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Semi-Conscious Dreaming
by KJ
Citation:   KJ. "Semi-Conscious Dreaming: An Experience with Ketamine (exp36748)". Erowid.org. Jun 2, 2006. erowid.org/exp/36748

250 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
I was visiting my friend’s place in late afternoon , as we were heading off to a big party much later in the evening. He jokingly asked me if I ever K-holed, I’ve heard of Ketamine but never actually had a chance to try it. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, since it supposedly does not last very long.

He pulled out a bag with shiny crystalline white powder, and measured out about two lines for total of about 250mg (that is very approximate estimate since we did not have a scale).

He told me to do one first and wait few minutes to see if I was ready for another one. Since I have been a drug bravado lately, I did them both almost immediately , I distinctly recall him yelling “holy shit take it easy!!!” but it was too late. It stung like hell for about 15 seconds and both my eyes watered like crazy for the next few seconds but it all passed quickly. Since I was already sitting on the couch I decided to lie down and see what happens next. The apartment was very quiet and I could directly see the big digital clock he had on the wall, it was 7:30pm. Within next 3 minutes I felt my breathing slowing down rapidly and my chest tingling a bit and it was just about then when I closed my eyes for a bit, as I opened my eyes which seemed like a second, I noticed I was not on the couch any more and not in his apartment at all. I was standing in some penthouse apartment in what seemed like a hotel.

Still somewhat aware that I was on K, I figured “hey that some cool hallucination”. I started to walk around the apartment which looked like a luxurious hotel suite, I could smell the flowers in a vase by the window, I started walking around and saw 2 large gym bags on the couch but thought nothing of them.

I kept walking and noticed a patio door, opened it, a cloud of humid hot air hit my face immediately, as I walked out on the balcony I was presented with a gorgeous mountain landscape overlooking some strange city. I could feel it was extremely hot and humid and was trying to figure out where I was. I noticed an orange-blue-red flag on one of the buildings, quickly trying to scramble my geography knowledge I just realized I was in Colombia!

As I turned around , 2 people walked into the apartment and asked me directly
“J are you ready ?, we have to get started, we are late”.
“Who are you” , I replied ? “
They both looked at me like I just fell off a tree, one of them said “I’m your uncle , Wesley , Jesus have you been sampling the goods already, even before we start to work ?”

He then whispered with a voice of disgust to the other fellow “Just like his dad, he can never say no and always over indulges” [personal edit: my dad drank himself to death when he was 37]. I quickly responded that I was in a K-Hole and that I knew this whole thing was not real. They interpreted this as another idiotic mumbling “ahh, ok” .

It was at this point I consciously decided to stop interfering with occurring events with the knowledge in the back of my head that they were not real.
Two more people entered the room, and told me to “get to work” pointing at the couch.

My eyes glanced back at the couch with 2 huge oversize gym bags, I opened one of them and could not believe the contents, inside the plastic baggies were all the possible drugs you can imagine, mdma pills, coke, heroin, meth crystals, marijuana, some unknown pills labeled “nuvo”, they were all neatly packed, and my best guesstimate was that the bag was worth few million $$$ easily.

As I marveled at these goods, I was asked to “check them out” by the 2 other Hispanic-looking men, whom I have never seen before. I slowly began to realize, my job here was to be a drug-test-dummy for some big drug cartels before they make a major deal.

I quickly proceeded to sample the goods on one by one basis, as if I had done it 100’s of times. Giving my nod of approval after ingesting/snorting each substance. It was truly surreal, within minutes I could feel the effects of each drug exactly as I remember them from real life. Except here, they would stop working just as fast as they started, giving me a chance to recover before testing another substance. The only drug I have never tried in real life (meth) was the one I was not able to sample, possibly because my mind was not prepared for the imagined effects of unknown drug.

The whole procedure took about 45 minutes as I watched the clock on the wall, the very same clock that was in my friend’s apartment. I thought to myself it was bizarre that a hotel in Colombia out of all places had the same exact clock as my friend did in his apartment. Nevertheless, I was done and all parties seemed satisfied, suitcases changed hands and I was asked to follow Wesley.

As we were leaving I noticed both of them lightning some kind of Molotov-cocktail near the hotel door, I asked them what they were doing “Don’t you know ? We always burn the place after a deal” , before I had a chance to protest, the building we just left vanished and a dark blue cloud of smoke quickly dissolved into the atmosphere.

I turned around again, except this time I found myself inside a house, the house had glass ceilings, windows and even floors, your could see thru 3 different levels with all this glass. I heard children crying and some woman stumbling around the Kitchen, apparently I knew where everything was so I quickly ran downstairs. As it turned out, it was my house and the woman whom I have never seen before was my wife. She was drunk like hell and kept mumbling to herself “take those fucking brats away”, I tried to talk to her, but she could not hear me. I kept walking around the house, this time more lost , apparently looking to check where the crying kids were. As I turned around in one of the rooms, I found my self once again, in a different location. (This seemed to be a recurring trigger for change of ‘scenery’ if you will).

This time it was very cold, it was a dark and dirty city and it was snowing lightly.
I recognized voice of Wesley behind me this time, and could hear far away conversations in what seemed to be Russian language. As we walked towards a huge palace, Wesley reminded me to “be nice to the prime minister”.

We walked little further and headed towards an entrance to an old archaic palace, as we entered we were greeted by security and introduced to the Russian Prime Minister himself. We entered one of the many rooms on the second floor and the place was rocking hard. There was hard house music, plenty of “suits” and gorgeous topless women walking everywhere.

They were all very friendly, the PM suggested we go to his private quarters just off
the main room. We entered his office and Wesley and him discussed the details of multi-billion dollar drug deal. As I sat there and listened to their conversation, the only thing I could say was “So is this how Russian government makes money ?” There was an uncomfortable silence for few seconds, but the PM started laughing very loud and through his hysterical laugh he shouted “How do you think we can pay for all those tanks and rockets son ?”.

Wesley seemed to be very pissed off at my comment, however the PM told us since the business was concluded to go outside and enjoy the rest of the evening. As we went back to the party room, this time it looked completely different, it was like an indoor oasis with pools and palm trees everywhere, the women were still there and one of them quickly approached me to talk. She was probably the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen with long dark curly hair and proportions of a goddess. She fairly quickly suggested we go to another room, and I could anticipate the feeling that I was in for a fuck of lifetime. As we entered the room she told me to close my eyes and turn around in 5 seconds. Quite unwillingly I did and I somehow knew that I would find myself elsewhere once again. And so I did.

This time I was in an airplane hangar, rushing off to a very small plane, Wesley was running beside me and ordered me to jump into “my plane” quickly.
I protested that I had no idea how to fly a plane, he quickly shouted to get in and I would figure it out. And so I did, jumped into a cockpit of probably the smallest jet plane I have ever seen, it was about a size of a SUV including the wings. As I sat down and grabbed the seatbelt, I saw only two buttons on the main control dash. “AUTO” and “MANUAL”. Well, this wasn’t so hard to figure out, I hit the AUTO button and could feel the incredible acceleration and high pitch sound of a jet engine.
I was in the air in no time. Wesley radioed to me that everything was cool but we had to fly very low to avoid any radar contact , he reminded me that Colombia shoots down any suspicious aircraft without questions. From what I could gather, we had to run fast from some deal gone bad in our private tiny jet planes, flying over the ocean just 5 meters above the surface of the water. I started to feel very tired and I quickly remembered to check my pockets. I found a few orange pills which looked like adderral and popped a couple of them quickly. Interestingly the super small cockpit had a mini bar built in with various juices and beer in it. As I sipped my drink and admired the scenery I could hear an alarm - Wesley radioed : “We have been spotted, evasive maneuvers”

Evasive what ??? - I replied

And almost instantly I could heard gun shots being fired at me, there was another plane behind me firing off at me like there was no tomorrow. I could hear the bullets penetrate the metal shield of the plane. Very quickly the engine gargled and shut off and my plane plunged into the water. I could slowly see the plane sinking and the cockpit filling up with water, I knew that this was it. This was the end . I was ready for the inevitable.

Yet, at the very moment of sinking I could feel some powerful force pulling me out of the airplane and shaking me, I could not explain it but it was more powerful than anything I have ever felt. I opened my eyes and could hear my friend B yelling to me “ARE YOU OK ARE YOU OK ARE YOU OK” , yes , I was back, back on the couch with B sitting beside me yelling if I was OK, I looked up on the wall, it was 8:25PM. I was exhausted, I felt as I had just lived a very very long day and was ready for a nap. But I stayed up to tell B my adventures for the next 1 hour. B told me he became concerned about me because I was yelling at the top of my lungs “NO NO NO” before he brought me back.

To sum it up. It was sort of like semi-conscious dreaming, and this allowed me to fully immerse myself in what turned out to be an amazing adventure through a lifestyle I never imagined. I can only explain this as seeing myself in a parallel universe because so many things made sense, and everything seemed more real at times than on some days when I have been “naturally” conscious. All the sights and sounds and smells were so vivid and real, it did not seem like a hallucination one bit.

When I told this experience to other people, they suggested either that 'K' induced some crazy lucid dream (because of the high dose) , others went as far as suggesting metaprogramming took place during the trip.

Regretfully, I tried K many times afterwards, in higher doses and was NEVER able to come even close to this 1st time. Recently I gave up on K totally since I was never able to reach such state of lucid dreaming/metaprgramming or whatever it was! I'll remember this for the rest of my life, that is for sure.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36748
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 2, 2006Views: 68,658
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Ketamine (31), OBE (332) : First Times (2), Retrospective / Summary (11), Mystical Experiences (9), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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