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Virgin Cultivation Voyage
Mushrooms - P. cubensis (PES Amazonia)
Citation:   phatbmacninja. "Virgin Cultivation Voyage: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (PES Amazonia) (exp36230)". May 1, 2006.

4 oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (fresh)
This is a narrative about this guy I know who tried to grow some of them illegal mushrooms (or so he says). Who knows if this really ever happened. I definitely don't want to encourage illegal activity in this narrative:

This guy used the PF rice-cake method that he found on an unknown website. The article was called 'Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide' and during the mixing of the substrate/innoculation phase, he followed everything down to the letter.

When he mixed the substrate, he thought that the mixture may have been a little too dry based on his limited knowlege of mushrooms and the fact that mushrooms use a lot of water, but decided to go along with it since it was his first time. He used 12 regular tapered '1/2 pint' 'Ball' jars, and 5 wide-mouth jars. He used a 10cc syringe to innoculate all the jars, which is less than what is recommended.

He then waited for the illegal substance to colonize the cakes. While he was waiting, he became drunk and impatient, a bad combination (after about 3 weeks post-innoc.) and decided to scrape the mycelium off 2 of the cakes that weren't colonizing very quickly in the attempt to trip. What the heck, he had 17 jars total so if one or two of them got jacked up it wouldn't be the end of the world. Up until this point, none of the cakes showed any signs of contamination.

Alas, no effect was gained from the mycelium but the cakes were placed back into their jars and continued to colonize as best they could. After about 4 to 5 weeks post-innoc., the first cake was birthed into a large 'tupperware/rubbermaid'-type container filled with a whole bag of peralite at the bottom with about a 1/8 water-to-peralite ratio. Actually, this guy cut off the bottoms of 17 2-liters, filled them with peralite and water and placed the cakes directly on top of them, then placed all the cakes on top of their '2-liter bottle bottom' platforms in the terrarium.

The guy I know fanned the little guys twice a day and kept the cakes at a relatively optimal temperature (although there was no temperature guage used, they were grown in Michigan during the summer time so the temp never dropped below 70F but occassionally tipped the high end of the temp. scale, reaching to the 90's). The grow chamber was always foggy but there was no accumulation of water on the cakes, yet still the cakes refused to fruit even after almost 3 weeks. During this time, one of the maimed cakes from the aformentioned attempt to trip started growing some weird slimy green shit and had to be thrown away. The other one looked like it was doing fantastic.

Finally, after about 50 or 60 some-odd days, the little buggers started to fruit. and fruit they did! The guy tried drying the mushrooms out by placing 'Damp-rid' in the bottom of a bowl and placing a screen over it then putting the mushrooms on the screen and put pastic-wrap over the bowl and placed it in the fridge. It seemed like they were taking forever to dry (he had quite a few mushrooms as you can immagine with 16 cakes) and eventually a whole bunch of them went bad partially due to the temperature in the fridge being too high and freezing them and part due to the decomposition process that happens to wet organic things over time.

The guy and his girlfriend ate about the equivalent of 8 mid-sized mushrooms ground up in a blender with orange juice; DELICIOUS! Actually, it was quite unpleasant but after no less than 7 minutes, the guy started to trip. After about 30 minutes the guy and his girl were tripping balls. It was a pleasant experience yet kind of frightening at first because the guy was used to the effects peaking after about 90 minutes but these babies peaked after 30. He thought the effects would keep escalating for the next 60 minutes but didn't. The visuals weren't very strong except that everything looked 2-dimentional and all depth perception was lost.

The guy was pissed off and frustrated and looked to dry them out in another way. He sun-dried them at first but was uncomfortable with the heat-element created by the Sun. He wound up making a hammock-esque device made out of a wire screen folded in half (making a pocket) and a string which he placed the mushrooms on in front of a fan by the window. The results were amazing. The shrooms dried out almost all the way overnight but the drying slowed after that. After 3 days they were very dry and were placed in the 'damp-rid' container for one day and they came out bone dry; dry to the point that they were hard as rocks and light as feathers.

The rice cakes stopped fruiting for a little bit so the guy decided to experiment with the cakes. On 3 of the cakes he put straws in to try and hydrate the cake (one of the PF teks). The initial results were mind-boggling. They wound up producing at least 7 gigantic mushrooms apiece and dominated his other cakes and made them feel like bitches. The other cakes didn't care, though because eventually 2 out of 3 'straw-tek' cakes got moldy and had to be thrown out.

Although at first the guy was careful about contaminents invading the cakes in the terrarium, he got lazy and figured the cakes could fend for themselves pretty well. Although he didn't do anything completely stupid like cough on them, he just wasn't as careful as he was at first and 5 cakes also got moldy. He figured it was about time to clean out the terrarium and after he cleaned it out he set it up like before but added a little bleach to the peralite at the bottom. While the cakes didn't die, they ceased to fruit and if they attempted, the mushrooms died at a very young age and weren't salvageable. The terrarium smelled like a swimming pool rather than that sweet mushroom smell that was there before. The guy felt this was a bad thing so he threw away the peralite and washed the terrarium and set it up like it was before, this time neglecting to add bleach.

At present time, the mushrooms have started to grow again but the guy I know says it seems like maybe the cakes are wearing out (probably partially from all the abuse they've sustained). It's been about 3 months since the jars were fist innoculated and all in all he says it has been a good experience. Just yesterday, he says he innoculated 2 substrates that were created using the 'fast food of the gods' method (mazatapec and PES Amazonia strains) and 17 more jars the old-fashioned way, this time adding more water and trace minerals (Penis Envy and Huatla strains were used for the jars: 20cc total).

He says he will keep me posted


Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36230
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 1, 2006Views: 27,939
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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