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Whole Lotta Wow
by Wizilson
Citation:   Wizilson. "Whole Lotta Wow: An Experience with LSD (exp3739)". Dec 25, 2001.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:00 2 hits oral LSD (pill / tablet)


I wouldnt classify this one as a bad trip, just a little too intense. Ive tripped many times in the past, and all have been truly beautiful experiences. But something was different about this one. Maybe it was the fact that 3 or 4 different versions of Satan morphed out of a single cloud in less than a second, Or the feeling of having my brain boiled from the heat of a wood stove (lots of audible bubbling and popping on that one) And who could forget my friend Jeff's foot getting stuck to the floor or the sight of a lake moving at a hyperspeed, previously unfathomable to any of us. Universes collided, personalities were distorted, any tie to reality was severed. For christ's sake, Jim, Our world was vanishing and we all knew it. In a nutshell, things got pretty sketchy.

The night was perfect for a full bore sensory overload frenzy. It was friday the 13th, the moon was full, and we were all in the mood to get downright wacky. The setting was a rustic cabin in the Maine woods, where we had tripped Balls several times. Surreal? Yes, very.

We all took our 1st cube at around 9:00 pm, and everything was just dandy. Lights, colors, multiple parallell dimensions outside, The whole sha-bang you might say. I hadnt felt that great in a long time, and it felt like my best trip yet. We basked in the pail moonlight untill Midnight, then simultaneously extracted our second cubes from their little tinfoil homes and feasted on them like a pack of sugar crazed 3rd graders, hoarding free candy. We then promptly went inside and sucked down a jibber the size of a railroad spike, and blasted off into the ionisphere of our own individual conciousnesses.

I made my way to a couch, collapsed, and began my journey into the depths of my own existance. For approximatly 2 hours, My spirit(Minus my body) seemed to be floating through an endless sea of white foam. I thought about a lot of things in those 2 hours. A LOT OF THINGS!! Eventually, the depth of my thought began to transcend words, and all was subjective. I couldn't see, hear, or feel a damned thing, words didnt exist anymore. I began using raw emotions, and the abandonment of words to navigate through the foam which led me to a level of clarity I've never experienced. I was still up to my subjective ass in foam mind you, but that didnt matter. Everything was different now. clearer. But, the newfound clarity was a double edged sword. I had encountered both the Good and Evil within me and for a short time it seemed as if they were actually stuggling for dominance over eachother. Luckily I managed to maintain a healthy nuance between the two. I reflected on some of good and evil acts I had committed in the past and was able to Identify the forces behind them. Now I'm more aware of what each side is capable of if they go ignored.

As I slowly glided out of the foam, and back into my body, I remember telling myself that I couldnt forget what had happened to my mind. And that things would never be the same. (I was right) I stood up and realized that I was still tripping pretty hard, so I sauntered over to my friend Jeff, who seemed to be calming down as I was. Long story short, we watched TV for the rest of the night,compared experiences, saw Satan a few more times and haulled ass back to our hometown around noon. I tripped until about 6:00pm later that day for a grand total of roughly 22 hours..WEEEEEEEE!

It took me a few days to really break the whole experience down and analyze it thouroughly. I'm positive that I dont remember a good chunk of it. But I did bring back a good deal from that foamy void. The whole concept of thought without words has changed the way I use introspect. It's a useful tool to delve into yourself with and makes interpreting your emotions much easyer (It may be dead wrong for you but what the hell? It works for me)


1. Through deep concentration I can slip into a meditation like state of thought Whereupon all of humanity seems to disappear and I become my own world. This is usually attained by long periods of thought without words. (I've never been able to meditate before this event)

2. If I could end all of creation in one painless 'swooop', I'm fairly certain that I would. (that one frightens me)

3. 50 to 70 percent of all human interaction seems to stem from pneumonic devices. Fake shit like 'How are you?' Strategically placed phony laughter after a friends joke(not really a bad thing). It just seems to me like most people are walking around on Autopilot, Myself included.

4. I realized that all of life is beautiful, but by the same token, equally as vile and repulsive. One of those yin and yang things I guess.

5. For the first time, I viewed tripping, or being fucked up in anyway as the poisoning of your conciousness. A frightening concept, but one that doesnt stop me from getting stoned or sloshed every now and again.

6. There is much that we take for granted. Too much to mention. in fact, we take almost eveything for granted.

7. The Universe is bigger and more complex than the collective mind power of the human race will ever be able to comprehend in a million lifetimes. (That one pisses me off)

8. One thing I thought about was truth. What it means, Is it Universal? Am I truthful to myself. I came to the conclusion that truth is sparse everywhere,completely relative and possibly non existant. and that I lie to myself constantly. Think about it. You do it too.

9. Religion? Christianity? *shudder*

10.Media? Government? *Gakk*

The list goes on and on. I originally had a grasp on Most of what's listed above but the mind warp as were, solidified these concepts And brought them closer to my reach.

In conclusion, I dont plan on using LSD in the near future, maybe even ever again. Who knows? I'll probably do it again. Just not now. I'll leave some words of twisted wisdom From Doctor of journalism and Gonzo extraordinare Hunter S. Thompson. 'When the going gets wierd, the weird turn pro'

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3739
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 25, 2001Views: 5,079
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LSD (2) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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