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Lying in a Bathroom Stall
DXM with CPM
by Mockilock
Citation:   Mockilock. "Lying in a Bathroom Stall: An Experience with DXM with CPM (exp38427)". Jul 3, 2007.

8 tablets oral DXM (pill / tablet)


[Erowid Note: Most Coricidin contains CPM (Chlorpheniramine Maleate) which can be dangerous in high doses. See DXM Brand Warnings for more info.]

I was having a horrible day and figured well this day possible couldn't get any worse, but it could. I arrived at school like normal but I was in a very strange mood. I was just angry at every one and wanted to escape for a little while. So in the beginning of my 1st hour class I ask a guy friend of mine if he had anything to make me feel better because I wanted to try something new. So he gave me a sheet of Coricidin Cough and Cold pills. There are 8 in a sheet.

During my 2nd hour class I finally said Oh what the hell! And started popping the pills one by one. After taking 4 of them I lost count and just took the rest. Which were just 4 more. It was around 9:15 am. But I didn't start feeling anything till my 4th hour psychology class. I had told one of my friends who frequently has used drugs and popped pills before what I had done. She said I hope you have fun and she started braiding my hair.

All of a sudden I started to feel extremely happy like I was the happiest person alive. For some reason I then turned around and said 'If I suddenly get up and walk out that means I have to go puke' just as I said that my face became really warm and my ears became tingly. The same feeling I get when I normally am drunk and have to puke. So I got up and tried to calmly walk to the bathroom, which wasn't to far away. I just got up out of my seat and open the class room door and walked to the bathroom. I was noticing that my vision was in a sense tingly and I was having a hard time walk a straight line but I made it anyway.

As soon as I walked through the bathroom doors I stuttered to the last stall, which was for the handicap kids and lay down on the floor. My stomach hurt so bad that I just wanted to puke but I was always afraid of puking so I just lay on my side and moaned quietly so other people wouldn’t here me. I rolled around a bit but nothing seemed to make me feel better. I turned to lie on my back and elevated my legs by resting them on the toilet seat. Soon I saw my friends shoes come walking through the bathroom door and my friend came in to see how I was doing and I told her just to leave me be and I would be fine in a little while. She demanded that I get up and go back to class, but I told her I was too sick and feeling nauseous so I just needed to lie down.

She pulled me onto my feet and started walking me toward the mirror and out of the bathroom but as soon and she let me go I stumbled back to the spot from where she found me. I just told her to go and get my backpack because I was going to go to the office and call home for some one to come get me. But the sad fact was that I could barley walk by myself let along walk 50 some feet to the office and look half way normal to ask to use a phone to call home. So I just lay on the floor and waited for this horrible stupid mistake of my to pass and things to become normal again.

Then it started getting scary. I suddenly felt my heart slow way done. Like it didn't even beat for a while and then I was having a hard time breathing but that wasn't even the worst of it. I tried to sit up a bit and it felt as if I was riding a roller coaster going up and down and so I just lay back down on the floor. Suddenly I felt like I was burning up. I was so hot that the cold bathroom floor was felling really nice.

I went to feel my forehead and there was sweat dripping off of head. So I lifted up my sweatshirt and noticed sweat dripping off my stomach and chest as well. The hot spell lasted for about a minute or two until I suddenly became extremely cold. I was freezing and I had nothing to warm up with. I felt like I was put in a freezer and left to die. I was praying for death to come at this point because what was I going to do now. I couldn't not take the pills, because they were already passing through my body like liquid ice. Then my heart rate began to pound out of control. It was like I was getting ready to take off and fly the hell out of my body. I was so miserable that I just prayed that the school principle would come and find me and help me. I just wanted some one to help me because I had had enough.

During my time lying on the floor kids would come in and go to the bathroom and soon they started noticing someone was lying on the floor in the very last stall. At that time I couldn't really talk because I felt so nauseous that I just wanted to sleep it off but I couldn't sleep. I was so scarred. Finally some kids had reported a girl lying on the floor in the bathroom and help finally came.

The principle looked under the stalls and noticed me. But I was actually starting to feel better. So I just said I felt sick and wanted to lay down a little while longer. But she just said 'Can you open the door?' which I did. She said, 'Get up and follow me' she was so strict sounding that I had no choice but to do what she said. To my amazement I was not all there. I would barely stand up and had a hard time following her to the schools sick room. While I was following her I was noticing my eyelids were twitching and flickering and I cold barely see. I was like sedated and very sleepy.

I got into the room and laid down on the bed I was shown and was covered with a bright orange blanket that was oh-so-warm to my body. They started questioning me 'Are you on anything? What did you take? How much did you take? Who or where did you get it from?' Of course at first I couldn't answer them because I was delirious to what was happening.

It was like a very long and very real dream that I honestly wanted to just end. The good part was that I didn't feel so nauseous anymore but I felt like I was going to shit my pants. So I asked if I could use the bathroom and it felt like I was crapping and pissing my guts out. Like my body was getting prepared for death and everything was coming out of me.

I walked back to the bed and they checked my heart rate, which was beating 125+, beats a minute and my blood pressure was quite high as well. The school nurse told me I would have been better off just puking and getting the crap out of my body, but their was no cense in me doing that anymore. The drugs had already in me for 2 hours, so I just had to stake it out and be cool because I had made a horrible mistake.
The principle finally said 'I’m not fooling around with this anymore” so she called in an ambulance. She couldn't get a hold of my parents at first because my mom had no way to reach a phone, so they called my dad from work and he was rushing 60 minutes to the hospital where I was being sent to.

I kept saying I’m so stupid over and over again, so everybody could hear me. Really, how stupid was I? The vice principle came in to check my eyes out and I had a hell of a time trying to focus on the tiny light that he was shining into my eyes. He told me to follow the light and it was so cool. The light was like moving in slow motion and I was like in a trance. Everything was in slow motion. It was such a bright pretty light and I wanted to have one of my own to play with.

I was finally out of my 'bad trip' and going into a good one. They measured my pupil size on a little chart and said it was extremely large. It was like a number 3 or 4; what ever that meant. I could barely understand what every body was saying but I eventually got the picture that I was going to be carted away by the paramedics.
You know, that’s all I really wanted was to get brought to the hospital! Being sarcastic! There was nothing I could do about it now!

So the paramedics soon arrived and they took my temp, blood pressure, and pulse and hooked me up to a heart monitor. I was put onto a stretcher and carted out of the school. As I was rolled past the schools office I noticed my 4th hour teacher looking at me in the stretcher. He looked so worried and disappointed at me. I felt horrible that I had done this to myself.

As I was put into the ambulance they strapped me in and started driving away. Some nice lady talked to me the whole way to the hospital, which was about 15 minutes away. We talked about her pet rabbit and other things that mean nothing at all.
We soon arrived and I was lifted out of the ambience and rolled into the ER. Since I was conscious they didn't rush me into my room but they causally rolled me into my new destination. It was a small area with light blue curtains and I would be there for the next 4 hours and to tell you it wasn't fun at all. The poked me with a needle and drew lot of blood out of my poor little arm. I was normally afraid of needles but this time I could look at it in my arm and say COOL.

Then another nurse came in to question me on my motives of taking the pills and what
I took and how many I had taken; to see if I could remember. Which of course I knew the answer to every one of their questions. I was questioned by so many people that eventually I just wanted to be left along. The doctor came in to talk to me and told me that my parents had arrived and then he talked to all 3 of us just to catch them up on what had happened and how I was going to be perfectly fine in the end.

Then everyone left and I was left alone so I demanded that there be some one I could talk to so I wouldn’t have to be alone with nothing to do. Because I swear I was going to go insane if I was left along anymore. So they sent in a counselor to talk to me and he tried find out why I had done the pills and how is my life at home; all those stupid questions. He kept asking if I felt safe at home and I was just getting pissed off more and more with all the stupid questions, but I couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything because I was hooked up to all these monitors. So I cooperated and eventually got out of there. When I walked out of there I still felt high and my mom just had to ask, “Well how does it feel to be high?” If she only knew!

I remember my horoscope saying earlier that day, “Don’t do spur of the moment” Maybe next time I will listen to my instincts. The sad part is I have been wondering if I will try them again and would I be able to stop myself next time?

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38427
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 3, 2007Views: 48,971
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