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My Monthly Trip
by Ken
Citation:   Ken. "My Monthly Trip: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp36371)". Jul 30, 2007.

600 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
My experiences with this drug seem stronger when I take all the pills at once rather than slowly dosing. I normally get the cheap brand stuff, around 2$ for a box of 24 pills at 25 mg each containing only DPH as the active ingredient. I normally take the pills with a little soda and may eat something small like chips to keep my stomach settle.

The first thing I notice, besides the nasty tasting pills, is a calm feeling almost like a ďhighĒ. I start feeling very heavy and I get the onset of cottonmouth. Itís best to keep water handy, or maybe even 7up because DPH tends to make everything taste bad. Even the worlds best coffee taste awful when on DPH. Water doesnít seem that bad though and keeps the cottonmouth away (almost).

After about 45min to 60min I start to notice some visual changes. Everything looks like Iím looking through a fish bowl. Lots of colors start looking weird. Anything white starts looking green, and my pink carpet starts looking purplish. If I focus on something for a short time, everything around it seems to disappear into grayness. Music starts to sound very interesting and I hear things in songs that I would have never heard before. This is wonderful because Iím a musician in a rock group so listing to my own music, I can hear more deeply into it. Mudvayne seems to be my music of choice to listen to while on DPH since they have lots of psychedelic sounds mixed with heavy metal.

About 1hour 30min after taking the dose I start to see a green blob with yellow dots floating over anything white colored. This is about when I also see the famous smoke visuals that so many others describe. Anything I look at that has a flat surface, like the floor, table, etc. looks like smoke is rolling off of it. The best part is that it seems to dance with the music playing! This is such a neat looking effect that is hard to describe. Whenever the music thumps so does the smoke, and it may even change shades of gray depending on the pitch of the sound coming from the speakers. I normally like to pick my guitar up about this time and start playing, itís a freakin light show in my head!

My motivation plummets at this point because of the sedative effects of DPH. When I look at lights in the room they seem to have an afterglow, or shadow around them filled with light. Almost like looking through a cloud except without the annoyances. I donít recommend anyone watch T.V. while on this stuff, it seems to take the fun out of it. Music is the way to go, along with snacks and maybe a drawing pad. I havenít tried video games yet, but it may be interesting.

Two hours into the dose, I start to feel very tired, but this is an illusion. This is about when things get really weird and hard to remember. I stared at my drawing pencil and it started to dance around the table even though I knew it was laying there. I start to see flickering from the corner of my eyes and everything starts looking like Iím in a world of bad satellite T.V. reception. I looked at my cat and he started to laugh at me visually even though I knew he was sleeping.

My memory was totaled at this point. I would try to remember something and a second later forgot. Example: getting a glass of water and suddenly wondering why I walked into the kitchen. Itís impossible to use the computer at this point. Just trying to move the mouse seems like a job and a half! My stomach starts to get this butterfly feeling thatís almost impossible to describe. Almost like I feel anxious even though Iím at home, safe and happy. I can almost ignore it to a point.

Besides the lamp and chair dancing around in my room, I start to have the come down effects. As DPH wares off, I feel very tired yet I couldnít sleep if I wanted to. The cottonmouth is worst than ever. Colors start returning to normal, and things stop dancing. Music goes back to its good old dead tonal quality.

All in all, DPH is fun to try and has never had any bad after effects for me. Itís an intense trip and one I am glad to experience every so often. This isnít a drug I want to do too often, because its effects seem less strong, or down right boring. If done once every month the effects are strong and the experience is much more vivid. Iíll bet anything beyond 600 mg would be insane! But everyoneís different. 600 is enough for me and anything more would be too intense for my mind. I personally like DXM better, but every once in a while Iíll have a DPH trip. On the outside, people donít notice too much of a change in the way I act while on DPH, unlike DXM. So it may be fun to try tripping on DPH at work or school.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36371
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 30, 2007Views: 50,946
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