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The Hippyflip - Good Fun, Once in Awhile
MDMA, Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   AndrewM. "The Hippyflip - Good Fun, Once in Awhile: An Experience with MDMA, Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp3629)". Nov 5, 2000.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 3 oral Mushrooms (plant material)
  T+ 1:00 1 cap oral Mushrooms (plant material)
I had tried extacy with some friends about two weekends before this last night, and I decided that I liked it (who doesn't?). I knew I wanted to do it again, and a friend of mine told me that he knew where to get ahold of some 'green marbles', which turned out to be the same stuff that some of my friends had done in the past. We managed to get ahold of the pills a week later, and we prepared ourselves for a night of fun and inflection.

I was able to convince another friend of mine, who was joining us from another city, to bring some mushrooms along with him. He ended up finally showing up around 2 hours after we had expected to start rolling, so the other friends of mine started before me, and I decided to wait for my friend to arrive before I started. My initial intent was to take half of a pill, and then after a while, drop the other half. The other 4 people I was with, however, dropped a whole pill each, and from the descriptions they were giving me ('Hell yeah, this stuff is GREAT!'), I decided that I would just take the whole pill as soon as my out of town friend got there. When he finally did, it was around 7:30. I had decided that I couldn't really wait for him to get there, so I actually dropped at 7, and gave him his pill right when he stepped in the door.

By about 7:45 I was rolling pretty hard. 3 of the guys rolling with us were DJs, which was great, because they were all spinning mad phat beats that at this point seemed to be playing right into my soul. I was definitely rolling hard.

At around 8, my friend pulled out the shrooms. I had been reading up on 'hippyflipping', and it sounded pretty fun, so I gave away a little bit of the shrooms to a pretty girl, and whatever she didn't take, I ate the rest. It was about 3 large stems, and a cap. The effects of the shrooms didn't seem to take any time at all to come on, but it could have been as much as half an hour. By the time I was fully into the hippyflip, I had fallen deep into a world that one of my friends accurately dubbed 'cartoonyland'. Everything was very slanted - distances became irrelevant, colors became very vivid, all of reality seemed to breath in and out as I breathed in and out. I was given a pair of prescription-less glasses, and wearing them helped to enhance the feeling of being in a cartoon, because the thick framing made everything I saw seem to come from a TV screen right in front of my eyes.

I found myself becoming very involved with the trip - the shrooms were giving me great visuals, and the E was making the experience tangible on a more emotional level. I found myself constantly evaluating the situation, where I was at, what was going on, and wondering just how much time would pass. I felt for some time that I was teetering on the edge of the effects, and that they might wear off any second (which of course, lasted for hours).

My out of town friend had brought another friend with him who didn't do any drugs. At first, we thought that this would be a wierd situation, and that he probably wouldn't have any fun hanging around with us. However, our sober friend turned out to be a great resource - he could drive us places! He also would walk around with me sometimes, listening to what I was saying, trying to figure out what the hell was going on in my head. Sometimes he could finish a sentence that midway through, I'd forget what the conversation was all about. But having him there to take us to new experiences, new areas of feeling, sight, and sound, was invaluable. As I was reaching top of the peaks of both the E and the shrooms, my out of town friend and I were driven to a birthday party with a live band. This turned out to be a wonderful experience. I found myself completely open with people I had never met, not even really caring that I could be making a fool out of myself. The music was blaring, people were having fun, and I was having the time of my life.

We finally left that party around 12am, and drove back to my other friend's house, where our 4 other rolling friends had decided to stay. We picked them up, and most of us continued on back to my apartment. By this time, around 1am, most of the effects had worn off, and I was feeling really tired. a few of my friends joined me in a session of pot-smoking, which helped to bring back the visuals a little. I finally got to sleep around 4am, and I slept quite well. I woke up the next morning feeling a little bit groggy, but not completely used up from the night before.

This experience was definitely unique. I loved being able to become completely enveloped by the shrooms, while staying emotionally centered enough (thanks to the E) to be able to really observe what I was going through as I was going through it. I probably won't to this combination again for quite a while, though. It was definitely intense, and something I definitely want to try again.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3629
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 5, 2000Views: 7,843
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Mushrooms (39), MDMA (3) : Various (28), Combinations (3)

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