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Morning Glory
by Psiberspider
Citation:   Psiberspider. "Experimentation: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp38687)". May 7, 2007.

  repeated oral Morning Glory (tea)
    repeated oral Morning Glory (extract)


This submission is to document experiences I have had in the past two months on the preparation techniques, physical effects, and dosages, of Ipomoea violacea (Morning Glory). I have been an avid user of Psychedelics for about 15 years, but was mainly limited to LSD, and Psilocybin, and due to the fact that these have become unavailable I looked for other routes to induce the mind set. Therefor I began doing research on the natural occurring substances that contained mind altering properties, hence, Morning Glory, due to the fact that it is readily available for purchase online in untreated form, and the amount received for the price paid is astounding (1500 seeds for $9.00).

So begins my decision to experiment with this substance. In October I placed an order with a company that provided untreated seeds (I do not recommend purchasing seeds from you local department store due to the fact that the may be coated with a pesticide or preservative which could make you sick), and purchased 1500 seeds. My order arrived within two weeks. That weekend I decided to begin my first experiment with these things and prayed that I wouldn't die.

I have reviewed all the documentation, and experience reports before I decided my dosage.

Listed on Erowid:
Light: 50-100 seeds
Common: 100-250
Strong: 250-400
Extreme: 400+

First report:
Start time: 7:00 p.m.

I bought a Coffee Grinder. I counted out 300 seeds and ground them to a fine powder. I mixed this powder with 16 oz. of Pure Spring water, stirred, then drank. There was pulp left in the bottom after the first glass, so added more water, stirred and drank, note: The concoction has a really nutty earthy flavor and I think is would palatable by most people.

I received the first effects within 15 mins. Slight nausea, started becoming sleepy, but I expected this because LSA is a depressant. 45 mins, I became really nauseated and vomited violently, but then the trip took off and I felt really good that I had purged myself of the sludge that I had drank earlier. The first thought I noticed was the lethargy of my arms and legs, when walking was like wading through water. Pupils became dilated, slight tingling in my hands, numbness to body, shrinking of the genitals.

Mental effects were slight confusion. Everything I look at is more pronounced, more colorful, but in all the hallucination were mild. I figure this to the fact that I regurgitated most of what I had swallowed, so I went out for the night and had a wonderful time outside for the rest of the journey. During the whole experience the physical effects overshadowed most of the night. Peak time was 3 hours, with a nice afterglow.

Total experience in hours: 6

To sum up this experience: Good experience if it wasn't for the physical effects, but I don't find it visually stimulating as what I thought it would be. Kinda of like taking a weak hit of LSD, but this could be due to the fact that I vomited. But I could definitely tell it was a Lysergic Acid experience.

Second report:
Start time: 3:00 a.m.
This was approximately 5 days later from the first experience and since I didn't succumb to any ill physical effects I decided to forgo the experience once again to try to achieve the place that I was trying to find.

I did more research on the Chemicals listed that are contained in the Morning Glory and found that there is a erogtine substance in the seeds which seems to be the cause of the tingling in the hands, so I was worried about the possibility of gangrene caused be a ergotine substance, but never ran across any documentation of this being caused by Morning Glory, only the ergot fungus on rye. So, I felt comfortable trying them again with a higher dosage.

I counted out 400 seeds and ground them in the coffee grinder and consumed them the same as the first time with the same onset within 15 mins, but after 30 mins, I made myself vomit up the rest of the sludge as the first time with good effect. Same physical effects were felt, but I will tell you that I went really far out this time.

The mental effect, and hallucinatory effects were great, but there is always the constant physical effect that kept intruding into the experience, which kept causing me to think that I was destroying my physical self each minute. This only lasted for about 2 hours though and then it was wonderful, colorful, music was great, and Television had a life of it's own. I would see people talking before I could hear the words, and sometimes the people I heard were speaking in a language that I didn't know. The trails from movement seems to last and halos were on ever light I saw. I went outside at on point but was so overwhelmed with visions that I had to recede back into my home for the fear that if I didn't I would go somewhere I couldn't come back from.

Peak time was 3 hours, and total experience lasted about 6 hours with a beautiful after glow. It was a beautiful experience to see the sun rise and from that moment I decide that I would do this little things again but thy to get rid of the nausea and physical factors involved with this substance.

In All: Very, Very great experience but the physical factor is extremely pronounced and I do not suggest this much for someone that isn't used to psychedelics as I believe this could make a normal user go crazy with the fear that they were going to die.

I noticed three things on this second journey. One: There seems to be something that is stuck in my throat when I come down. Two: I experience a tingling in my hands, and a leg cramp for 24 hours after. Could be due to the vasoconstriction with the ergotine substance. Three: Stomach feels as if I ate soap.

Third Report:
Start Time: 11:00 p.m.
1 week since last experience.

I felt that I would try the cold water extraction to see if it would help with the physical effects. This report is short because there really isn't much to say.

I counted out 150 seeds, ground in coffee grinder, put finely powdered seeds into a tamale jar and added cold Purified Water to fill the glass halfway, then added 1 oz. Icehouse beer. Let the mixture sit for 1 hour, shaking jar every 10 minutes.
Let contents settle after 1 hour then poured of the liquid leaving a sludge of pulp in the bottom of the glass.

Drank mixture. This infusion started acting upon my system immediately. Full effects start in about 20-30 minutes. Absolutely no nausea doing it this way but there is a felling in my stomach like that of drinking soap. Still got that lump in my throat this time, too. In All the visuals were slightly pronounce, colors, pronounced, music sounded pretty good, extreme cramp in left leg, hands tingling so bad it is hard to handle. I feel this was a waste of perfectly good seeds and thought I wouldn't try them again. I figured I have done too many seeds in such a short time that this is way I am having such a extreme effect of physical complications.

Fourth Report:
3 weeks since last use:
Start time: 3:00 a.m.

I counted out 250 seeds, ground to a fine powder in coffee grinder, added fine seed powder to tamale jar and added 16 oz. Purified Water, and added 4 cubes of Ice. Let mixture soak for 3 hours shaking jar every 20 minutes, Poured off water, leaving seed sludge in bottom of jar.

Drank mixture in 10 min intervals. Couldn't finish all of it because I started tripping before I could so I stopped where I wanted to be. This time there were absolutely no physical effects other than Dilated Pupils. No tingling in my hands, no cramps, still have the lethargy and drowsiness, but the visuals were great, the whole experience left me in awe of this substance and I think I have found the way this is suppose to be consumed. Peak time was 3 hours, lasting 8 hours.

In All: Wonderful but I would like to up the dosage in the future to about 350 seeds. I figure that is my limit but I will try 300 first to see the effects on that dosage.

My Recipe:

Get a Jar(Tamale or Mason)
Grind them in a coffee grinder
Add to 16 oz. Purified water
Add some cubes of Ice
Let mixture set for 3 hours
Shake Jar ever 20 minutes
Pour Liquid Off into a drinking vessel
Discard Seed Sludge
Then Drink mixture
(Warning) Taste like Shit
Slightly Nauseating

Lysergic Acid Amide is A Schedule III Controlled Substance in the United States. Although it is legal to obtain these seeds.

12/04/04 3:02 p.m. EST

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38687
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2007Views: 36,196
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