Robots, Spiders and My Best Mates
DXM with Pseudoephedrine
Citation:   MyEncounter. "Robots, Spiders and My Best Mates: An Experience with DXM with Pseudoephedrine (exp36450)". Jul 31, 2007.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral DXM (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:15 210 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 0:40 150 mg oral DXM (liquid)
This basically all began on a friday afternoon. I had recently been grounded for the weekend for staying out to late. I was extremely bored sitting around at home so I decided I would go on the net. For some reason I ended up on a website and had a look at the 'OTC and household drugs' segment of their web page. I had recently been on here and found out about DXM but never really wanted to do it. Until that day. I looked at it and it seemed quite interesting. So I checked experiences. I decided to look in my cabinet and to my suprise I found an un-opened bottle of 'Logicin Dry Cough Fomula.' I took the bottle and chucked it in my room for later that night.

I had grown very tiresome and decided I wanted to trip very hard. So I went and checked my parents bathroom and found some 'codral cold and flu capsules' they contained 15mg of DXM each so I grabbed two of these.

7:30 T+00min. I swallowed the two capsules (30mg). Following this I ate a full meal.

7:45 T+15min. I drank 70ml of the syrup (210mg) and began watching television in my room.

8:10 T+40min. Felt nothing just as yet, decided to drink fifty ml of the syrup (150mg).

8:30 T+60min. Slight feeling thinking that it may be the DXM or just a placebo. Began watching the movie 'True Lies' on T.V.

9:00 T+90min. I could feel a little bit of a dizzy feeling not much really. I began to think hey this is a pretty rubbish drug.

9:10 T+100min. Had to go to the toilet. Stepped out of my room and I instantly felt like I was floating. Incredible. Went to the toilet and it felt some how different. Like my emotion was connected to going to the toilet somehow. I went back into my room and layed down on my bed. I shut my eyes and my head felt like it was spinning clockwise whilst my body was spinning the opposite way. It felt like I was constantly spinning and winding myself up. I opened my eyes and I felt a definite euphoric feeling it was similar to the mental feeling of cannabis however my body felt normal. I began watching the movie and I felt like I was a apart of it each seen bought my emotions to new height. It felt like the best movie I had ever watched. Each scene became better than the last and took longer than the last.

9:50 T+140min. I figured my parents had went to sleep and I wanted to watch cable so I headed to the lounge. It almost seemed that each time I exited my room I hit another plateau. All the lights were off and all I could see was the red glow of the answering machine LED. It filled my head with warmth and I felt like a ghost as I flew past kitchen and into the lounge. T.V. was absoloutely stunning now each colour was vibrant and it excited my whole body. I placed my hand on my heart and it was beating encredibly fast, probably the Psuedo-Ephedrine.

10:20 T+170min. I felt cold and decided to grab my quilt off my bed. I ran to my room and felt like I was some ninja. I managed to gracefully wisp past everything without making a noise, I don't know how I managed this as I could barely walk straight later on. I went into my room and grabbed my quilt and once more it hit me again. I was in an absoloute daze. I somehow made it to the toilet and once more this felt incredible. I picked my quilt up and had my first hallucination. One of my best mates was in the laundry. I went up to him and asked him how he was goin and shook his hand then he disappeared. I thought to myself 'I didn't know he had powers that made him vanish.'

It went straight out of my mind and I went into the lounge room. As I walked I turned around and see 2 ghosts chasing me. I got scared but was giggling my head off. I stumble/crawled to the lounge and lied down. I looked up and all the shadows would move and create shapes. I looked at the tv and it seemed to slant for some reason. I now remember that the high felt much better when standing up but the trip seemed better when lying down. I quickly came down from the third plateau but it felt spectacular. I seemed to search my whole mind and everything made perfect sense. I had no problems and nothing would worry me at all. Everything was perfect and I had searched the whole universe and not found a problem.

1:40 T+370min. I decided to go on the computer. I was only on their for about 10 minutes but as I walked to the computer and with the lights off I could see my friends and some other people I didn't know sitting on my couch in a seperate lounge room.

1:55 T+385min. I was too disoriented to have a shower so I went straight to bed and turned some music on. One thing that I noticed by now and after 8 hours the thoughts going through my head gets very annoying. I cannot stop thinking and it is a load of rubbish. An example of this is 'I remember rooster got to have this remember, or I'll have a telephone.' It was a load of crap and it stopped me from sleeping.

Well needless to say the visuals and hallucinations while in the dark were amazing. I found it better to have some sort of little light, like moonlight seeping through my window, because this slightly reflects of objects in my room and creates hallucinations. I had hallucinations of shapes floating and I was in a whole new world, next was rubbish falling onto me like loose paper. I had the power to stop this and then I could sit up and turn my head and see all the different sides of the suspended rubbish. Next was wisps of purple smoke that eventually filled my whole room. These visuals went to hallucinations after I turned off my music. I remember seeing my friends and chicks standing on my bed making out and floting over me into the wall, a robots arm coming through my window spiders all on my walls and they got bigger and I could see every detail of the spiders abdomen. These kind of scared me but I knew they weren't real so it wasn't so bad.

I could not get to sleep at all. I thought I was coming down as it got brighter but this was just stoping the visuals. Time was going quick now while before it was goin slow. I didn't get to sleep till 9:00 and woke up at 12. I was still high and didn't need to sleep. However, my pupils were incredibly dilated still so had to avoid my parents most of the time. The dilation didn't go away until Sunday. Saturday night I was still seeing small visuals but weren't too bad.

This trip reminded me how as a little kid my parents would give me cough syrup when I had a cold. I would always see things moving in the dark corners and the spider thing and people floating over me felt very familiar. Also it would be very difficult to get to sleep and I would have crazy thoughts. I guess it was similar but without the euphoria and higer order of thinking.

I felt like I was addicted to this stuff the next day. During the morning I would think about when I would take it next and where I was going to get it from. I really wanted to take it again so badly.

Overall this was definently a worthwhile experience. After dissapointing results from dimenhydrinate (trying again soon) this seems to be a worthwhile otc drug. It has been 3 weeks since my experience and am going to try in a 3rd plateau soon.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36450
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 31, 2007Views: 41,335
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