book. Its a year now and I am still on antiepileptic medication

Obviously after having abused it for such a long time I am relieved now but the demons of self doubt do exist. Moreover the fear of what I may have aLREADY DESTROYED IN ME (vis a vis damage to kidneys etc ) scares me. Now I am sure after all what they say is true Refuse stuff like this first time, thats the only way

Exp Year: 2001 - 2004ExpID: 39263
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Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 30, 2018Views: 2,625
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