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Becoming Conscious of My Guiding Forces
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
Citation:   Cheza Kieron. "Becoming Conscious of My Guiding Forces: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp36730)". Erowid.org. Feb 25, 2007. erowid.org/exp/36730

400 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
    insufflated Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
On Friday night, Feburary 6, a full moon, I began my journey into the world of Ipomoea. I picked this day knowing that it was a full moon and knowing of the powers that the moon possesses. I went to a local Home store and purchased 10 packs of Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' variety seeds. I went home and cleaned the seeds by briefly soaking, then shaking them in a jar with Environne fruit and vegetable wash. By the time I had done this, it was already about 9:30pm, I decided that I should postpone the experience until the next day, it was getting late and I didn't want to be tripping at home. I set the seeds to dry overnight.

In the morning I gathered the dry seeds and grinded them in a coffee grinder. The coffee grinder produced two substances, ground seeds about the same consistency of coffee grounds, and a fine yellowish white powder. I collected the powder and for some odd reason used it as a snuff while I continued the preparation of the other grounds. I put them in a blender and proceeded to make a tropical smoothie with them, I added orange, coconut pineapple, and strawberry juice, and milk to the mix. After mixing I drank my concoction while apologizing and thanking the seeds that had sacrificed themselves to me. I went outside in my backyard and said some prayers to God, my ancestors, and the plant spirits, asking for protection and knowledge from my journey. Then I returned inside and took some vitamins(C, olive leaf, B12) to keep my immune system up, and some peppermint tea, to keep from experiencing nausea.

It was a little passed 11:00am, I began to feel very tired and sick (I had a stuffy and runny nose) from the snuff and I thought maybe that all the seeds would do was make me sick. I layed down and tried to have a phone conversation with my girlfriend when I noticed that I began to say some unusually random things. My sister came home and played an orchestrated joke on me. I experienced an uncontrollable laughter and I realized that I was really euphoric.

I didn't want my sister to know, I tried to act as normal as possible and I got ready to leave. I told her I was going to meet my girlfriend, when really I just had to leave the house before the effects got stronger. I looked in the mirror and noticed my pupils were widely dilated. I got my cd player and tried to listen to Aphex Twin but it didnít work so I chose the Mars Volta. I left my house and as I stepped out of the door I felt no longer as if I was acting out of my own will but as if some force was pushing me to walk where I was going.

It was a beautiful sunny windy day. The clouds left behind purple shadows and I could see energy flying in the sky. I felt an immense well being and I knew then that so much more was going to reveal itself. Light looked blurry but not in a bad way, it was like in a dream scene. A bus came just as I accidently arrived at a bus stop. I got on the bus and began to feel even stranger, as I closed my eyes I saw moving patterns, silhouettes of color. I didn't know where I was going, but I passed a park that I used to visit when I was young something there called me.

I had been listening to the Mars Volta's 'De-loused in the Comatorium' and it had been greater than usual, but here at the park it was utterly AMAZING. My perception and reaction to sound was extraordinary. I again felt as if something was pushing me, I looked at shadows on the bright green grass and noticed that in them I could see some type of ancient tribal like figure, I studied it for a few moments then I was pulled to a bench under the shade of a tree.

I sat and watched the ducks in the lake in amazement and they flowed with every sound that the music provided. I feel that this actually happening, and my only reasoning for it is that everything in the world works according to a plan. Something knew that I would be there listening to that cd, and they had planned the birds movements to be exactly the same. When the cd ended I could still hear similar music, so I checked to see if my cd player was still playing, it wasnít and to make sure I took the batteries out, but the haunt continued. I looked at my phone, the time was 2am, but it was clearly daytime. I believed that I had either been dreaming or that I had died, and was in heaven, EVERY ONE around me was smiling brightly. I called my girlfriend and she confirmed that it was the afternoon and I wasn't dead.

I went to go meet her at another park, which was less than a mile away. On the way I saw the same tribal figure, its eyes were the dots of gum that littered the sidewalk floor. I saw a dead cat halfway there and it seemed to be smiling at me. I said something like 'I'm sorry kitty, but it happens to all of us.' Once I came to the park I could see the figure everywhere. I began to make spiritual realizations, everything made sense to me then. I understood that 'life' is just our brain trying to make sense of a world that doesn't make sense. I understood that life was eternal; death is life.

Also, I was saying to myself that 'being high is the same thing as not being high, except when your not high you just don't know your high.' By this, I meant that the world is the same either way, its just as beautiful sober it just depends on how you look at life. Then I was saying, with the rhythm of a little girl on a swing, 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of this a little bit of that.' Refering to the importance of having balance in one's life. Once I met up with my girlfriend I tried to explain to her my realizations but they didn't seem to make sense to her.

As I stared at my girlfriend I felt as if I had known her forever. I believe now that I must have known her in another life. The connection I felt was undescribable, everything was just beautiful. We walked to a nearby bridge. My muscles felt kind of tired. I lied down to rest on my back and looked up at the beautiful sky. It sparkled with creamy clouds. At this point, I felt there were laughing faces in the sky as well as in the dirt on the ground.

I tried to draw a picture of the tribal figure that I had experienced earlier. My control of the pen was sub par because my hands and all of my muscles were shaking. In the fashion of my sister, my girlfriend decided to play a mean joke on me, she announced that she had found someone else. I was dumbfounded. I asked her if it was true and she said it was. This had a nauseating effect on me, I had to vomit, and I did.

She helped me and told me that she was just kidding. I felt that me throwing up was significant and was a good omen. I have heard about the Ayahuasca journeys and how the purge produced by them is a sign of ridding negativity from your life, so this is what I took my own vomiting as. Throwing up had made the effects much less intense, though I do not regret this because I felt that I had learned enough for that day. For the rest of the day I felt relaxed and in a semi-ordinary-awareness. Once I went home my experience was followed by a deep sleep with brilliant dreams.

The next day I felt a little weak in my muscles and a lack of motivation, but I willed myself to not be lazy and I performed my normal duties. I believe that I have learned a lot from the morning glory seeds, and I know that they have a lot more to teach me. I have no doubt that my profound results were because of the fact that I was already a very spiritual person and open to learning more, taking the precautions that I did. I would recommend this sacrament to other people who are spiritual and looking to get in touch with spirit.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36730
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 25, 2007Views: 31,070
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