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Interesting Thanksgiving Weekend
Dimenhydrinate, Cannabis & Alcohol
by Ramble On
Citation:   Ramble On. "Interesting Thanksgiving Weekend: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp37382)". Aug 16, 2007.

  repeated oral Alcohol (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  750 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


My Thanksgiving Weekend started on a Thursday night. It's always been a tradition to drink on Thursday nights, and my friends and I all smoke (fairly large amounts of) marijuana. Friday night was the same story as Thursday, only slightly more drunk than stoned. Saturday night was less drunk, more stoned, and cocaine showed up and made my night. Sunday night I took off to recuperate for what I thought would be another long day of homework and turkey.

After turkey on Monday, I paid a visit to some friends of mine, L and C. We smoked lots of pot, and I drank my wine and me and C poured a few drinks. It was a really rainy and spooky night out, and at about 1:00am, L still hadn't started typing her essay due the next day. C and I agreed to do a tour to the local 24hour Shopper's Drug Mart downtown to pick up some 'Wake-Ups' (those 100mg caffeine pills). I asked him kind of in passing whether or not he wanted to try to find something fun to do while we were there. After checking online, we decided on dimenhydrinate.

We were super-sketchy in the drug store, since we walked around for like 15 mins looking for caffeine pills or gravol, both of which are behind the counter. That was fine, so I bought the Wake-Ups and 2 boxes of generic brand dimenhydrinate tablets (50mg x 10) for $1.99(Cdn) each. On the way out, C told me there was only 10 in each package, so I said he should go buy another (we were taking 15 each, that seemed reasonable). He didn't want to, since the pharmacist wasn't very nice, and she had been giving us eyes before while we stammered out excuses for what we were buying. (Yeah, kinda like being in grade 4 and getting caught doing stuff). So I go out and light a cig, and he goes back in. Success.

We move across the street to the 24hour McDonalds to get some pop to swig on. We were going to be discreet, really, but instead we just popped them all out of the blister packs on our tray, in front of the workers, and started jamming pills into us. I took 5 at once, then another 3, then 4 more and then the last 3 (over the course of 1-2 mins). This was probably close to, if not a little after 2. I bought a cheeseburger, because this was 7 or so hours after my turkey. We got them into us, and C uttered the dreaded phrase: 'Well, there's no turning back now!' and we disembarked from McDonald's towards home.

After about 15-20 mins of walking, I started to feel lightheaded. C voiced this to me, and I burst out with 'Me too! But I didn't want you to feel left out, just in case it hadn't hit you yet!' and I was glad that were both kinda buzzing. I looked ahead, and I saw a woman across the street standing in her driveway holding onto a box. To my surprise, when we walked by, there was a box on the ground and the woman had turned into a cement wall. I said this, and C started laughing at me.

We were walking up the next street from home, and these streets are all lined with huge 100+ year old oaks. Something about the street lights on the wet leaves made the oaks appear to be lined with white flowers, and this blew my mind. I stopped and looked up, and C and I talked about the flowers, which I told him were leaves, and he talked about the flowers. 5-6 mins later he realized they actually were leaves (no, not flowers.) We made it home, me feeling like I was being towed above ground on the sidewalk.

I remember walking in the house, and L laughing at us because we were just big smiles coming in. I gave her the caffeine pills, and she kept slaving at the essay. Things are a little sketchy from here. I went into the bathroom to pee. I was looking at the tub (this was about an hour after we took them, close to 3:00AM) and it looked like the tub was steaming. The walls all appeared to have a smokey, hazy hue coming off of them as well. I finished peeing and went to report to our 'sober' tripsitter and C what I had seen. I remember sitting at the table in the kitchen, and watching the wallpaper in the kitchen steam.

At this point, I retired from the kitchen to allow L time to do her homework, and went to play super nintendo. I remember it was intensely difficult to stand up, and my arms and hands were extremely heavy feeling. I wasn't tired feeling, per se, just kind of numb and sedated. I made it down the long dark hallway with no mishaps, and jumped on the nintendo. C bust in after a period of time (I have NO idea how long) and he looked realy weird to me. His eyes were kind of bugged out and he couldn't put 3 coherent words together. He was stumbling around and mumbling to himself, and if his answers were actually audible, they had nothing to do with the conversation. Just totally random shit. I couldn't get any straight answers out of him whatsoever.

I was smoking a cig, and remember chipping the cherry off of it, because I kept getting smoke in my eyes. I think they were just burning because my pupils were the size of pennies. Anyways, after a few minutes, I went to relight my cig, and it was still lit exactly like before. C managed to tell me that he remembered me just laying it there, although I swore I had put it out. Freaky.

I tried to stand up, and almost fell over. My head seemed too heavy for my body to support. My hands were completely numb, and I had been sitting cross-legged and my legs felt like cement. I got to the kitchen and sat down. The heavy-numbness of my body astonished me, and my vision was getting pretty messed up. Everything looked steamy or smokey, and in front of each pupil I could see a black dot. The room was swirling perpendicular to the floor using these 2 black spots like pinnacles. Ever put a magnet on a computer screen and twisted? Yeah, like that, only 2 of them in my vision.

Everything semi-resembled a Van Gogh painting. I started seeing textures and patterns and colours. There didn't really seem to be logical shades of colours, just blotches of primary-type colours. I talked to L for a while, who was starting to get hyper from the caffeine ingestion, and then I left her to finish her essay. C went to bed at around 4:30AM. I haven't talked to him yet today, but he told L that he only slept for about an hour, and he missed his 9:00 class.

I played Nintendo, and L came in at about 5:30 and said she was done. I was ready to pass out, everything was exhausting my brain. I laid down in bed, and she crawled in, and I started hallucinating from looking at the wall. It was moving, waves of texture, but no colour (it was dark, afterall). I passed out after not too long of that, close to 6AM. The alarm went off at 8:00AM, and L, who was unable to fall asleep, but stayed in bed to watch me sleep, got up and got into the shower. I stayed in bed until 8:30, because we had to leave at 9:00 for my class at 9:30. I sat up, feeling slightly hungoverish, that kind of shaky, surreal cloud I'm in if I don't sleep enough after drinking. I sat up, and almost fell over the other side and hit my head.

I stood up, and I felt like a horse on brand new legs. I was F-U-C-T. Everything was spinning around and I wasn't talking much sense. I snapped out of that relatively quick, but I realized that I didn't feel like this was happening. This wasn't happening. I was sure of it. We sat at the kitchen table, and I rolled a joint. The one thing that can save my ass from any pain from any drug in the morning is pot. That went down really smooth, and it was about 8:55. I needed something, because I was pretty tired, running on 2 hours of sleep, so I took 200mgs of caffeine.

I don't remember walking to school. I remember leaving the house, because I checked on C before we left (he wasn't going ANYWHERE), and I remember being at school. I didn't have time for a cig before my class, but I'd had 2 or 3 anyway at that point, and I needed to make sure I had a seat in the class. The class was 2 hours. I don't have a CLUE what ANYONE said, I was taking notes, but I don't think I can read them.

My friend was sitting across the room from me, and she told me that I didn't blink once for almost 10 minutes. She also told me that I was staring at nothing for long periods of time (20+ minutes), just buggy eyed. She said my eyes almost looked like they protruded. I was making direct and consitant eye contact with my professor (Polish lady with 2 PhDs who I am intimidated by) for a few minutes, before I realized, blinked and started staring at someone else. She kept looking at me. I couldn't make sense of any language, and I was praying she wouldn't ask me to speak.

I tried to talk to my friend from the class (M) afterwards, but after 2 hours of not speaking, I couldn't really do it. I was trying to say something about something (I still don't know what) and just not making any sense whatsoever. We saw L outside (our classes ended at the same time) and she told M how the night had gone. It's now 12:30AM the next day. It took until mid-afternoon for me to feel sobered up, so I popped some more caffeine pills, and here I am.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37382
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 16, 2007Views: 18,925
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : General (1), First Times (2), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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