Baptism of Fire
Citation:   Steve. "Baptism of Fire: An Experience with LSD (exp37241)". Feb 3, 2008.

3 drops oral LSD (liquid)
  3 drops oral LSD (liquid)
    oral LSD (liquid)
Over the last few years I've indulged in excessive drug consumption, mainly ecstacy and coke, but on occasion LSD, mushrooms, base and whatever else comes along. I'm in my early twenties and my drug use is always contained to my social peer group. I hold a well paid job, and continue to function well in society. E is my drug of choice, for sure. Each weekend, I can safely say I'll be eating a handful of pills at least one evening. However, towards the end of last year I became interested in LSD. With a couple of willing friends I tripped a few seperate times, always having an absolute ball. The first time I tripped, myself and my friend munched a blotter each and went on the rampage at our local rock music venue/pub. We ended up laying on the grass in his mum's garden looking at the stars and laughing our arses off before going 'garden running' through his entire street's neighbours' back gardens. A great night was had, and LSD was something I wanted to do more often.

Having done a little 'buying and selling' of various substances in the past, I had the required contacts to source up some acid pretty quickly, and in next to no time was the proud owner of a small vial containing about 12-14 drops of a dark coloured liquid which was, according to the chap I purchased it from, some good and strong LSD. I sat on this for about a fortnight or so until I felt it was the right night for me and my fellow tripper to indulge ourselves. The two of us headed off to a nice and quiet pub in the town centre, which was run by a kindly old dear who was very tolerant of us all whenever we got drunk/high in there and started acting like clowns, and headed straight to the toilet where we liberally applied three drops via a pippette to the back of our hands, which we licked off. We were in an upbeat mood, very relaxed, laughing and joking around with my girlfriend who had met us in the pub and all in all having a whale of a time whilst necking a few beers. We noticed that a birthday party was happening in a seperate part of the bar, and all of the students were dressed as pirates and we were duly invited to join them.

Now, by this point, the effects of the drug were beginning to manifest themselves. Several times, myself and my trip companion had been talking only for conversation to dissolve into giggles and I was also beginning to notice the lights brightening somewhat and dimensions becoming mildly distorted. At this point I suggested we finish off the vial, and thus we did. We manouvered into the gents toilets and in a fit of hilarity deposited 3 more drops on each of our hands. Things almost came unstuck at this point as midway through doing this someone came into the toilets and saw us squirting brown liquid onto our hands from a small bottle whilst laughing and falling around the place. Fortunately, the poor guy looked absolutely terrified, God alone knows what he must have thought. It reminded me of that scene from 'Fear And Loathing' somewhat. Anyway, suitably dosed up we went back to our drinks and carried on the night.

Within another half hour or so, we were both completely fucked. A bunch of our friends turned up and everything was great. The walls were shaking, the floor bucking, tables were dancing around the place, I was on fine form cracking jokes and having the time of my life and looking forward so much to the rest of the evening. The vial and the remainder of the contents were dumped in my drink so as to wash out any residue, and a beer fight started with the pippette. This caught the attention of the land lady who came and gave us a bollocking (we're all well known to her, and as I said, she is pretty tolerant of us) and confiscated the pippette and the now empty vial. A group decision was made, as it was approaching closing time (11pm over here in England :/) we would hotfoot it to our local rock club which was licensed till 2am. As a group, a couple of acid freaks, a few pillheads and plenty of drunks, we rolled out of the pub and into the night.

Now, let me just say, up till this point the trip wasn't especially strong. Sure, we were fucked, high as kites, in a terrible state, but neither of us were tripping out yet, things were just a little crazy. That changed as soon as we hit the fresh air. My memory is a little flaky of the journey between pubs (maybe a ten minute walk). I can remember cars screaming past at an astounding speed and volume, my legs kept stretching and shrinking as I walked, my friend's faces took on dark and menacing overtones. I became a little paranoid, a little wigged out. This wasn't helped by the other guy on acid climbing on cars and bus shelters, removing his clothes, screaming his face off and at one point dry humping a church. Yup, he humped a church. He's going straight to hell. Nonetheless, I was holding it together fine and kept it in my mind that I would soon be sitting in my favourite drinking establishment, nursing a beer.

This pub is huge. It's gargantuan, in fact. It's permanently packed to the rafters with rock kids and goths, the music is always full volume and the lights are always bright. I'm well known in there and as I staggered through the door, an unbelievable wave of terror washed across me. I mean, absolute ball shrinking terror. I had tunnel vision and I could just make out a group of friends at the bar who were calling me over, so over I went. This meant negotiating the bouncers and bar manager, who had recently given me a telling off for necking pills in the place, and I couldn't deal with it. The paranoia was too much. 'They're onto me,' my internal monologue said 'Run!'

I managed to bite down on the urge to run and made it to the bar and my friends. By this point though, reality stopped having any meaning. I can't describe things at this point. There was just colours, and noise, and faces, and eyes and I bolted. I was out of the pub like a jack rabbit, on my own. Days later, a girl who I was at the bar with said this was hilarious, that I was standing there stock still save my eyes, which were darting this way and that before I lurched into a sprint through the front door. I can see the funny side, now.

Once outside, I was dead set on getting home and laying in bed. I had the fear, badly. I practically ran to my house, which was only a few minutes away, avoiding eye contact with the terrible monsters that I saw on my way home. When I got my key out of my pocket, I was flabbergasted to find it was six feet long. 'How the fuck did I get THAT in my pocket?' I wondered, before trying to knock down the door with it. Once inside, I began to relax, I was out of danger. I sat down on the sofa and took a breath, before noticing something move out of the corner of my eyes. Some people were having sex on the floor! 'What the FUCK!!!' I leaped up and noticed that not only were there two people on the floor over there fucking like rabbits, the sofa had morphed into people going at it too!!! In a matter of seconds the room was filled with people writhing around on each other. I ran upstairs to my room, but there were people copulating in there too, so I wrapped my duvet around my head. Unfortunately I could still see the people. I have never felt a terror like this, before or since. I didn't know who I was, where I was, what was happening or if it was ever going to stop. Amazingly, I managed to phone a close friend who was sober, and she came and rescued me.

And then the terror stopped, it was as if the last half hour hadn't happened. Once my friend was there, all was right with the world and we went for a drive to her sisters house, which was a fantastic journey. I had watched Apocalypse Now a few days prior and as we were driving through the rain I had a full on 'Veet-nam' trip going on :) Once at her sisters I was able to sit down, relax and enjoy the frankly awe inspiring play of lights and colours around the room. I also had an excellent conversation with her dog, chatting to this intelligent creature like a long lost friend, although I'm told the dog was trying to savage me rather than discuss the pros and cons of Radiohead.

I was up all night, watching TV, chatting with my friend and frankly just enjoying thr trip. Little people were climbing out of photographs and dancing, her computer melted before my eyes before zooming back into existence and, for some reason, my thumb kept falling off, which amused me no end. At about 8am, I was coming down and starting to feel a little angsty so made my way home and walked across town. Still feeling odd, I showered as soon as I got home and hallucinated that the jet of water was stripping my skin off, which was unpleasent, but by this point I was coherent enough to realize it was just the acid and that I was alright. Still, quite a strange experience washing myself when my skin and muscle is being stripped from the bone.

I felt tired and uncomfortable for the rest of the day, unable to sleep, but unwilling to get up and try and do anything. I've had worse comedowns off of ecstacy where I'm in physical pain, but I did feel terrible, bodily and mentally. Luckily, the girl I was seeing came round to visit and pampered her 'poor little acidhead' all day.

All in all, a breathtaking experience. Demonstrated an awful lot to me. First of all, set and setting is as important as Leary always said it was. I doubt I'll ever do acid in such a social environment again, there's just too much stimulae and room for too much to go wrong. As soon as I was rescued, the fear went and the following 6 or 7 hours were the most enjoyable of my life. Lastly, doing as much as I did is probably inadvisable. I had tripped only a couple of times before the above events took place, I don't think I was ready for such a large dose. I've tripped a bunch of times since and generally only take a couple of drops at most and still have a great time. I also felt fucking horrible for days afterwards. I didn't stop having visuals until about 24 hours after dosing, and the comedown lasted days.

Oh, and the other guy on acid who I'd left in the pub? Apparently, he had a great time in there. He's well known as a complete loony around our town and his odd behaviour didn't raise any eyebrows!!! Not even when he got down on all fours and rubbed his head on the floorboards because he 'wanted to comb his hair'... :/ ;)

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37241
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 3, 2008Views: 7,518
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