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Freezing on a Hot Summer Night
Dimenhydrinate & Caffeine
by M.M.
Citation:   M.M.. "Freezing on a Hot Summer Night: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate & Caffeine (exp37681)". Jul 30, 2007.

22 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
  2 tablets oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)


This was my first serious trip. I heard about dramamine as a hallucinogen while at a camp in CO. A couple of my friends there ate a bunch and they were visibly fucked up for at least 16 hours. I decided to try it for myself a few weeks after returning home with a few friends. The first time I ate 18 and smoked a bunch of shwag, but passed out cold before feeling anything. I do remember briefly waking up and seeing a shadow through the door to my buddy's porch and I 100% thought it was a very tall person just standing there casually, but I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. Then a friend figured out we should take something to keep us awake and do it the next weekend.

We went to my friend's soccer game and then a group of 4 of us went back to his house and ate them with no-doz around 10pm. We sat around and had a typical night of hanging out, smoked some buds, probably stole a beer or two from his Dad's fridge. It was a good atmosphere for this serious of a trip and I think that was really important. I don't know how much time passed, but after a little while a sober friend that had stopped by started cracking up and said 'What the hell is wrong with him?' I guess I had been intensly staring at him for like 10 minutes. That's when I realized I wasn't just stoned. The odd thing about this drug is I have no concept of reality. After the sober kid left we were all sitting around watching the tv and of all things to break the eerie silence, one of my friends suddenly threw-up on the carpet, he had been under the weather before taking them. It was kind of weird, but probably didn't get the reaction it should have had we been straight.

He went back to a bedroom so we went back to make sure he was alright and he was so no harm done. I have to make one quick correction, there was one other sober person there who was into getting high, but chose to take the night off. So he was talking to us but every time I said anything everyone would start laughing and I had no idea what was going on. After what seemed like twenty minutes of this, I finally had to ask and they said I was making no sense at all. Everything I was saying sounded like a perfectly rational respose but I was really incoherently babbling about other things. That is one very strange feeling, having everyone in a room staring at you dumbfoundly and nothing you can say to make sense of the situation will come out. I might as well have been speaking a different language.

At this point it had been a few hours and it was getting really late/early so we retreated to different rooms to try to get some sleep. I stayed in the family room and fell asleep for maybe 15 minutes on and off for the rest of the night which was the craziest part of the trip upon looking back. I would get up and accidently step in the pile of puke next to the chair from my friend ealier (I guess we didn't clean it for whatever reason) but I couldn't think to care. I had a pretty heavy duty robot-walk and I know I was roaming around the hallway of this basement where we all hung out but I'm really not too sure why.

At probably 3 or 4 am I decided to go outside because I saw a huge group of friends from school and one of the office counselors standing around my buddy's trampoline. Luckily his house is secluded in the woods, or this could have been a bad situation. I was freezing and seeing my breath, but as I'm writing this, it doesn't seem too logical because it was a hot September in Indiana. hmm... Anyways, I took off my shoes and the T-shirt I was wearing under my sweatshirt and then returned to the group by the trampoline. Yes, I was cold so I took clothes off, another thing that makes no sense.

They were all talking about jumping on it and there was all sorts of comotion, but I kept insisting 'We can't get on the trampoline now, we'll wake his parents up!' briefly during that I had a view of me standing at the edge and talking but I saw no one was there. Literally, I was looking at myself from behind. The next major hallucination was a friend whom I had just met from my school talking to me about skiing, but I blinked and he was all of the sudden a good 150yards out in the woods. I walked out there (still in my vomit drenched socks) to continue the conversation, but when I got to him he once again moved, this time back to the porch so I walked back. This sequence happened at least another 3 or 4 times until I decided he must have to get back home being so early and all.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I think I got some more sleep but it was very restless. I thought I was pretty much sober so I drove home at 7am but once gone I started feeling a lot of anxiety about talking to my parents. I could have sworn that my mom and sister were sitting in the car with me asking why my pupils were so dialated and I carried on that conversation for a few minutes but at this point I was at least sober enough to know that couldn't be right. Unfortunatly I couldn't figure out which key to use so I had to have my parents unlock the door.

'Hi Honey, why are you home so early. And why are your pupils so dialated? Rick [dad], come take a look at this.'

The best excuse I could think of was 'They aren't, and anyways it's dark in here.' My dad is a pretty cool guy, I'm pretty positive he has known when I've been messed up a few times but didn't say anything to my mom. Even he said 'Well, I have to say, you do not look right.' I looked at the mirror and I definetly looked FUCKED up. They let me walk away to go take a shower because I told them I was not feeling well and that's why I left so early. I was still seeing bugs and things that were not there for the rest of the day, but I didnt look so bad anymore so I just layed on the couch and buried my face in books all day so they couldn't see my eyes. I had to catch myself once right before dinner because I saw a swarm of gnats flying around in the kitchen and almost said 'What are all these gnats doing in here?' but right as it was about to come out I stopped and thought wait, those might not be there and they disappeared just like that.

I still saw little changes in light and flickers out of the corner of my eye through most of monday at school and would periodically turn around really fast in study hall but I don't think anyone besides my friends who knew about my weekend thought anything of it. It was surely one of the craziest things I have experienced but not necessarily bad as I look back. It took a few months to analyze the night and thats when I realized the things I saw were not there. I'm writing this a few years afterwards and still realizing some of the things I thought were reasonable, were in fact hallucinations. I have yet to trip like that again and really had no interest in another dramamine experience until just the other day. In a lot of ways I want to try it again, this time knowing what im in for and without having to talk to parents.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 37681
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 30, 2007Views: 12,298
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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