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Just Plain Cool
Citation:   Captain Tripps. "Just Plain Cool: An Experience with 2C-I (exp36723)". Erowid.org. Sep 16, 2008. erowid.org/exp/36723

20 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
I waited until Monday morning for a few reasons. 1)I was on vacation and no one would be around and 2) This ensured that I had fasted for at least 12 hours. With that I will write my experience best I can while it is happening.

I am at T:45 now. I feel initial coming up but not a lot. Colors are a bit more vibrant and vision is a bit distorted but nothing real remarkable. With that I will explain preps while waiting to kick in more.

I eyed out what I believe to be 20 mg. This I mixed in a shot glass with some Mountain Dew. It dissolved after stirring for a bit and I took it like a shot of alcohol. This was at 8:30 am. Being a newbie to smaller chemicals I do not have a scale which I hear is a bad idea in cases such as this since the difference between 20 mg and a 25 mg trip is like night and day while the actual size of 5mg of powder is almost unnoticeable. [Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.] .

T:58 mins. A bit nauseous, like gag reflex more then stomach. Slight tracers and confusion. A coworker just called to check in on something and I realized that conversation right now with someone straight is annoying. TV was on but I donít like it so I am switching to music.

Got a Pink Floyd techno remix on. It started off alright till it got to the techno part then I felt it was too much. May switch to regular Floyd but I will give this a shot first. The music helped as soon as I put it on things changed a lot. Except the visuals remain the same. Low and almost unnoticeable.

Things are a bit more noticeable now. It is dark in my house with only slight sunlight coming in through a window. Writing is easy as I love to write but am not a great typer. This seems to have changed as somehow typing is easier and spelling seems improved with less spell check.

I feel like I need more but I have read that this is a common mistake amongst 2C-I users that cannot wait to peak so no matter what I will continue on with the dose that I have taken as it is my first time.

T=1:10 From now on assume that I started at 0830 since I am having a hard time calculating time and just want to use my phone as a clock. Slightly more visuals, even in the dark. Woodgrain has always been my favorite while tripping and I see slight changes in my woodwork which is how I base visuals on.

I find myself getting into beats of music now almost so much that I begin to space off and find myself just bouncing to the groove.

I feel bored and restless. I think it is time for an excursion outside. I live in Hawaii and it is a beautiful day outside so I should enjoy the sunshine. Signing off for a while, while I experiment with this.

Ok T=2:00 I went outside where my neighbor just bought a new puppy. Cute puppy nice day and she has great tits to stare at. Hard time curtailing myself from screaming out ďLets have an Orgy as her friend showed up too. Typing is harder as is spelling. The visuals are more now but no patterns just morphing. Outside was nice but too damned bright. In here is much better.

I did puke. More like dry heaving and felt better. Guess that is standard. Infected Mushroom plays on the music now. Cool shit. I find myself tripping out more and more instead of concentrating so I may just let it go. Wish there were more visuals but this is alright. The body high is enormous. A lot like LSD or E.

Music that I normally wouldnít like is really cool although adds to the confusion. I tripped out for a while there on the Media Player visual music thingy. That was cool. I feel like I am about to peak. I am not sure what peak will be. This has been pretty cool and I am both glad yet disappointed that I didnít do more. I am very hungry but do not want to eat yet. I have a few animals in the house. 2 Cats and a dog. I think I will play with them for a bit and see what becomes of it. I am restless but know better then to get in the car although the beach out here would be killer right now. Thatís it, shower time. My funky body needs one anyway and I bet that would be nice so talk to you after.

T=2:35 The shower was nice. Infected mushroom is on again a song called Tsunami. Itís cool. I donít know if I am peaking or not. Colors are a bit more vibrant as are the visuals. Wood grain although pretty, still does not have the visuals like Mushrooms or LSD. Other things morph slightly but not real significant. I am wondering if while eyeing this out I tapped onto 17 mg instead of 20 or so. I am not complaining though. Even at this level I am pleased with the outcome although definitely could handle a bit more.

The body high is similar to LSD as where it almost aches, and I am edgy, hands shaking and such.

I had to eat I was so hungry. I ate 2 hot dogs and that seemed to suffice. Dances with Wolves came on the TV and I found it to be annoying. Strange I rather enjoy the movie itself but not right now. A person selling magazines came to the door. That I really didnít want to deal with so I sent her away. Maybe the 2C-I gods keep sending me all of these women to have my way with but I am too looped to even strike up a conversation let alone lead someone into any type of sexuality without actually spilling the fact that I am looped. Ok the mental seems to have kicked in a bit. I like this. Breathe by Pink Floyd is on and it is nice and relaxing for writing. The other music tends to space me out quickly and although enjoyable I do have a task at hand and that is to express my experience. It seems as though I am babbling but when I read back it is not that bad

I wish I had some weed although even if I did I could not smoke it. I take drug tests through work and well weed is one of those great things that stays in your system for oh lets say a freaking month!! So I have to restrain myself from the simplest pleasure in life but buring a fatty right about now would be a super boost.

The visuals have not increased any but the mental seems to have which I thoroughly enjoy. I am addicted to nicotine but do not smoke cancer sticks anymore. I chew Kodiak which right now isnít cutting it so I think I will venture outside again and smoke a clove. I donít really want to go outside because of my neighbors and the magazine girl out there somewhere. Maybe I will just play some Frisbee with the dog while I smoke. Sounds like a plan.

T=3:10 Outside is the same. Too bright for me right now although the clove and Frisbee were cool. Seems like I have reached a plateau. This is cool because it doesnít seem to be letting down at all. This stuff is strange as just when you think your maxed out something new comes around. Amazed at how long this actually lasts as usually after 3 hours I am peaking or coming down but slowly I still feel a climb albeit slight. I feel like I need to take a nap which would be a waste but I bet the thoughts would be cool so I may lay down for a bit and trip on the dog, after of course this Floyd song is over. I think it is called Time. Nice bongo drums. I want it to be louder but I bet this is screaming out of headphones now anyway so I restrain myself. I think what I want is to feel the bass. That would make sense as to why I am not satisfied with headphones alone. Hmmm interesting thought.

Although it tasted good the clove left a bad taste in my mouth. I may need to brush my teeth.

T=3:30 Wish I had the DVD Dark Side of the Rainbow. It is where you watch Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd in the background. Itís pretty cool actually. Writing seems boring now and I may need another source of entertainment. I moved the music from headphones to actual speakers which are entirely different. Looks like the volcano on the Big Island is about erupt. That would be cool about now. But after this song I think I will play some guitar. Wish you were here plays on the computer. I have a slight headache. Same that I always get with hallucinogens. Not bad but annoying none the less. The visuals are fading but the mental is still intact.

Playing the guitar was nice although it just showed me how little I actually know. Alex Xenophone plays a Comfortable Numb remix on the computer now. I like this remix best of all of any of the Floyd remixes which is almost a sin in itself but it is a new generation.

T=4:30 All is wearing down now. Visuals are gone and I am somewhat sleepy. Monday night football starts in an hour as we are on a different time out here.

All in all I liked the experience. I will do it again although I will try a bigger dose by just a bit and may wait a week before doing so just to let my body get back to normal and so that I can get the full effects. I still feel it a bit but no where near my peak at 3 hours. Hope this helps anyone. My dose was perfect. Also I think that my 200lbs of ass could have made a difference compared to some 100lb girl or something so keep that in mind also. I like the new chemicals. Hope they stay somewhat legal to buy but I am certain that the FDA/DEA will catch on to this soon from what I have seen on the news lately. Good luck all. Be safe with all unknowns and peace out. See you on the other side

Captain Tripps

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36723
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2008Views: 5,146
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2C-I (172) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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