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Too Great, Too Perfect, Too Addicting
Oxycodone & Various
by The Interceptor
Citation:   The Interceptor. "Too Great, Too Perfect, Too Addicting: An Experience with Oxycodone & Various (exp38990)". Jun 23, 2007.

    Pharms - Oxycodone (daily)


This report is broken into separate parts- You can skip around if you like- They will be labelled as:

1. Addiciton
2. Withdrawl
3. Benefits, Positive things about Oxycodone (EFFECTS)
4. Oxycodone and forms of the drug- Oxycontin, Perocet, Roxicodone, etc.
5. Preparations (swallow pill, chew, insufflate [crush+snort])
6. Combinations with other substances (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, tramadol, cocaine, et al.)

I became addicted to Oxycontin for over a full 17 months- a minimum use of 40 mgs per day, up to and over 200 mgs per day- for that entire time! I think Oxycodone is the greatest drug in the world- It is too good however. I have become weaker overall since the first time I tried it- mentally weaker. I allowed myself to become addicted. I hated what I did to get my hands on more Oxycontin- steal from relatives, lie, buy pills from shady people....The typical horror stories DARE scared me with- But through it all I was able to maintain my 55 hour work week, having a very active social life, loving my family and doing things with younger relatives (taking them to sporting games, playing video games with them, giving them $20 for a good report card) and being courteous and nice to older relatives (stopping by to shovel their walkways in winter, take their garbage to the street every week, run errands, etc.) But, behind their back and to myself I was a liar and pathetic. I had to write that to let you know where this addicition took me.

Withdrawal is the worst part. If I went more then 16-18 hours without crushing at least a 10mg (most times it was two 20s for a 40mg dose) into a fine powder and snorting it....My arms would get so heavy and I would have absolutely no energy- Not enough to even walk up a flight of stairs. After a full day, I would have zero energy to the point that driving took all my energy from me. After two days, the diahrrea was horrific, and would last for three to four days. A heavy cold like symptom as well with the first 5 days of withdrawal- constant running nose, and the diahhrea- Im talking like 20 times a day, absolutely no control over my function- Had to stay home, couldnt risk pure liquid shit all of a sudden running down the back of my pants....It is sick and pathetic and thats what it brought me to. The sad part is- I went through withdrawl at least four different times- I always went back after two months the first time, then after a week, then after a long weekend, then after a two week vacation to japan. I have finally cleaned up my act for good, although mentally I wish I could get more sometimes- I think OCs feel just so damn good- Now, onto the good parts about the drug...Then I will go onto some combinations-

In addition to feeling really, really great, and lasting a very long time (I guess it is in the body for 12 hours)....Crushing & snorting Oxycontin pills really did help me become a more productive person...When I take Oxycontin it lasts very long- the body high and mental effects last at least 4-5 hours strong, and if taken at night, even the next morning I may have a nice lingering mild effect. The body high is great. Every square inch of my body just feels great- warm, tingly, like a mild tingly body high from really great quality marijuana. I get lightly itchy, and it feels good to scratch- especially the scalp. Mentally, I become a little sharper in low doses, cloudier in high doses. My energy levels skyrocketed- A speedy, productive buzz. I flew around work and got so much done, very well, in a very quick manner. I noticed other things to get done, and did them as well.

I found that they helped me at work, not only make the day fly by, but that productivity and creativity at work were enhanced. So, I started snorting one or two 20mgs before work, and then two or three at lunch, and obviously some for after work to play... Socially, I didnt go to bars or clubs as much after I started using very often, because drinking on OC is a NO NO!!! (more on that down a little further.) But, when I am high on OCs, everything is interesting. So, nightlife wise, doing anything or going anywhere was always entertaining. Being high on OC always makes me want to talk!!! I loved to call people or visit people, I just want to talk with people- I physically feel tremendous, I love life and the world, I have no problems, no worries, I just want to talk to friends or even strangers, because I love myself. I love everyone else, and the entire world.

It is perfect being on OC- I have a body high, I have tons of energy, I love life and every person, and I am super social. But, the problem is that it is too good- And so good, that I HAVE to do it again. and again, until it is every day. then every day becomes every couple hours. then if I run out, life becomes a living hell, and everything becomes dark and I HATE LIFE and am in such dope sickness that ending life would be the easiest best way out. To me they are a great, perfect drug. Too great, too perfect, too addicting.

Types of Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin, Demerol, etc etc.)
OK, OK, I know Demerol is not Oxycodone. It is a synthetic opiate which is supposed to be similar to the Oxycodone buzz. I never thought so. Demerol was close to starting to feel like OC- meaning that it began to get there, but never continued up and up. Also, I think Demerol is a complete waste of time, when I take it, it only lasts for 30 minutes, TOPS.

Percocet and Roxicet and Roxicodone: These are monster-ass pills that I have to chop and they arent good snorted. A big ass 5mg pill of any of the three above yields four fat lines, that have less than 5mg of Oxycodone in it TOTAL. still, I find there is a light rush. decent but NOT the Oxycontin high.

Oxycodone: The pure thing is still not the best. Oxycodone IR is OK- but I still need two or three 5mg pills to come close to the high from a single 20 mg OC.

Oxycontin: This is it. The best. 10mg pills were decent for me to start experimenting with. They burned slightly. 20mgs were what I used for over a year, every day. They felt amazing. Toward the end, I was able to buy two of the dark blue 80mg pills. They were great, but obviously cut and split. two 40mg lines, or three roughly 30 mg lines. Believe it or not, still prefer the 20s.

Tramadol: This is another opiate-like substance. Ultram pills. I find they are a pain to crush, but have a nice insufflation, and between 100-400mgs, they yield a very excellent narcotic-like buzz, similar to OC but different in a way. Ultram helped me get on stage in front of 250 people and do stand up comedy in NYC without being the slightest bit nervous.

Using a pocket knife, I always crushed the pills. I crushed and crushed and finely chopped and crushed more, til only a fine powder existed. Then, snorted. Insufflating, the Oxycontin hits me with a powerful buzz within 3 minutes. and last a while- 80mgs are covered in a dark blue wax type substance- I have to remove that before crushing.

The first time I tried Oxycontin, I swallowed and chewed about a dozen 10mg. *Now, first time mind you, I had a great time, but my eyes were very red and glazed, and my voice was hoarse. I had a very good time. Woke up with one of the worst hangovers ever. Threw up at the first stop sign I stopped at driving to work in the AM. Eyes were bloodshot- head pounding and spinning. I was really lucky I didnt die, because I had obviously Over-Dosed myself (first time, was an idiot, and kept taking them because once they kicked in, they felt good and I wanted it to continue and be even better- chew more and swallow more for good measure- so stupid, Im lucky I woke up that morning.)

Oxycontin likes to win. It controls my body and my mind. I makes me addicted to it physcially- I need it. Mentally, I become to think I need it to function and to have a good time. It also likes to control whatever other substance I mix with it.
The only really good combo is tobacco. I think cigarettes while high on OC are amazing. They almost seem to bring the buzz back on lightly- the way marijuana seems to bring on mushrooms again while I am tripping. but cigs are very mild and lightly do this- nothing tremendous. chewing tobacco is also enjoyable, to nicotine and tobacco are a great combo, and probably the only good one.

I think Tramadol works well with OC too- but can induce a nod and drowsiness easily.
For me alcohol is an absolute NO NO on OCs- a beer is the most I can drink without expecting repercussions. I will throw up if I drink three or more alcoholic bevs. More than 5, and I will probably be in the hospital, or a morgue. Not a good idea!
Marijuana is extremely intense. Not in a fun way. In a too stoned to function way. Sometimes that is fun, when it is from just marijuana. I find light doses of both ok though, but under no circumstances can I drive high on OC and marijuana.

I found Cocaine was weakened by OC- Oxycontin likes to win...and cocaine's effects were much weaker due to the OC liking to take over and try to make itself the only drug apparent.


Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 38990
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 23, 2007Views: 64,822
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Oxycodone (176) : Various (28), Addiction & Habituation (10), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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