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In a Nutshell
Citation:   Vitan. "In a Nutshell: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp36311)". Erowid.org. Mar 14, 2007. erowid.org/exp/36311

3 seeds oral Nutmeg
My nutmeg experience began innocently enough. i had heard from a friend that nutmeg gets you slightly high. i didnt have access to any good weed back then. dint really know anyone who would have any, so nutmeg seemed like the best option. it was simply lyin in a jar in the kitchen!!

So one sunday night, listenin to floyd, i decided to take them. why? good question. to get high! there are so many reasons. but firstly it wasnt peer pressure, i was doing this alone. was it to escape from problems you ask? well, i dont think so. i didnt have any serious problems back then. i was good at school. had some good friends. life was good. so then why? well, simply to get high. to leave everything behind. music was one of the main attributes as well. i get very high on music.

anyway, i first took two entire nutmegs. i had no idea how to take them. i hadnt read this site back then. i thought that the nutmeg would be very hard. that i would have to crush them befroe i could swallow them. but to my surprise, it broke quite easily as soon as i bit into it. so i chewed them as quickly as possible and then drank a lot of water. the taste wasn't great but it wasnt as bad as some ppl have made it to seem. all this happened very late night.. at about 2.30 am.

i waited a bit. turned down the lights, turned up the music. at first it seemed that the music was gettin louder.. but that was just wishful thinking. nothing seemed to be happening!!! i waited for about half an hour. but no reaction what so ever! so i swallowed another entire nutmeg. chewed it as fast as humanly possible and swallowed it. it was 3 am. nothing seemed to be happening. i waited another 10 minutes or so. then getting tired of the entire ordeal, i decided it to call it night. i was pretty cheezed.. cos i didnt feel anything whatsoever!!! so i simply went to sleep.

the next morning i had to get up early for school. i got up at 6.15. this was about 4 hours after i took the nutmeg. the first thing i noticed were that my lips were extremely dry..actually my entire mouth was. but other wise i felt completely sane. so i drank a lot of water, got dressed, and went to school.

i had an important test in the morning starting from eight o'clock. i hadn't studied the previous night for obvious reasons. so i tried to read as much of the text i could on the bus. but i had difficulty paying attention. not that i was high or anything, but my mouth was extremely dry.. and things seemed to be slowing down. that was the first time i thought something was happening.

i reached school at about 7.35. by this time i was talking very slowly for some reason. some friends also commented that i was acting weirdly. My friend, A, told me 'I hope B did the project, and brings it today.' my reaction - 'yeah, or we'll screw her happiness FOREVERRR!!!' i am a very docile person and such a violent reaction kinda startled my friend.

this was a few minutes before eight, when the test was to begin. i sat down and began the test, acutely aware of something strange happening within me. half way through the test.. it hit me. this must have been at about 8.30. i could not write straight.. i cud not think straight. my mind seemed to have left me. and my mouth was unbearably dry.

once the test was over, i went in a corner and sat. i was definately sure that the nutmeg was finally working. this was about 6 and a half hours after ingesting it. what i felt at this point is hard to explain. it seemed i had almost left myself. i am not saying this spiritually or anything. whenever people said anythign directed towards me.. it felt as if they were talking to someone else. i felt deattatched.. almost a third person.. the omniscient observer. and my responses seemed much slower. i was drawling. and at the same time i found things funny.. not the giggly kind of funny.. but somehow humorous.

my friends noticed something wrong in me by this time. my eyes were bloodshot, my face was pale.. and of course the mouth was completely dry.

a few friends were like.. 'maryyy wat did you take? gimme some!!'
and i just stared at them dumbly, with a smirk on my face.

this was at 9.30 or so.. precisely 7 hours after i took the nutmeg. for some reason, we had no class then. there was no teacher n only a few kids in class. so i just occupied a seat in one corner and watched the world go by.

i managed to get a bottle of water from somewhere. here is where the trippy part of my experience began. i was simply sitting in my corner seat.. sipping my water.. looking down.. when i happened to look inside the plastic bottle. the light from outside and the water produced an interesting pattern. by shaking the bottle slightly, i cud get the pattern to move and the colours to change. soon i became hypnotised by the bottle.

for the next two hours, i sat in the same corner seat, peering into the bottle, without moving an inch. my friends thought i had gone insane, but i was in another world.

the pattern created through the different colours and the water merged and sent me on a wild trip. at first it seemed as though i was moving forward.. first gradually.. and then faster and faster. it was almost as if i was in space. everything was either black, purple, grey or white. i was moving faster and faster and there was this giant grey planet kind of thing.. with barbs sticking out of it (i later realised that i saw this because the bottom of the bottle had a circular barb-like shape in the centre.. ) anyway, there these white star like things streaking through the sky. i was moving very fast now.. and there were many of those grey planets.

i got distracted at this point because somebody came n asked me how i was feeling. i said i was fine and continued the trip. this time everything had completely changed. except for the fact that everything was still black, white, grey n purple. this time i was moving very fast down a roadlike thing. the sky was black, the road was greyish. there was purple eveyhere.. purple bushes, trees, mountainside. it was one of those curvy mountainy roads.. that kept on bending. i was moving at incredible speeds. then this black n purple train also came. i saw it speeding down the same path. i had to stop it from falling .. or hitting the mountain side. it was almost frightening.

it was past 11 by now. 8 and a half hours since the moment of ingestion. at 11.20.. our lunch time.. a friend of mine approached me and broke my silent reveries. she had been away from class, practicing for some dance competition. she had no idea wat condition i was in. when they she heard that i was acting strangely she came rushing to my side. she dragged me out of class.

i staggered behind her, clutching my bottle of water. i could barely walk straight. she made me sit on the floor while she interrogated me. she found out exactly what i had taken and when. my answers were very slow and drawl-like. i had this huge smirk on my face the entire time.

she took me to the bathroom mirror.. to see myself. i have to admit i did not look very good. eyes blood shot, face pale - colourless, lips unrecognisably dry. she then dragged me to the medical room, and told me to go to sleep.

i obeyed.. for like 20 minutes. i wasnt feeling sleepy (as yet!!). so i managed to sneak out of the medical room and went to the abandoned music room. i found a guitar.. which kept me occupied for quite a while. but then i got bored of that so i decided to go back to class. i heard comments like 'hey woman.. you stoned??' on my way back. it must have been around 12.30 - 1.00pm. there was a lecture happening in my class. i waited for the teacher to leave and then attended the last class. atleast i tried to. it was at this time that sleep struck! and i swear.. when nutmeg induced sleep struck.. I had to sleep!!!

so i slept through the last class and then it was time to go home. on the bus ride i was totally spaced out.. but i dont think anyone noticed. so somehow.. i dont have very much recollection of this part.. i managed to reach home. this must have been around 3pm.. exactly 12 and a half hours after taking the nutmeg.

there is only one thing i did after this.. SLEEP!!! i slept straight throught the afternoon, into the evening and night.. and would have continued sleeping through the next morning had my mother not woken me. in a half dead state the next mornign (6.15 am) i managed to get dressed and get into the bus. where i slept. then i went to class.. and i slept! i then spent the entire day in the medical room.. yep, you guessed it.. sleeping!! before i knew it.. i was at home.. sleeping!! i slept into the night. waking for dinner, and then goin back to sleep. the next day i decided not to go to school. i finally awoke at lunch time (1.30pm). i slept almost continiously for 45 hours!!!!

but i have to admit it was the best, most refreshing sleep i've ever had.

so there you have.. my nutmeg experience in a nutshell!!!

so here are a few things that i have realised in hindsight. i had not done any research about nutmeg, which i must admit was very foolish on my part. i now know that a nutmeg overdose can be fatal. i had no idea about that then.

as you can see, this experience with side effects lasted for about three days. that is extremely long. i missed a hell of a lot of school. so anyone who wants to try nutmeg should really plan in advance. also, my mom thought i was sick when i slept for two days. so she dragged me to the doctor for a blood test. so make sure your paranoid parents aren't around if your doing this. it was very obvious that I had taken something when on nutmeg. its not something I could hide easily. so again.. not good with paranoid parents.

also for some reason, nutmeg sucks the water out of me. it left me dry as a bone.. way more than weed or hash has ever done to me.

now i have to admit.. this was the best trip i've ever had. i havent done any other hallucinogens but i dont think it could have gotten better than this.

i havent ever done it again. not because i haven't wanted to. i have.. but i have been waiting for the right time. i know its not good for your liver n all.. but how bad can something be if you have it once a year??

lastly .. its LEGAL!! not that it matters here..

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 36311
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 14, 2007Views: 38,745
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