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Difficult to Smoke Correctly, but Worth It
Anadenanthera colubrina
by elgr
Citation:   elgr. "Difficult to Smoke Correctly, but Worth It: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp36939)". Oct 5, 2004.

2 seeds smoked Anadenanthera colubrina

I aquired some seeds a while ago and just this past weekend I decided to try them. We didn't have any lime so... tried the smoking method. I cut up the seeds (2) as fine as I could. I then used a jet (torch) lighter to smoke them, and pretty much did as I would salvia. BIG deep hits, one after another. I didn't mind the taste too much, until later on when it was lingering in my throat. The smoke started out easy to take, but felt thicker later. A little came out from the bowl once, and it looked damn thick.

I had no problem smoking it. My friends on the other hand (most of which were very used to smoking tobacco and weed) couldn't stand it. They'd cough for a long time after very brief, short, barely torching the seeds, hits and take a break.. smoking their individual bowls in long periods of time, and thus having little other than physical effects. (numbness, strange feelings in their bodies). They smoked at different times than me, so that in case a sitter was needed, they were at hand.

So anyway, the effects. I stopped a little early because I (nor anyone I know) had tried this before. I also didn't want to drop the glass piece. I first noticed a wave of pleasant feeling through my body, then, a bit of numbness, and strangeness. I also felt a lot of warmth and pressure. However, the pressure was not in my head, but my lungs. Fortunately, it didn't hurt and soon went away, kinda scary, but not really.

The main effect was that everything looked and felt very sharp and defined. Color seemed much more vibrant, which was the only things I could manage to utter to my friend asking what was happening. I got lost staring into the leaves of a big tree. They started spreading, and moving around. They then began to spread in a circular manner. At the same height, but going all the way left and right, in my field of vision. Think of when Windows is crapping up on your computer, and you move a window around the desktop and you see hundreds of them, where they were, not disappearing.

I got knocked out of this trance by someone talking to me, and then I looked at various things, including a very strange bug on a flower, with a very strange mouth. Looking at colorful things up close was amazing. Also the fur on a cat, as it breathed the slight differences in the color of it's fur stood out.

I closed my eyes and saw some very pleasant visuals. They were intricate and defined, and very creative, impressive. However, as an image overall they were faded. It was almost transparent with nothing behind it. Not difficult to see, just not vibrant and outstanding like other things I've seen. I noticed that as I laid in a hammock and the sun hit my eyelids, the redness I saw from my eyelids was enough to hide the visuals. I blocked the sun and they came back. A very strange orb would be created 'far' from my 'vision' and sort of spiral towards me. It was also faded, so I tried to get a good look, or feel, or whatever for it, and it came so close, and felt close too. It alerted me, I'm not sure if I really jumped, but it felt like it. I came down soon after that. The whole thing probably took 20 minutes or less with some, but little, after effect.

Definitely worth a shot, just give it your all smoking it, or you'll gain nothing but some coughing and a nasty taste.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36939
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 5, 2004Views: 14,652
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Anadenanthera colubrina (139) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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