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Sublingual Ball of Energy
by insight
Citation:   insight. "Sublingual Ball of Energy: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp3740)". Jul 23, 2001.

8.0 mg sublingual 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


I planned on using Foxy for heightened energy and social awareness while at a party. General upbeat happiness and increased sensuality similar to MDMA were expected.

5MEO-DiPT 8mg PO in a gelatin capsule were ingested by a friend. At 1.5 hours there were no effects. I decided that the sublingual route might be more effective. Both myself and my intrepid friend(the one who 1.5 hours earlier had swallowed an 8mg capsule) endured precisely 5 minutes of extreme bitterness (though I thought there was a slight cherry flavor at the very begining). At the end of 5 minutes we both swallowed the miserably acrid saliva. At 15 minutes post swallow we were at a house relaxing on sofas in front of a TV with others who were unaware of our psychic journey. My friend and I exchanged glances confirming something was happening.

Perception was not altered, but there a small amount of increased energy slightly inappropriate for the situation. In conjuction, my mood was elevated subtly so that I was inclined to smile (though I did not have to) and if asked, I would have remarked that I was happy. The energy which I would describe as pent up as though air expanding in a sealed can seemed to emmanate from my midchest as opposed to my cheeks where MDMA seems to live. My heart rate was low and there appeared to be no effect on my heart throughout the entire experience despite the origin of this energy being the left substernal border. It was obvious that the enrgy was going to continue to build and I knew that the conversation was not going to be able to hold me down much longer.

I noted that my friend was speaking with the others somewhat tersely and from a half standing position as though he were about to get up. We excused ourselves and decided to take a walk around campus. The house felt containing though there was no sense of claustrophobia. As we walked we spoke in snippets as though annoyed that we had to speak or annoyed that we could not communicate in some more efficient way. The energy was becoming unbearable in a purely physical sense. I felt as though I needed to sprint around the race track as fast as possible. It was an almost nihilistic desire. I experienced some muscle fasciculations alternating with some pleasureful (not sexual) shivers/goosebumps. Each shiver seemed to occur with an almost overwhelming wave of happiness which made me close my eyes. Walking was a little difficult because of the sense that I needed to burn down or use up the energy by bolting/flying/screaming/ or even, absurdly, by uprooting a tree. By now the energy though mostly substernal had spread everywhere and I remarked that I felt as though I could shoot rays of this energy out of my fingertips.

By now interaction in a socially structured situation where people were not in on our little secret would have been difficult and maybe even dangerously frustrating. Yet, the fact was, we had (possibly wrongly) planned on bending the effects of the substance to our will so that we could use it to enhance our experience at a party. We opted to sit down on a bench in order to experiment with focusing and attaining control over ourselves. After a few seconds the muscle fasciculations (2-4 quadriceps and paraspinal fasciculatios/minute) begged us to pay attention to the energy and to get back up and move. If I had to guess the stuff was probably working somehwere in the basal ganglia and causing acute akathisia(medical term for the muscular discomfort and need to move) similar to (perhaps ironically) the Dopamine Type 2 antagonist anti-psychotics such as Haldol. Anyway, the second reason it was difficult to walk was the intermittent sense of light-headedness. Interestingly, (and I had forgotten about this until just now) neorleptic drugs such as Haldol can cause acute hypotension (low BP) and this may have been the cause of our light headedness. So we remained on the bench for a few minutes and realized that try as we might, we could not get our minds around the stuff. We were the substance. It was a blanket we were enshrouded in, an ether suffusing all crevasses and gyrae (or maybe just the basal ganglia) of our brains. The akathisia became more than annoying after an hour and both of us would have liked nothing better than to make it go away.

Finally, after 3 hours it wore off to the point that we could interact with our friends at a bar. A beer seemed to be the final straw for the little ball of energy which soon after the second beer warmed, flickered, and finally went out, allowing me to relax. Twenty-four hours post dose I am still feeling afterglow like effects similar to MDMA. The afterglow is pleasant company and gives everything a slightly happy flavor.

As an afternote/warning there are some things to think about:

If one continues in the analogy to D2 anatgonists this drug could predispose people to acute dystonia, oculogyric crises, reduced seizure threshold and even neuroleptic malignant sydrome. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome is deadly, often heralded by muscle rigidity, temperature to 107, can develop up to 72 hours post dose, and can last up to 14 days. Dantrolene and bromocruptine are used to help relieve the symptoms of the syndrome, but immediate hospital care should be sought. Of course Foxy could be working on a completely different neurotransmitter system in the brain and have no relationship whatsoever to neurolpetics. I am tempted to allude to Occam's Razor and stick with my empirical neuroleptic hypothesis. You have been warned. (I'd be remiss if I didn't end with noting that it was an interesting and enlightening substance!)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3740
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 23, 2001Views: 30,292
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