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Salvia Synergy
Salvia divinorum, DMAE & Heimia salicifolia
by Rev. MeO
Citation:   Rev. MeO. "Salvia Synergy: An Experience with Salvia divinorum, DMAE & Heimia salicifolia (exp3599)". Nov 2, 2000.

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Date: Sunday, September 14, 1997 3:29:42

Salvia divinorum + lecithin + piracetam + DMAE + Heimia salicifolia

The Background:

I had been using lecithin and piracetam as cognitive enhancers for just over a week, with spectacular results. My brain wouldn't shut off during the day (this was far from uncomfortable) and I could easily concentrate deeply on almost any idea! Come bed time, I could simply will my brain to enter something of a sleep mode, and it would shut off for several hours until I awoke.

Flipping through a well-known book on smart drugs and nootropics, I checked out the piracetam chapter and noted that:'Piracetam may increase the effects of certain drugs, such as amphetamines, psychotropics...' I instantly thought 'Well hell, most of the entheogens I use are psychotropics!' This includes my favorite and most pleasant ally, Salvia divinorum , also known as Diviner's Mint.

The same book also notes that the smart drugs, lecithin and DMAE (2-Dimethyl amino ethanol) potentiate the effects of piracetam. I set out to utilize all of these pharmaceutical substances as well as another entheogenic ally... Heimia salicifolia.

Heimia salicifolia (sun-opener, sinicuiche), a purported auditory hallucinogen used by the Aztecs, has, to the best of my knowledge, only been used in the form of a sun-tea. A tea made from 10 and 15 grams of fresh leaves is claimed to be effective as a hallucinogen. I got to thinking about this, and the somewhat recent discovery that Salvia divinorum is active in small doses when the dried leaves are smoked. Surely someone has smoked sun-opener before...

I smoked three bowls of dried sun-opener foliage, with no effects. I was not ready to give up, so I set out to combine this herb with S. divinorum. At the time, I also had DMAE, lecithin, and piracetam coursing through my brain.

The dose/schedule for these substances was thus: 800 mg. of piracetam taken 3 times a day, with a meal; 2400 mg. of lecithin taken 3 times a day, with a meal; 100 mg. of DMAE taken once a day, with a meal. These substances had been part of my daily repertoire for over a week.

The Experience:

I sat down in a completely dark room, around noon, with the fine musical stylings of the Chemical Brothers as a comfortable background hum. The music was very familiar to me, and I knew when every beat was ready to pump out. Relaxing on my couch, I filled the pipe up with powdered S. divinorum leaf. After four inhalations the bowl was clear full of Salvia ash (a truly nasty flavor), and my mind was being taken away by the sweet love of S. divinorum.

I lay down and closed my eyes, completely relaxed, watching the beautiful being of the Salvia goddess before my eyelids. Up to this point, the experience had been no different than before. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and stared into the darkness, to see a complex genetic pattern floating in space, flying around like a hovering roller coaster, amidst a warm red and blue sea. I knew this was either my genetic makeup or that of the plant. (Oddly enough, after this experience, I purchased the late D. M. Turner's book, Salvinorin-A: The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum and was amazed at the cover art. This pattern of vine, turning into fish, continually changing was what I had seen, I simply interpreted it as genetics.) This vision lasted about 2 minutes, then swiftly vanished. At this point I thought about Heimia salicifolia.

Crushing up about 30 small to medium sun-opener leaves, I dropped them into the pipe, covering up the S. divinorum ash. This amount also took about four inhalations to fully disappear. At this point, I noticed nothing very different than mere S. divinorum effects. I lay my head down and was accosted by a wild party of humanoid people dancing and then disappearing. They seemed to be happy, and I was in awe. Then one man who looked like something of a pimp, dressed in bright clothes with a large cowboy hat and dark sunglasses, confronted me and spoke,'Hee hee, enjoy!' The he walked off. Other more mild, more common visions came and went.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, I started paying more attention to the music. Repetitive beats were filling my mind and my room, then my name started to be called out loud. Keep in mind, I was alone in the house, and it was very apparent that this voice was coming from the repetitive, nonvocal beats. After my name was said about 10 times, I opened my eyes thinking that someone may actually be in the house. My brain was still a bit foggy, so I literally sat up and shook my head. At this point my name dissolved back into the beat, melting.

This event startled me so I got up and rewound the CD about 30 seconds and listened with a clearer head. They weren't saying my name this time. Hmmm.

I felt the aftereffects of Salvia divinorum for well over five hours. The drowsiness usually lasts only about an hour, and I credit the piracetam, lecithin, and DMAE for this change. The effects were very much like a mild opium high.

In the end, I have come to the tentative conclusion that S. divinorum (definitively a female entity) and H. salicifolia (a gentle male entity-very kind and not forceful, but not female) were once old friends, whether lovers or simply acquaintances, I cannot say. They were undoubtedly happy to be together again, and rewarded me by showing me the best of both of their worlds. I was able to see and hear the joy that they have to give.

Perhaps a S. divinorum + H. salicifolia sun-tea is the next step to see how they act in Heimia's home.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 3599
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 2, 2000Views: 23,581
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Salvia divinorum (44), Heimia salicifolia (150) : Unknown Context (20), Combinations (3)

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