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I Love Dryl
by Ben-a-trippin Pro
Citation:   Ben-a-trippin Pro. "I Love Dryl: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp39252)". Apr 15, 2006.

20 oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)


I have ALOT of experience with dryl. When I first started taking it I was afraid of it, kinda, I just wasnt real big on intentionally overdosing on something to get stoned. so I would take like 4 of them and feel kinda stoned. Over time, taking these little pink pills became easier and easier and once I decided that I wasnt going to dead from it anytime soon I had some fun. I started working my way up little by little then one day I took 20 all at once, (usually I would take 3/4 the dose I was going to take, then take the other 1/4 about an hour later) benedryl is some crazy shit, its impossible to tell the difference between dream and reality.

It has been a while since I started taking this stuff, but from what I remember 4 - 8 pills (100 - 200mg) will give me minimal visual hallucinations in the corner of my eye and alot over sound hallucinations. 12 was usually always pretty good visuals and alot of sound, like people talking, only I am talking to them also, but not with my mouth. as soon as you vocalize something you 'wake up' from your hallucination.

Back to the taking 20 all at once, I downed 20 of thses pills drank my pop and sat my ass on this chair infront of my computer. I waited longer than normal for that one to kick in, I almost started thinking it wasnt going to work, boy was I wrong. About 2 hours after I dropped them and 1 hour after I got cotton mouth and all itchy the hallucinations start. First is was just the voices, then little stuff in the darkness morphing into whatever my imagination put there. The coolest looking fictional hallucination I saw was a yellow cylnder that moved like a snake with a black grid around it and the end of the cylnder that was facing me, the grid came out to form a mouth, I wish I knew how to draw so I could put it on paper.

Anyway, I knew then that it was time for these little pink pills to start doing their magic.

Everything started out normal, I would stare off into the darkness of my room and watch things appear before my eyes, sit there talking on the phone, set it down and it just up and disappear, talking to people that arent there, all the things I love about ben-a-trippin. Shortly after all this things started to get pretty intense. I didnt want to wake anyone up by going to the bathroom every 5 mintues so I started opening my window and pissing out the window. While im standing there pissin, (everything I saw from here on in is complete hallucination, my actions were very real though) I see my neigbor look up at me ( my room is on the second floor and our houses are very close) and he pointed and looked to be yelling. I paniced slammed the window shut and closed the curtain, by now ive lost all contact with reality and im in a completley different planet.

Time goes by and I look out the window to see if hes still standing there yelling, when I looked out I did it real stealth like, just pulled the curtain back and peeped. I jumped back about 10 feet and almost had a heart attack, there was someone standing there infron t of my window staring at me. I ran over to the wall I keep my paintball gun hanging on, charge the line, crept back over to the window and in one quick motion ripped the curtain down lifted the window and shot off about 15 rounds at whoever was standing there.

Needless to say he wasnt there when I was done shooting. I look down again and see my neigbor through his window with the light on in what looked like a kitchen, I sit there watching him for a few moments then sneaking up behind him someone with a knife came into the room and grabbed him ina headlock and looked as if he was going to cut his throat. I grabbed my sks and started down my steps to save my neigbors life. I got half way down the stairs and realized what I was doing, walked back up to my room, set the gun down, took the clip out and emptied it and stashed the bullets in my dresser, since I forget what I was doing and why I was doing it, so often on this stuff I figured id forget what I was doing before I ever found the bullets. I looked back out the window and everythign was back to normal.

I sit back down infront of my computer and begin browsing around the internet again when for whatever reason it was I looked out my back window and see someone tormenting my dog, and I love my dog, there isint anyone that is gonna mess with him and get away with it so I grab my paintball gun agian and start shooting whoever was messing with him. By now im trippin so hard that im not even tired anymore and I go outside to see the dog and make sure hes ok. I sat there talking to him saying that it was just me and him and we couldnt trust anyone else and we would get whoever was messing with him. Its the middle of winter and im wearing shorts and a t-shirt but I wasnt even the least bit cold because I was so worried about what was happeneing. I made my way back to my room, closed the door and layed down in bed, as I was laying there I looked at the door and had x-ray vision and because I was so out of it this made perfect sense to me.

Looking through the door I saw someone standing in my hallway with an uzi and it seemed as if he was waiting for me to fall asleep so he could kill me because I witnessed the death of my neigbor earlier so I grabbed my sks again and had a long enough attention span to get the clip and bullets that I stashed from myself, grabbed my paintball gun and woke up the next morning with the sks in one hand and the paintball gun in the other. My dog had a few blue spots on him too, poor thing, he was ok tho.

That was definatly the most intense thing I have ever experienced in my life. I have a hard time remembering most of that unless im stoned on dryl, kinda weird, im going to do some research on that too.

**Listening to music that has no vocals helps with the trip too. I like listening to Infected Mushroom, PGM and Spainard are the two tracks I start with, PGM being first, then I enque random tracks, also hallucinogen has a good cd called Twisted.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39252
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 15, 2006Views: 39,261
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Diphenhydramine (109) : Alone (16), General (1)

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