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by Neural Shock
Citation:   Neural Shock. "Cozy: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp3711)". Apr 27, 2001.

20 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)


I decided to stay at home last Friday night, to try a new chemical for me - 2c-t-2. From what I had read about this one, it was comparable to 2c-t-7. Some reports express disappointment. Some people feel it's not up to the likes of 2c-t-7. As far as I was concerned at the time, the most important thing about it was that it was different. I had one friend present who hadn't taken anything, except for hash. He crashed out before I was fully into the trip. Two more friends joined in at a later stage.

Here goes:

00:40 Ingested 20mg (accurate measurement). It looks the same as 2c-t-7, and tastes the same - i.e. poisonous.

00:55 I feel relaxed. Very slight hint of a buzz. My body is aware I have taken 'something'.

01:02 I feel the heady hint of a phenethylamine. Smooth and slight.

01:10 Definitely something. Nice buzz. Smoother and more erotic than 2c-t-7. Reminiscent of mescaline.

01:15 Smoke a joint. The hash is not strong enough to interfere with a trip like this. Beautiful start - the smoothest come-up I've ever had.

01:20 There's a certain clarity and wakefulness. Still smooth. Relaxed and alert.

01:25 More energetic. This really reminds me of mescaline. It is physically richer and fuller than 2c-t-7. This has potential. I am lying back in a chair with my eyes wide open, smiling.

01:30 I feel alert and energetic BUT I feel the relaxation and apathy of tiredness mixed in. It's a weird combo, and not at all uncomfortable.

01:35 More phased out. My eyes and face feel and look relaxed now (like a mild MDMA session). First hint of visuals - an ever increasing glow. The walls, lino floor and ceiling are sliding and morphing. The glow is the same as 2c-t-7, but it's smoother - less noisy. Colours are clear and sharp but not rich. High-quality vision. Smooth and subtle.

01:40 Restless. I'm deciding what music to put on. Good stuff.

01:45 I put on some ambient music. It sounds different. Ordinary synth sounds are more choral, more vocal.

01:50 I'm feeling cozy now. Visuals are like mescaline, but smoother. Everything seems to have an inner glow to it. Everything looks warm.

01:55 The bass in the music is unremarkable. Higher frequencies are much more interesting. I feel a mystical calm now.

02:00 I can see every dark patch and blemish on the walls (the walls are a creamy-yellow colour). Damn - I need to repaint . If I look at a light and look away, the dark spot after-effect on the retina seems clearer and more pronounced than normal. The persistence of vision is cleaner than noisy 2c-t-7. 2c-t-7 seems clumsier (but more iridescent) visually.

Body buzz is excellent. Erotic energy throughout my muscles.

02:05 A shivery energy is running through me, along with washes of loved up fire.

02:15 Contented, happy, glowing. Visuals: smooth and subtle, acting like mescaline crossed with MDMA. Not showing off like 2c-t-7. This is a slick and beautiful drug.

02:25 I'm not talkative. Just content to sit back and smile. Brilliant.

02:45 Trippy. When I close my eyes I get lost in a train of thought and snap out of it again confused at what I was just thinking about. I got this before from an MDMA + 2c-t-7 combo. Very enjoyable and amusing.

03:15 Lying down letting it take over. Great fun. Super smooth.

03:35 Simmering down a little. Still phased...and very impressed. Excellent. Good for the soul.

03:55 Relaxed but still very 'up'. A clear and positive mindset takes over. I feel incredibly contented, but without question or guilt as to why I should feel so good about myself. Very peachy. This is happiness therapy.

04:00 I think I might be hungry. Just an idea.

04:10 A little more relaxed. The come-down is as subtle as the come-up. Still a lovely body and mind buzz. Euphoric.

04:20 I eat some crisps. Addictive and tasty. No taste enhancement as such, just more enjoyable as a whole.

04:35 Two friends of mine call in. They are coming down off E, so I give them 20mg each.

05:00 We are watching TV. As I am sliding down more, my friends are entering into the same beautiful trip I had.

05:45 I am tired, but not ready for sleep. Everyone is happy happy happy. What a cozy gathering. My friends are smiling, stopping only to giggle, guffaw or chuckle.

06:30 I'm relaxed now, and feeling tired. Spent. What a great trip that was.

07:30 Off to bed. No problem sleeping.

14:30 Woke up. Still feeling smooth. Slight headache, a little tired. My friends were very impressed with their first phenethylamine. It's the perfect non-threatening introduction. They spent last few hours drifting in and out of sleep, and summed it up with 'Wow'. By the way, none of us felt any nausea or physical discomfort.


This excellent drug far exceeded my expectations. I prefer this to 2c-t-7 (during my more silly passionate moments during the trip I was saying - 'fuck 2c-t-7'), but I liked mescaline so much. This one suits me. It's smoother than energetic and frantic mescaline, and more simply entertaining. It's obvious to me now that people who compare it unfavorably with 2c-t-7 are missing the point. This is a very different little piece of magic. Okay, each to his own.

I felt at ease with 2c-t-2. Even when I was the only person present I never felt alone. Now I feel contented and I hope this stays with me for some time.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3711
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 27, 2001Views: 19,049
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2C-T-2 (53) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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