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Dosed by Kids
by Tom
Citation:   Tom. "Dosed by Kids: An Experience with Datura (exp3824)". Dec 3, 2000.

7 flowers oral Datura (tea)
I am 27 yrs old and i do alot of venturing to the astral plane without the use of any drugs. i was looking for something to open my mind even more ... I am friends with the neighborhood Teens and they told me of a flower that was growing in a neighbor's yard that they boil and drink to get high.....They told me i should try it so i did...they showed up that night with 7 fully blossomed flowers they were calling Angel Trumpets...they warned me over and over that the dry cottonmouth that occurs is severe and to have plenty of water around....they boiled the flowers in about 3 cups of water ...i added a shitload of sugar to it, filled a large mug with ice and poured the elixer into it... it was very yellow, like piss.... it tasted fine with a wierd aftertaste.... they didn't want any for themselves so i drank it down rather quickly....

Upon finishing they informed me that they had only had one flower when they got high....i immediately started to freak....i ran to the pc, got online and tried to research Angel trumpets asap.....

then it hit body started feeling was almost numb....i started getting a very dry mouth....i mean BIG i tried to chug water....i tried to walk but i kept crashing and i mean CRASHING was as if something was slinging me around....throwing me into walls.....i could not walk....i was falling over everything....i crashed for the last time in the middle of the floor..passed out... i had not hallucinated.... i woke up in the AM to my alarm clock... i had to be at work.... when i woke up there were 5 mentally insane, deformed, mutated small people on my couch staring at me.... they would not speak they would hiss at me.... i thought they were real. i went to get my shot gun and they started to disappear. i saw a lady with no arms or legs ...but it was my lamp.... the hallucinations were crazy. i drank the potion down at about 10pm that was now 7am and i was seeing everything.... i could go on and on about what i saw but i feel its irrevelant... i hallucinated in my car driving to work [Erowid Note: It is extremely dangerous and irresponsible to drive while under the influence of a deleriant such as Datura. Don't Do It!] ... i work at a desk all day by a window.... i hallucinated till around 3 pm that day.... my eyes were dilated severely... they still are and its 3 days passed.... oh yeah... i woke up in a puddle of blood... my hands and feet were cut... and i have a 50 cent piece size chunk out of the right side of my ass.... some sort of a puncture..... i have no idea how i cut myself..... the best thing that has come out of it is the fact that i know what is going to happen about 3-5 minutes in advance.. i can see stupid things that are of no big meaning before they happen... the thoughts just appear in my head.... then they happen...

i feel i had a major overdose and that i am lucky to be alive.... my body is pretty torn up and i have no recollection of how it happened... also the day after i could not remember anything short term... that was annoying... and my dog eyed me down when i awoke, he seemed like he wanted to growl at me. he was acting very wierd.... oh yeah...i had managed to get to the bathroom in the midst of being thrown around... i tried to puke but nothing came up.... i had thought that i was going insane that morning.... but now three days past i feel fine....


Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3824
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 3, 2000Views: 15,310
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Datura (15) : Various (28), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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