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Is There Anybody Out There?
Passion Flower
Citation:   Penguins 3rd Leg. "Is There Anybody Out There?: An Experience with Passion Flower (exp38191)". Dec 11, 2007.

1 hit smoked Passion Flower (plant material)
  1 hit smoked Passion Flower (plant material)
  1 hit smoked Passion Flower (plant material)
  1 hit smoked Passion Flower (plant material)
  1 hit smoked Passion Flower (plant material)
  1 hit smoked Passion Flower (plant material)
I became interested in passionflower around 1996 when I purchased a large bag at a festival. Me and a few friends smoked it over the course of the next few weeks, but I don't recall any major effects back then (other things were being smoked in copious amounts).

Fast forward to 2004 and I see a big bag of passionflower 'dryed aerial parts' in my local health food store. When I got home I smoked some and immediately remembered the taste from when I had smoked it in 1996. The taste is pretty reasonable (makes a good cannabis or tobacco substitute in times of need), the trick is to pick ALL the bits of stem out and chop/grind it finely.

When smoked (1-2 hits) it has a mild effect, it is very hard to put my finger on what it is I am feeling, but it is definately 'mind expanding' in that my 'field' of vision and consciousness feel, well, expanded, wider.

Increasing doses:- The human bunny-pig ;->

Brew a tea 1-2 tablespoons (don't be shy now, it is mild)

Make say 2 cups of tea from this, a few drops of lemon juice or a teaspoon of honey would be the most I would add (except other herbs) as it has a strangely refreshing taste.

The tea by itself is quite nice, sip as needed. The tea will also increase the effects of many other common drugs. Psilocybin has a definate synergy with passionflower, the visuals seemed very intense for dryed and frozen shrooms that without passionflower were a very mental affair (shrooms stored for six months, half dryed, half frozen, less potency, psilocin etc).

Smoking some passionflower after having a cup of tea is the way to obtain maximum passionflower effects. Mildly mind expanding, odd yet entertaining visual distortion, space/time undulation etc.

I smoked a salvia/passionflower combo once, I had intense, salvia fog/plant/ice shard/fourth dimension type visuals. Definate synergy there, but not necessarily a good one. Read up on peoples amanita/salvia or MDMA/salvia time loop ordeals, you will get the picture (nowhere near as heavy, nor the duration), it is lucky I anticipated something like that could happen and didn't have salvia extract, only leaves.

Overall I would rate passionflower as a herb (well, vine actually) that many people could find a use for. At $5(Aus) for 50 grams (or raid my friend's vine) it is well worth the minor expense.

I will now perform a qualitative analysis:-

Prep: me, study, waterpipe, five 'cones' worth of passionflower. (In Australia bowls = cones, bowls are the thing you chop up in)

Hit 1 - taste reminiscent of blue lotus mixed with cannabis leaf. Mild awareness of my arms? Logic not quite as strong.

Hit 2 - same taste as above, my water pipe may be tainted... Mild buzz.

Hit 3 - definate effects, had cough, headspace similar to cannabis. Body very calm, focussed. (often after smoking passionflower, I notice my gaze becomes fixed on an object (eg. plant, t.v, computer screen)

Hit 4 - taste improving. Feeling 'sedated', arms heavy, mind shifting with eyes open or closed (it feels like my brain is sliding down a hill or something)

Hit 5 - taste good. Didn't probably need that hit, confusion typing. Definate mind shifting, heightened visual/peripheral awareness. Opposite of stimulant, the world seems slightly faster, or I feel slower. Definate warm fuzzy 'mind cradling' similar to cannabis. Good couch material.

Hit 6 - the bonus hit. Well, I would rate this after Salvia and Cannabis for smoked effects, definately mixes well with cannabis. Stronger than Damiana, skull cap etc mixes well with those also.

Usual disclaimer:- Well , passionflower is legal, and relatively safe if used in moderation. It is a mild MOAI inhibitor and contains glycosides so I would do some research before indulging. After six months or so of moderate usage (once per week average), I don't feel any worse-for-wear. I stick with the natural, dryed plant and don't waste my time and money on commercial extracts or pills as I can't see them being anywhere near as effective.


Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38191
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 11, 2007Views: 51,352
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Passion Flower (121) : Alone (16), Preparation / Recipes (30)

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