There and Back
Citation:   Psytranceuniverse. "There and Back: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp36917)". Mar 13, 2008.

15 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
I recieved my first 100mg of 5-meO-dmt from good chem lab today. I had never tried 5-meo or dmt before but used to trip alot on lsd with the dead back in the 80's & have taken large doses of ecstasy. Nothing could have prepared me for this though.

I attempted to cut 100mg 5 ways & futher eyeball to strong enough dose(15-20mg) which may have proved my end.

[Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.]

First time was good.I smoked over a tiny bit of weed in a small pipe.Rush was instant at exhale, I put the pipe on the floor & had the feeling of 'oh no what did you just do'. I was looking at pictures on the wall of a trance festival I attended in morocco years ago with my wife.The pictures came to life.I dont mean just moving around or melting like acid but they played as if they were movies.Then I noticed my cat(& this is trippy)is staring me down & looking freaked.I have to try not to see him as a demon.He starts running around & trying to attack me, senses the energy & is afraid.Was proof to me that I was really in another dimension. Anyway I try to calm him down & this eats up most of my trip(30minutes), unfortunately.

So # 2- hour after first, cat in the other room.Approx same dose, not exact but couldn't have been more than 15mg. I have music(1200 mics)perfect to bring me in.This time same intense rush, moment of regret & instant hallucinations. I concentrate directly at these same photos as they come to life again.I am struck with a remarkable feeling that I am reliving the experience & embrace it. Somehow through the music I am feeling connected to a cosmic energy & I see people at this festival dancing.I feel connected to them,like taking acid with alot of people at a concert.All of a sudden I have the feeling that I am there, It is real & I get scared a little.Start to think I went to far, but I am able to tell myself to just go with it,even say this out loud, I think.

I had a profound feeling of taping into a never ending, always present world of trips & music.I am convinced now the this place is real & exists for sure.I was not always sure on acid & that was more of an internal thing for me.This was in your face different dimension.

LAST ONE> came down & waited another hour.For my next experiment I decided to take a hit(larger dose maybe 20mg)& go outside to sit on the porch.I took a huge hit, all I could take & went out sat down & exhaled.INSTANTLY as before I launched.I noticed right away everything changed.Everything alive like acid,geometric patterns.Very strong.I feel my body change as if transforming into this 'new' world & things got BAD.First I noticed the sky change,everything around me is swirling & shifting & becomes uncomfortable.I hear strange noises & one becomes louder & louder as if coming closer>it was a 'large' mechanical sound& humming.

I really feel like I am coming fully into this other dimension,It gets weird.I hear music in the distance, though I'm not playing any now.I look down at my arms & have the sensation I'm being pulled in to it.I get up & go inside & right away I know somethings really wrong.All of a sudden I am sure I went to far & I'm not going to come back.My computers on & it starts going crazy & flashing through my files as if deleting them.I look at some photos on the wall & they seem to be erasing.I look at a clock & it's racing backwards out of control & it hits me like a ton of bricks I'm DYING.

I have the unmistakable feeling that I'm dying & my life is being erased.I'm going no,no this can't be happening, yet I'm convinced it is.I feel like I've reached a purgatory,gone insane& It's going to be my fate to wander the house in panic.I think about my wife & family & how they will react to my death.I completely lost it. I grabbed the phone to call 911 but didn't.Still had the Idea of being gone & stuck in the void,felt really evil.At this point I'm down on my knees pleading to be taken back.It gets more intense & I'm sure I'm done for,I was terrified...completely.

I pleaded & begged God to take me back.That I had to go back, please,please.Then just at it's most intense, it starts to leave, slowly at first & it takes awhile before I'm certain, I may be coming out of it.I'm totally shattered,laying on the floor saying THANK YOU GOD over&over.Now, I'm not that religious but I felt a power different than the void & I could feel it helping me back to sanity.This was not a good trip & I have decided to flush the rest & stick to weed for now.

To anyone planning to use this drug at any dose,should use extreme caution.5-meO-dmt can bring me to a place I don't want to be in.As far as I'm concerned these other places are very real,they exist in the universe & I can be trapped & not return.........

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36917
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2008Views: 11,725
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